All Dislyte Buffs/Debuffs

dislyte buffs and debuffs

Below is the complete list of all Buffs and Debuffs in Dislyte, coming with the related Espers/Heroes. Hopefully you will find this page helpful and be able to find the best suitable heroes for your team!

Dislyte Buffs and Debuffs

ATK UPIncreases ATK by 40%narmersallyluo yanbrynnfreddyye suhua
ATK DownRecudes ATK by 40%Gabriellefalkenrensiqhalldavidye suhua
BleedReceives extra damage equal to 50% of the debuff caster's ATK at the start of the turn.tang meili linglu yilin
Brisingamen's WatchGrants 15% bonus AP at the end of each teammate's turn.malin
Buff BlockerCannot be buffed.raventrikihydecocochalmers
DeathUndispellable. Inflicts Bleed on the target for 2 turns when damaging them.tang mei
Death TomeMarks the current HP% of a teammate. After 2 turns, if the teammate has lost some HP, then restores to the marked HP%; if the teammate has died, then resurrects them.luo yan
DEF DownReduces DEF by 60%Gabriellerensilindrewqzelmerhallberenice
DEF UpIncreases DEF by 60%bardonye suhua
DiseasedCannot be healed.karaluo yanlinchalmerslululeon
DevourCannot take ao
Eye of HorusWhen this debuff expires, the carrier receives damage equal to 20% of total damage they received during this debuff, ignoring DEF>falken
FreezeCannot take actions.long mianbrynn
ImmunityCannot be debuffed.sallyfaerychang pu
InvincibilityImmune to all damage.faeryye suhua
Kiss of the NightingaleBlesses an allied Esper, returning 75% of damage received to the attacker.eunice
LinkWhen a linked unit is attacked, their counterparrt also receives 80% of damage dealt in this attack.q
MarkIncreases damage receives by 25%ravenleonlu yi
Miss Rate UpIncreases Miss Rate by 50%trikiarcanaeunicecatherine
NetherbloomTriggers an explosion after taking 5 attacks, damaging the debuff carrier and 2 random enemies.jiang man
PetrificationCannot take actions or reduce ability cooldown.trikimelanie
PoisonLoses 4% of max HP at the start of the turn.karajacoblulu
RecoveryRecovers 15% max HP at the start of the turn.faeryluo yan
ScorchUndispellable. Reduces target's AP by 30% when damaging them.tang mei
ShackleUndispellable. Stuns the target for 1 turn when damaging them.tang mei
SilenceCasts only basic ability.jiang manfalkenarcana
SleepCannot take actions until damaged.celine
SPD UpIncreases SPD by 30%celinemalinsander
SPD DownReduces SPD by 30%celinekaramalinsanderlinlong mianbrynnnya
StandoffRetains at least 1 HP.catherinerensi
StunCannot take actions.tang meitrikipritzkerbardonhalldavidlulu
Sweet HavestAt the start of each ally's turn, dispels a debuff from and provides healing to them.sally
TauntForced to attack the debuff caster with basic ability at the start of aobardondavid
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