Shimmerer Guide & Teams

Defeat the Shimmerer inside Sonic Miracle to obtain Shimmer Wave, the ascension material for your Shimmer Espers!


Shimmerer Boss Strategy

The Shimmerer packs a powerful punch with its Awesome Shock ability, granting a Shimmer Shield with damage resistance and ATK bonus attributes.

The shield does much to protect the Shimmerer from damage even upon destruction.

The wise use of dispel-focused Espers will help remove its ATK bonus and provide DPS Espers with plentiful opportunities.

Best Shimmerer Team Formations

Below are the best team formations in the current meta-game. For the best Espers in general, kindly take a look at our Tier List.

shimmerer team formations


striking pulse

Striking Pulse:
Damages an enemy once.

noise shell

Noise Shell (Passive):
Shield grants a damage dealt boost and damage taken mitigation.

awesome shock

Awesome Shock:
Damages all enemies at once and grants a shield equal to a certain proportion of max HP!

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