Kronos Guide & Squad Formations

Kronos (Ritual Miracle) is the best place in Dislyte for farming relics: War Machine, Snow Dowager, Wind Walker, Sword, Avatara, Master Grove, and Adamantine. At the moment, there are 16 difficulty levels in total.

In this guide, let’s take a look to see how the boss mechanics work, and the best team formations (squads) to beat the Kronos with ease!

kronos battle and rewards

Kronos Basic Information

Kronos is a Ritual Miracle Boss focused on dealing high damage to your team in an ‘AoE’ (Area of Effect), with a strong single target damage ability that applies a Stun debuff.

The battle against Kronos is pretty straight forward, and he is usually the first Ritual Miracle boss that a player will encounter and work towards reaching the highest floor.

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The most common strategy used against Kronos is to delay his turns and deal enough damage before he eventually takes his turn, so that your team doesn’t get hit with his strong ‘AoE’ and Stun debuff.

To reduce his turns, you’ll need the debuff; SPD Down, and the negative effect; AP Down, to control Kronos.

Kronos’ passive Death Knell grants a significant damage bonus against targets with relatively less HP plus a bonus turn upon the defeat of any such target.

Kronos’ Earth Shaker, on the other hand, can only target whichever enemy has the lowest percentage of remaining HP. An effective strategy against Kronos relies on healers to maintain a healthy team.

Tip: For farming relics from Kronos easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.

kronos dislyte

Kronos Skills

At first, let’s take a look at the Kronos boss skills to see how basically it the fight works so that we can find the best options to deal with this Dislyte boss.

Before you can get to the boss, you need to take down 2 small enemy waves first. They are easy to defeat, however sometimes they can take down your weak units, making it harder for you to defeat the Kronos. You want to take them down as soon as possible, and give your weak units enough HP/DEF to sustain through these waves.


Damages all enemies once.
death knell

Death Knell (Passive)

The lower the target’s current HP, the higher the damage dealt by this attack. If this attacks slays the target, grants an extra turn.
earth shaker

Earth Shaker

Channels all of Kronos’ energies into an attack against all enemies. Then launches a severe strike against the enemy with the least health percentage and inflicts Stun for 1 turn.
suppression tablet


Tablet Damages all enemies once. Has a chance to inflict Stun for 1 turn.
blessing tablet

Blessing Tablet

Purifies all debuffs from the Boss and boosts their AP.

Kronos Strategy

You will need:

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  • An Esper or two that can deal high amounts of damage;
  • At least two Espers that can apply the AP Down negative effect, or reduce AP in any way;
  • An Esper that can apply the SPD Down debuff (which is optional, but helps a lot).

Essentially, Kronos is a slow boss, heavily relying on one of his Tablet minions to increase his AP so he can take a turn to deal significant damage. Utilising a team that can reduce his AP and SPD will control the battle heavily in your favour, allowing you to kill Kronos at your pace.

Though don’t take too long killing Kronos, as he will eventually take a turn if you can’t keep his AP down long enough, meaning he can still defeat your team quickly.

If an Esper dies to Kronos’ attacks, his passive activates, granting him an extra turn which allows him to chain off multiple turns with hard hitting abilities to easily defeat your team.

Focus on Kronos rather than his Tablet minions, as spending turns attacking his minions will allow him to eventually take a turn whilst still on high HP, making him harder to defeat if any of your Espers have been defeated.

Struggling with Kronos?

If you’re having trouble with Kronos, here are a couple of things you can do or check:

  • Upgrade your Relics if they’re a low levelled or weak.
  • Have at least two Espers that can apply the AP Down negative effect, or reduce AP in any way.
  • Make sure your DPS Espers are Level 60 for the increase of stats they gain.
  • Check to see if your Espers have at least Ascension Phase 3 unlocked

Best Kronos Squad Formations (Full Auto)

Credits: Kiwi.#6969 and Relief#0001

Team Notes Investment
Melanie MedusaSander SetDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiEira FreyaDhalia Calypso
Auto Kronos 16
Ollie avatarSander SetGaius avatarChalmers IdunDhalia Calypso Auto Kronos 16
Gaius avatarLin Xiao White TigerLi Ling NezhaQ CupidYe Suhua Shao Siming Auto Kronos 16
Sander SetEira FreyaDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiLucas ApolloDhalia Calypso Auto Kronos 16
Sander SetLi Ling NezhaDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiDhalia Calypso Auto Kronos 16
Ollie avatarDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiDhalia CalypsoAsenath Nefertem Auto Kronos 16
Li Ling NezhaGabrielle NjordBerenice BastetMelanie MedusaChang Pu Yao Ji This is a F2P composition with the only investment being Gabrielle. Melanie needs ACC but is one of the best AP Manipulators in the game, the healers also have AP Down and DEF Down to support Melanie. Berenice is used here to tank any skills that do come through with her shields. Li Ling can be swapped out for Chloe or Drew. This is a F2P comp to be able to do Kronos 10 with units that can be obtained for free. It has upgrades to speed up clear speed, but the comp at base can do it qutie consistently, with relatively minimal investment. Very slow. Melanie needs atleast 70% ACC for K9/10
Sander SetJiang Man Meng PoLin Xiao White TigerQ CupidYe Suhua Shao Siming Jiang Man should be faster than Sander and Lin Xiao. Q can be on Astral Witchcraft just in case of Kronos stuns. Sander and Jiang Man are built for DPS.
For more consistent runs, all Espers need to have their skills maxed. Sander needs atleast 70% ACC for K9/10.
Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerUnas ShuLi Ling NezhaMelanie Medusa Straightforward speed comp that revolves around AP Manipulators and high DPS for fast Kronos 10 runs, relatively high investment as they need to be able to kill kronos quick enough and survive if Kronos gets a turn Can do normally without too much investment, but require level 60 on Espers for consistency
Sander SetFreddy FenrirLeon ValiDrew AnubisYe Suhua Shao Siming Important thing to note is Leon having enough ACC (70%) to be able to land Sear. Big damage running 4 DPS, but strict on investment requirements given the lack of survivability options outside of Ye Suhua All Espers fully built. DO NOT recommend for early and mid-game players.
Death Guard Hei Xie ChuyiMona ArtemisLin Xiao White TigerEira FreyaYe Suhua Shao Siming Leader is Xie Chuyi so Freya buffs him with her S2. Turn order is Suhua > Freya > Xie Chuyi > Lin Xiao > Mona. Freya is on Astral Witchcraft for stuns. All Espers skills are maxed except for Xie Chuyi not having S2 and S3
Sander SetEira FreyaMelanie Medusastarimon iconstarimon icon The comp revolves around having 2 AoE controllers to prevent the crystal from AP Up Kronos, with Sander locking down the boss. This is a relatively cheap starter comp that can expand to allow for 2 fodders, and can clearly consistently with a line up of Sander, Eira/Celine, Melanie, Li Ling, Jeanne with the units needing just about 160 - 180 SPD and 40% - 50% ACC. To be able to successfully do K10 with 2 fodders you will need maxed S3 for reduced cooldowns and 180+ SPD with 60% - 80% ACC Can work with low investment, but to be able to consistently do with 2 fodder requires heavy SPD investment and CDR on their AP Down skills. Can work with all units not maxed if using the 4 AP Down setup, needs maxed S3 on all Espers to do the 2 fodder version.
Gabrielle NjordTang Xuan Sun WukongChloe MedeaSally SifChang Pu Yao Ji A budget standard comp for clearing Kronos with low investment levels, Sally can be substituted with any other AoE heal esper. Have enough HP to tank the rock from Kronos. For each unit to be consistent, have enough healing to be able to heal the past Kronos hits
Gabrielle NjordTang Xuan Sun WukongTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueChang Pu Yao JiBerenice Bastet Similar to the comp listed above with more single target dps options utilizing Tang Yun's pursuit mechanic, Chang Pu is flexible with other healer options Important to have high enough HP to tank, can opt to use a %HP relic for survivability, Tang Yun, Chang Pu and Berenice needs to be level 50
Gabrielle NjordLin Xiao White TigerChloe MedeaHyde HadesSally Sif The comp is a heavy beatdown comp, not recommended for early-mid game players given the investment requirement to be able to run 3 DPS, with Lin Xiao and Chloe being glass cannons All Espers are heavily invested in, with Hyde being the exception (sub-optimal relics)
Eira FreyaLewis AresDhalia CalypsoAsenath NefertemChang Pu Yao Ji Relatively standard comp with Eira to lower ap, and Dhalia for her buffs and to push AP. Lewis can be replaced with other dps options Eira and Dhalia need skills maxed for consistency
Sander SetDrew AnubisLeon ValiChalmers IdunLi Ling Nezha Very high damage with very high investment for speed Kronos runs. Key notes would be having enough ACC (70%) on Leon to land Sear, Chalmers has to be the slowest unit to cast his S3 post DEF Down from Drew and Sear from Leon to nuke the Kronos stage. Sander is used for his SPD Lead, AP Manipulation and big nukes. Li Ling to help pair with Drew for the mob waves Very high investment on all units, Chalmers, Leon and Drew need to be level 60 incase ap down doesn't kick in to tank a rock from kronos. Not meant for early-mid game players.
Sander SetEira FreyaYe Suhua Shao Siming 2x DPS A standard setup for Kronos utilizing the SPD Lead from Sander, with AP manipulation from Sander and Eira. Paired with the utility from Ye Suhua, the 2 DPS choices can be flexible as the key units would be the 3 aforementioned Espers Relatively cheap investment, with the imporant note is for each unit to be able to survive the rock from Kronos for consistent runs
Sander SetDrew AnubisYe Suhua Shao SimingLin Xiao White TigerLi Ling Nezha
Another beatdown type team going for fast kronos runs, with Sander's SPD Lead being important. Ye Suhua needs to go 1st or 2nd in the turn timeline. Can easily clear Kronos 10 in under 50 seconds Sander needs atleast 190 SPD, Drew and Ye Suhua need to be atleast level 50. NOT beginner friendly.
Donar Thorstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon icon
Donar is part of the few espers who can solo Kronos, BUT requires a very heavy investment. Would mainly appeal to players nearing end-game as they can take 4 fodder for leveling. Do not expect to do Kronos fast given only one Esper is doing the boss so expect VERY slow runs All skills maxed and level 60. DO NOT recommend for early and mid-game players.
Melanie MedusaDrew AnubisMona ArtemisYe Suhua Shao SimingChang Pu Yao Ji This is a full F2P comp to be able to do K10 without a single gacha unit. Mona can be replaced with Tang Yun if he is tanky enough to live through a Kronos rock Each of the Espers are tanky enough to live one rock from Kronos
Li Ling NezhaGabrielle NjordYe Suhua Shao SimingTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueSally Sif Standard comp, to quote the person who submitted "idk how Tang Yun survives" Each Esper has their skills & ascension phases maxed except Gabrielle
Chloe MedeaLi Ling NezhaTiye NutLucas ApolloYe Suhua Shao Siming Standard beatdown comp. Chloe should be replaced with another DPS, but isn't necessary. Tiye and Lucas cycle Kronos for awhile but eventually the blessing tablet gives the Kronos a turn, so it's either Lucas or Ye Suhua tanking it. Tiye can be replaced with Sander All Espers average about 10K+ HP and 50+ SPD, while Tiye has 90+ SPD.
Sander SetLucas ApolloDhalia CalypsoYe Suhua Shao SimingChloe Medea Basic AP Manpulation comp with Chloe being the main DPS and Sander being used as a Sub DPS. Uses AP Push from Dhalia and AP down from Sander and Lucas Enough HP to tank Kronos rocks on each Esper
Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerChloe MedeaBai Liuli White SnakeDhalia Calypso Chloe should go after Bai Liuli and Lin Xiao should go just after Dhalia and Sander. Can replace Chloe with Drew All Espers fully built. DO NOT recommend for early and mid-game players.
Sander SetUnas ShuLi Ling NezhaDrew AnubisClara Hera Basic comp which uses Unas and Clara for constant AP Push. Li Ling, Sander and Drew for DPS All Espers need to be able to tank a Kronos rock

Other working Kronos teams:

sanderlin melaniemalinfreddy

sanderye suhua lincocounky chai

sandernarmer ye suhualinunky chai

monacoco lindonarye suhua

sanderrensi monalinye suhua

lu yicoco linmonaye suhua

Free-to-Play Team Recommendations for Kronos

Below are some recommendations for Espers to use in Kronos that you can easily obtain for free:

We highly recommend purchasing the Melanie Medusa Melanie Ripple x5 Esper Ripples from the Club Shop, which can summon the Esper Melanie Medusa Melanie (Medusa) to help you apply AP Down once you obtain 30 Esper Ripples.

If you don’t have enough Disabler Espers that apply AP Down, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Jeanne Gerd Jeanne (Gerd).

download pc version

If you don’t have enough DPS Espers, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of Drew Anubis Drew (Anubis), and Freddy Fenrir Freddy (Fenrir).

If you don’t have enough Support Espers to help you sustain some of the damage or buff your team, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua (Shao Siming), or Chang Pu Yao Ji Chang Pu (Yao Ji)

Tip: For farming relics from Kronos easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.

Quick Kronos Formation Guide for Beginners

By thelvyn123

This guide is for new and free-to-play players who are looking for easier ways to defeat the boss using easy-to-obtain Espers.

DPS heroes usually use 4-relic set War Machine to boost the ATK. Also, you want to use 2-relic set Fiery Incandescence (C. Rate %) on them if you have, otherwise using the counterattack relic set Sword Avatara is fine!

In general, you want to have ATK%/C.RATE and SPD on your main DPS units for the early teams. Later, you can replace C.RATE with C.DAMAGE and replace SPD for ATK% when you have strong relic sub stats.

For support units (Healers, Buffers, Debuffers, etc.) you want to use the Wind Walker set as it gives a lot of extra SPD, allowing them to cast their skills faster. It’s recommended to use 2-relic set Adamantite on them to give extra Shield, making your runs more stable. On the Relic Slot 6 (Mui II), it’s recommended to use SPD as the main stat.

Speed (SPD) is the best stat for support units as you always want them to be fast enough to cast their debuffs/buffs before your DPS units. Other main stats and sub stats are not really important, you just want to give them enough survivability stats (HP and DEF) so they can last through waves and hard hits from Kronos. Normally, support units are tankier than DPS units as you don’t have to focus on C.RATE / ATK% as the main stats.

Early-Game Kronos Team Composition

monaq drewhelenachang pu

This composition contains 4 free guaranteed Espers that all players obtain right from the beginning of the game. chang pu Chang Pu is not a free hero but it’s super easy to pull her out from the Gacha as she is only a 3-star rare Esper.

After a few days, you will be able to get couples of Chang Pu copies without any issues.

Unit Role Description
mona Mona DPS Clears small waves, offers decent DPS against Kronos
q Q Debuffer ATK Down/DEF Down debuffs and has Link to defeat the Tablets.
drew Drew Debuffer/DPS DEF Down debuff and offers decent single target damage to Kronos
helena Helena AP Down/Healer AP Down, Crit Boost, and great Healing.
chang pu Chang Pu AP Down/Healer AP Down, a lot of Healing.

Alternative Espers

lu yisandercelinelin

As you progress further in the game, you will be able to obtain a lot better units and they will always deserve a slot in your team.

The above Espers provide much better utilities comparing to the free units in the starting team composition above.

download pc version

Do note that you usually want to have a healer in your team no matter what, unless your team is super strong and can survive all hits with ease. Helena provides C.RATE Up Boost while Chang Pu offers better healing, choose what your team needs!

sander Sander

He is super strong for Kronos, offering a lot of AP Down and Speed Down debuffs. His skills also have great ATK%, allowing your team to speed up the runs easier. He also has the leader ability that speeds up your team, which is better than Mona’s leader skill for Kronos.

You can do some more tests with the other AP Down/SPD Up units, but in general according to my tests, Sander is the best.

Replacements: sanderqhelena

lin Lin Xiao

She is another excellent DPS for Kronos. She is also extremely strong for Apep.

She has the AP Down debuff on her first skill, DEF Down & SPD Down on her 3rd Skill. The 2nd skill hits like a truck, applying a ton of Bleeds towards the Boss, which is super helping whenever you just need some extra damage to finish it.


celine Celine

She is probably the best AP Down hero in Dislyte as she also provides SPD Up for the entire team. She syngergies super well with sander Sander if you already have him.

In term of AP Down, she is straightforward and much better than Helena or Chang Pu. However, do remember that you can stack AP Down debuffs, so it’s better to replace Q with Celine if you can.

Replacements: celineqhelena

lu yi Lu Yi

He is made for Kronos. He has Bleeds and allows all other heroes to do more damage to the boss. Also, his captain ability increases all Esper’s ATK by a further 30% in Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle.

download pc version

What a beast!

Replacements: lu yiqhelena

Situational Espers

The below units are stronger than Q but might not be a better option to replace the other Espers.

lewiscocomelaniemalinye suhua

melanie Melanie is a good option for AP Down debuff. The passive skill makes her a super consistent unit for casting AP Down. However, she doesn’t add much other utility to your team.

She is better than Helena for most teams. If you have Sander being the leader, she really shines.

Replacements: melanieqhelenachang pu

malin Malin

She is a decent choice for AP Down and SPD Down. She can land both debuffs with her 3rd skill but she doesn’t provide the SPD UP while Celine does. So in general, Celine is much better than her. The second skill gives an AP Up buff to one of the DPS units, making her a decent option for your team if you need some more DPS.

Replacements: malinqhelenachang pu

lewis Lewis

His leader skill is better than Mona’s skill as it allows you to use Crit Damage relics early. The only reason makes him not really the best replacement for Mona is because his 2nd skill deals some damage on himself, which can make Kronos sometimes 1-shot him. You can stack Adamatite Relics to give him more survivability or can also use your healers with good SPD to support him.

Replacements: lewisqmona

ye suhua Ye Suhua

She is amazing in Point War and is also pretty good in Kronos. She doesn’t offer AP Down, which can make your runs a bit less consistent If you don’t have Lin Xiao or Sander in your team.

download pc version

When she is in the right team comps, her ATK Down, ATK Down, and ATK Up debuffs can make your runs faster and more stable.

She is still better than Q anyway.

Replacements:ye suhuaqhelenachang pu

coco Chloe

She is excellent for Kronos when in the right team. As she doesn’t offer DEF Down, it’s hard to replace Drew with her if you don’t have the right supports. So you would generally want to replace her with Mona in the early game. Also, since she doesn’t have the leader ability, you will also want to use Lewis or Sander in your team as well.

She is super strong when you stack up the Adamantite relics to buff her 3rd skill. Having 3 sets of Adamantite really skyrockets her damage.


Kronos Rewards

Players receive random relics at random grades/rarities, and a decent amount of gold Gold when defeating the Kronos.

Kronos Rewards

At the moment, War Machine, Snow Dowager, Wind Walker, Sword, Avatara, Master Grove, and Adamantine relic sets are available in Kronos.

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Dribble is a Senior Moderator from the official Dislyte Discord server. He has been sharing a ton of incredibly helpful information for both new and advanced players, so make sure to check it out!

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I use Sanders/Eira/Melanie/Chang Pu/Suhua for K10! Mostly consistent (90%?)

* Sanders/Suhua have max CD upgrades
* Sanders/Eira/Suhua have high speed (Melanie has only a little)
* Sanders/Eira/Melanie have high accuracy
* This team is somewhat slow since Sanders is the only DPS
* Best upgrade is probably Chang Pu >>> Top tier DPS so you don’t have to stall as long so it’s more consistent and a lot faster. I always beat Kronos really fast when I sub Chang Pu for a helper Li Ling or Lin Xiao.


There’s an error here where it says Chloe’s name is CoCo when talking about replacement espers for new players


eira is also called malin here for some reason


the level cap has changed from 10 to 16

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