Windstriker Guide & Teams

Defeat the Windstriker inside Sonic Miracle to obtain Wind Wave, the ascension material for your Wind Espers!

windstriker dislyte

Windstriker Boss Strategy

The poisonous Roaring Wave attack is no doubt the Windstriker’s most feared ability.

Windstriker applies constant pressure with repeated attacks to corrode and wear down Espers, which may be, followed up with a more damaging attack on infected targets via Poison Spread.

Support Espers with strong dispels and healing are, key to defeating a Windstriker.

Best Windstriker Team Formations

Below are the best team formations in the current meta-game. For the best Espers in general, kindly take a look at our Tier List.

windstriker team formations


howling pulse

Howling Pulse:
Damages an enemy once.

poison spread

Poison Spread (Passive):
Deals greater damage to targets with Poison.

roaring wave

Roaring Wave:
Damages all enemies at once and inflicts Poison for 2 turns.

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