Kronos Guide & Squad Formations

Kronos (Ritual Miracle) is the best place in Dislyte for farming relics: Wrath of Jupiter, Astral Witchcraft, Wind Walker, Sword, Avatara, Master Grove, and Adamantine.

At the moment, there are 10 difficulty levels in total.

kronos dislyte

Kronos Basic Information

Kronos’ passive Death Knell grants a significant damage bonus against targets with relatively less HP plus a bonus turn upon the defeat of any such target.

Kronos’ Earth Shaker, on the other hand, can only target whichever enemy has the lowest percentage of remaining HP. An effective strategy against Kronos relies on healers to maintain a healthy team.

Kronos Skills


Damages all enemies once.
death knell

Death Knell (Passive)

The lower the target’s current HP, the higher the damage dealt by this attack. If this attacks slays the target, grants an extra turn.
earth shaker

Earth Shaker

Channels all of Kronos’ energies into an attack against all enemies. Then launches a severe strike against the enemy with the least health percentage and inflicts Stun for 1 turn.
suppression tablet


Tablet Damages all enemies once. Has a chance to inflict Stun for 1 turn.
blessing tablet

Blessing Tablet

Purifies all debuffs from the Boss and boosts their AP.

kronos battle and rewards

Best Kronos Squad Formations

Below are currently the best working Espers for Kronos (Ritual Miracle)

Best Kronos Teams


Players receive random relics at random grades/rarities, and a decent amount of E-Cash when defeating the Kronos.

Kronos Rewards

At the moment, Wrath of Jupiter, Astral Witchcraft, Wind Walker, Sword, Avatara, Master Grove, and Adamantine relic sets are available in Kronos.

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