Flowrunner Guide & Teams

Defeat the Flowrunner inside Sonic Miracle to obtain Flow Wave, the ascension material for your Flow Espers!


Flowrunner Boss Strategy

The Flowrunner is such a difficult opponent mainly because of its truly impressive self-healing via Sonic Life, which inflicts damage, and heals significant HP.

An appropriate tactical response may call, for deployment of Espers adept at “Diseased” healing blocks to try to prevent the Flowrunner from accumulating a significant advantage. An alternative could involve Espers with AP blocking abilities.

Best Flowrunner Team Formations

Below are the best team formations in the current meta-game. For the best Espers in general, kindly take a look at our Tier List.

flowrunner team formations


maelstrom pulse

Maelstrom Pulse:
Damages an enemy once.

sonic life

Sonic Life (Passive):
When dealing damage, restores HP equal to a certain proportion of damage dealt.

devouring wave

Roaring Wave:
Damages all enemies at once!

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