All Dislyte Buffs/Debuffs

dislyte buffs and debuffs

Below is the complete list of all Buffs and Debuffs in Dislyte, coming with the related Espers/Heroes. Hopefully you will find this page helpful and be able to find the best suitable heroes for your team!

Dislyte Buffs and Debuffs

Atk up buff ATK UPIncreases ATK by 40%Narmer RaSally SifSienna Gaia avatarAhmed GebAshley avatarAbigail avatar 2Luo Yan Yanluo WangBrynn ValkyrieFreddy FenrirYe Suhua Shao SimingTaylor Hercules
Atk down debuff ATK DownRecudes ATK by 40%Donar ThorGabrielle NjordAshley avatarFalken HorusLynn HathorAnesidora PandoraNick avatarOdette avatar 1Q CupidHall HodurDavid JasonYe Suhua Shao Siming
Bleed debuff BleedReceives extra damage equal to 50% of the debuff caster's ATK at the start of the turn.Li Ling NezhaOphelia avatarLu Yi DayiLin Xiao White Tiger
Buff blocker debuff Buff BlockerCannot be buffed.Raven OdinHyde HadesBiondina PoseidonGaius avatarzora amunet avatarChloe MedeaChalmers Idun
Crate up buff C.RATE UpIncreases C.RATE by 30%Dhalia CalypsoDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiUnky Chai avatarKaylee AnuketTaylor Hercules
CritRes buff CRIT RESIST+30% CRIT RESIST.Laura avatarMeredith avatar
Def down debuff DEF DownReduces DEF by 60%Tang Xuan Sun WukongGabrielle NjordUnas ShuOllie avatarRen Si Black TortoiseLin Xiao White TigerDjoser AtumDrew AnubisRen Si Black TortoiseQ CupidZelmer SekhmetHall HodurBerenice Bastet
Def up buff DEF UpIncreases DEF by 60%Donar ThorNicole avatarGabrielle NjordAshley avatarAbigail avatar 2Meredith avatarBardon BaldrYe Suhua Shao Siming
Diseased debuff DiseasedCannot be healed.Tang Xuan Sun Wukongzora amunet avatarKara SerketLuo Yan Yanluo WangLin Xiao White TigerChalmers IdunLayla MedjedLeon Vali
Freeze debuff FreezeCannot take actions.Long Mian avatarAurelius Ullr AvatarAlice avatarOdette avatar 1Brynn ValkyrieKaylee Anuket
Immunity buff ImmunityCannot be debuffed.Donar ThorClara HeraJin Yuyao Queen MotherGabrielle NjordJiang Jiuli avatarSally SifCecilia IsisUnas ShuFabrice FreyrLynn HathorChang Pu Yao Ji
Invincibility buff InvincibilityImmune to all damage.Ollie avatarFabrice FreyrNicole avatarYe Suhua Shao Siming
Miss rate up debuff Miss Rate UpIncreases Miss Rate by 50%Triki LokiArcana HermesAlexa AphroditeCatherine Hela
Petrification debuff PetrificationCannot take actions or reduce ability cooldown.Triki LokiJacob JormungandMelanie Medusa
Poison debuff PoisonLoses 4% of max HP at the start of the turn.Jacob JormungandJiang Man Meng PoMeredith avatarKara SerketLayla MedjedHall Hodur
remove debuffs Remove BuffRemove one of more buff(s) from the targets.Biondina PoseidonLucas ApolloAsenath NefertemChloe MedeaAnesidora PandoraBonnie Eris
remove debuff Remove DebuffsRemove one of more debuff(s) from the allies.Sally SifCeline SirenCecilia Isis
Recovery buff RecoveryRecovers 15% max HP at the start of the turn.Ollie avatarFabrice FreyrAsenath NefertemLuo Yan Yanluo WangLynn HathorNicole avatarBerenice Bastet
revive ReviveBring allies back from death.Cecilia IsisAbigail avatar 2Luo Yan Yanluo WangLauren Heket
Sear debuff SearIncreases damage receives by 25%Raven OdinTevor Sphinx avatarGaius avatarDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiNicole avatarLeon ValiLu Yi Dayi
Shield buff ShieldGives allies Shield(s).Clara HeraAbigail avatar 2Laura avatarBerenice Bastet
Silence debuff SilenceCasts only basic ability.Ollie avatarJiang Man Meng PoZhong Nan avatarNick avatarFalken HorusLaura avatarBai Liuli White Snake
Sleep debuff SleepCannot take actions until damaged.Abigail avatar 2Celine Sirenstewart dionysus
Spd up buff SPD UpIncreases SPD by 30%Sienna Gaia avatarCeline SirenEira FreyaSander SetAnesidora PandoraDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiMeredith avatar
Spd down debuff SPD DownReduces SPD by 30%Tiye NutAshley avatarEira FreyaCeline SirenSander SetLin Xiao White TigerLong Mian avatarDhalia CalypsoDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiAurelius Ullr AvatarAlice avatarOdette avatar 1Lauren HeketBrynn ValkyrieKara SerketKaylee Anuket
Standoff buff StandoffRetains at least 1 HP.Jiang Jiuli avatarCatherine HelaRen Si Black TortoiseFreddy FenrirNicole avatar
Stun debuff StunCannot take actions.Jin Yuyao Queen MotherTiye NutTriki LokiLucas ApolloSienna Gaia avatarGaius avatarAshley avatarPritzker MimirArcana HermesAnesidora PandoraBonnie ErisBardon BaldrDavid JasonLayla MedjedJeanne GerdDhalia Calypso
Taunt debuff TauntForced to attack the debuff caster with basic ability at the start of turn.Ollie avatarJiang Jiuli avatarElliot avatarDjoser AtumRen Si Black TortoiseLi Ao Tao TieBardon BaldrDavid Jason
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What does “miss rate up” do? The attack still seems to go through even when it shows miss. How to counter?


Maybe an image of the icon can help to recognize the buffs/debuffs.


What does Hamstrung do? Didn’t see it up there


The cube miracle says that Hamstrung prevents the enemy from receiving AP Up buffs


Hamstrung: Cannot receive AP Up effects.


Do buffs stack?


how bout attack buffs? Say brynn and unky chai attack buffs at the same time do they stack?


Sear is on here twice.

Snake Gang

Hey, shouldn’t Jacob be in the petrification category too? His dust to dust ability gives it with ascension

Snake Gang

No problem. Thank you for making this list its so useful! I also just realized Jiang Man isn’t in the poison category which her passive ability lets her apply.


Maybe throw Clara in with shields? Her ascension provides a shield through overhealing


what does dispel mean????


does the 40% chance of shackle to inflict defense down from sun wukong is affected by accuracy?

Kadir GÜL

What does storm mean in cube miracle?


AP reduction and AP increase are not listed


Gabrielle isn’t on DEF UP and Immunity.


Shouldn’t Kara must be on poison list too?


Does Petrification means character inflicted cannot reduce cooldown using abilites/relic effects, or does it mean they does not get cd-1 every turn they are petrified too?


Should Berenice be listed under Shield?


Do you know what Storm does? i keep getting wind vertex and the first rune “has a 30% chance of gaining storm for 1 turn”


Shouldn’t Clara be under both immunity and shield?


If someone skills says “if the target is already stub , poison etc” does that mean they have to be debuff before you take action?


shouldnt kara be in the poison section?


Freeze and Stun are the same effect ? not different ? or maybe something inside effect i dont know.


What characters give atk buffs to allies that above 4 to 5 stars?


What debuffs qualify as “control” for things like Temporal Tower Floor 25?


Hall can also poison. The mad dog known as Freddy also has standoff after ascension 3. And last I checked, Hall and Tang Xuan don’t have access to stun. Though I wished Tang Xuan had stun, at least his little bro, Tang Yun, does. Thought it was worth pointing out, not trying to be nitpicky I swear >~<..


I think Berenice should be listed under Recovery. Her A3 does both Recovery and Shield.

Nurse Wrath

Heres two Incapacitation debuffs:

Can’t take action. Can’t be selected or attacked. Can’t be buffed or debuffed. When the caster or all enemies (except the carrier) die, the effect expires.

Incapacitated. When taking a hit, grants afflicted Espers AP +10%. Triggers once per turn.

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