All Dislyte Buffs/Debuffs

dislyte buffs and debuffs

Below is the complete list of all Buffs and Debuffs in Dislyte, coming with the related Espers/Heroes. Hopefully you will find this page helpful and be able to find the best suitable heroes for your team!

Dislyte Buffs and Debuffs

Buff/Debuff Description Esper
ATK UP Increases ATK by 40% Narmer RaSally SifSienna Gaia avatarLuo Yan Yanluo WangBrynn ValkyrieFreddy FenrirYe Suhua Shao SimingTaylor Hercules
ATK Down Recudes ATK by 40% Donar ThorGabrielle NjordFalken HorusLynn HathorAnesidora PandoraQ CupidHall HodurDavid JasonYe Suhua Shao Siming
Bleed Receives extra damage equal to 50% of the debuff caster's ATK at the start of the turn. Tang Xuan Sun WukongLi Ling NezhaLu Yi DayiLin Xiao White Tiger
Brisingamen's Watch Grants 15% bonus AP at the end of each teammate's turn. Eira Freya
Buff Blocker Cannot be buffed. Raven OdinHyde HadesBiondina PoseidonChloe MedeaChalmers Idun
C.RATE Up Increases C.RATE by 30% Dhalia CalypsoDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiUnky Chai Yue LaoKaylee AnuketTaylor Hercules
Death Inflicts additional damage equal to 5% of the target’s max HP (under 50% of ATK) upon dealing damage. Tang Xuan Sun Wukong
Death Tome Marks the current HP% of a teammate. After 2 turns, if the teammate has lost some HP, then restores to the marked HP%; if the teammate has died, then resurrects them. Luo Yan Yanluo Wang
DEF Down Reduces DEF by 60% Gabrielle NjordUnas ShuRen Si Black TortoiseLin Xiao White TigerDjoser AtumDrew AnubisRen Si Black TortoiseQ CupidZelmer SekhmetHall HodurBerenice Bastet
DEF Up Increases DEF by 60% Bardon BaldrYe Suhua Shao SimingDonar Thor
Diseased Cannot be healed. Kara SerketLuo Yan Yanluo WangLin Xiao White TigerChalmers IdunLayla MedjedLeon Vali
Devour Cannot take actions. Li Ao Tao Tie
Eye of Horus When this debuff expires, the carrier receives damage equal to 20% of total damage they received during this debuff, ignoring DEF> Falken Horus
Freeze Cannot take actions. Long Mian Ao BingBrynn ValkyrieKaylee Anuket
Haste Grants 30 SPD per Haste (Max 3 Stacks). Dispelled after launching an attack. Unas Shu
Immunity Cannot be debuffed. Donar ThorJin Yuyao Queen MotherSally SifCecilia IsisUnas ShuFabrice FreyrLynn HathorChang Pu Yao Ji
Invincibility Immune to all damage. Fabrice FreyrYe Suhua Shao Siming
Kiss of the Nightingale Blesses an allied Esper, returning 75% of damage received to the attacker. Alexa Aphrodite
Link When a linked unit is attacked, their counterparrt also receives 80% of damage dealt in this attack. Q Cupid
Sear Increases damage receives by 25% Raven OdinLeon ValiLu Yi Dayi
Miss Rate Up Increases Miss Rate by 50% Triki LokiArcana HermesAlexa AphroditeCatherine Hela
Netherbloom Triggers an explosion after taking 5 attacks, damaging the debuff carrier and 2 random enemies. Jiang Man Meng Po
Petrification Cannot take actions or reduce ability cooldown. Triki LokiMelanie Medusa
Poison Loses 4% of max HP at the start of the turn. Kara SerketJacob JormungandLayla Medjed
Remove Buff Remove one of more buff(s) from the targets. Biondina PoseidonLucas ApolloAsenath NefertemChloe MedeaAnesidora PandoraBonnie Eris
Remove Debuffs Remove one of more debuff(s) from the allies. Sally SifCeline SirenCecilia Isis
Recovery Recovers 15% max HP at the start of the turn. Fabrice FreyrAsenath NefertemLuo Yan Yanluo WangLynn Hathor
Revive Bring allies back from death. Cecilia IsisLuo Yan Yanluo WangLauren Heket
Scorch Undispellable. Inflicts Diseased for 2 turns upon damaging the target. Tang Xuan Sun Wukong
Sear Increases damage received by 25% Tevor Sphinx avatarDeath Guard Hei Xie Chuyi
Shackle Undispellable. Has a 40% chance to inflict DEF Down for 2 turns upon damaging the target. Tang Xuan Sun Wukong
Silence Casts only basic ability. Jiang Man Meng PoFalken HorusBai Liuli White Snake
Sleep Cannot take actions until damaged. Celine Siren
SPD Up Increases SPD by 30% Sienna Gaia avatarCeline SirenEira FreyaSander SetAnesidora PandoraDeath Guard Bai Xie Yuzhi
SPD Down Reduces SPD by 30% Celine SirenTiye NutEira FreyaSander SetLin Xiao White TigerLong Mian Ao BingDhalia CalypsoDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiLauren HeketBrynn ValkyrieKara SerketKaylee Anuket
Standoff Retains at least 1 HP. Catherine HelaRen Si Black Tortoise
Stun Cannot take actions. Jin Yuyao Queen MotherTiye NutTang Xuan Sun WukongTriki LokiLucas ApolloSienna Gaia avatarPritzker MimirArcana HermesAnesidora PandoraBonnie ErisBardon BaldrHall HodurDavid JasonLayla MedjedJeanne GerdDhalia Calypso
Sweet Havest At the start of each ally's turn, dispels a debuff from and provides healing to them. Sally Sif
Taunt Forced to attack the debuff caster with basic ability at the start of turn. Djoser AtumRen Si Black TortoiseLi Ao Tao TieBardon BaldrDavid Jason
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What does “miss rate up” do? The attack still seems to go through even when it shows miss. How to counter?


Maybe an image of the icon can help to recognize the buffs/debuffs.

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