Relics (Gears) Guide & Recommendations

When checking for Esper information on PlayDislyte, you can see that we also recommend the best relic sets for each specific Esper.

Each esper has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Thus, they need different relic sets to maximize their best potentials.

If you don’t know how the relic system in Dislyte works, this guide is for you!

Dislyte Relic Guide

Dislyte Relic (Gear) Guide

  • There are 6 slots for equipping relics in total.
    • The first 4 slots (Una) ▲●◆■ belong to 4-piece relic set
    • The last 2 slots (Mui) ⬢♤ are for 2-piece relic set.
  • Relics have Main attribute and Secondary Attribute.
  • Each relic slot has a different main attribute available (Tables below).
  • A relic can have up to 4 secondary attributes available.
  • The higher level the relic is, the harder it takes to upgrade. Upgrading relics costs gold Gold.
  • Current highest relic level is 15 (only for 5/6-star relics).
  • The higher star a relic has, the higher value of attribute it offers.
  • When you upgrade a relic, its main attribute gets improved.
  • A random secondary attribute gets boosted/unlocked at +3/+6/+9/+12/+15.
  • You need to unlock all 4 secondary attributes before boosting them.

Relic Quality

  • Flawless: 4 secondary attributes available at level 0.
  • Superior: 3 secondary attributes available at level 0.
  • Elite: 2 secondary attributes available at level 0
  • Fine: 1 secondary attributes available at level 0

You ideally want to aim for at least Superior Relic and eventually build up all Flawless Relics on your Espers.

This is because if you upgrade Fine or Elite relics, you will usually get bad stats (flat HP/DEF/ATK) when unlocking the hidden secondary stats, and it will eventually consume a ton of gold Gold.

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Also, using Superior/Flawless relics, you don’t have to unlock the hidden secondary stats, giving you more chances to strengthen the already-unlocked stats. So you will get a much stronger relic eventually.

At +15, you get 5 upgrades on Flawless Relics, 4 upgrades on Superior Relics, 3 Upgrades on Elite Relics, and only 2 upgrades on Fine Relics.

So, never stop farming Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir!

elite vs flawless relics
Elite Relic versus Flawless Relic at +15

What Relic Sets and Stats Should I Use?

For specific set and stat recommendations, please take a look at the Espers page. We give detailed recommended builds for each Esper.


Support need to cast the debuffs and buffs before your DPS Espers take the turn, that’s why they need a lot of SPD.

Wind Walker set is recommended in most cases. If your Esper has numerous debuffs, especially control skills, they need high ACC to successfully apply those debuffs. HP% is recommended as the main stat for UNA II & IV.

SPD is the best main stat for MUI II in most cases.


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DPS Heroes need to deal a lot of damage, and you want to multiply their damage with the main stats C.DMG%, C.RATE%, and ATK% on your Relics.

Most Espers will benefit most with the War Machine set. If your Espers are glass-cannon, very low HP but super high damage, Hades Set is usually very effective.

They often don’t need a lot of Speed. C.DMG%/C.RATE% are generally recommended as the main stats for UNA II & IV. SPD is the best main stat for MUI II in most cases.

relic enhancement

Relic Recommendation Guide

New Players

  • If you’re low on Relics, it’s OK to upgrade [4☆] Relics that you’re using to roughly +9.
  • Don’t keep HP, DEF, or ATK main stats for the Relic slots: Una II, Una IV, and Mui II that are flat values and not percentages.
  • Farming Kronos is highly recommended, as it provides a great balance of support and offensive Relics.
  • Farming Apep should be done when you’re trying to find a particular Apep Relic set for an Esper.
  • Farming Fafnir should be done sparingly as it’s a difficult fight with a lot of mechanics.
  • When increasing Relic levels, increase Relics in +3 intervals so that you can evaluate if a Relic is worth keeping after each interval.

Advanced Players

  • When keeping Relics, check to see if the stats on the Relic synergise with the Relic set; for example, there’s little use to keeping DEF% main stat Relics for the War Machine set (that increases ATK).
  • If you have too many Relics and you’re focusing on late game Esper building, sell all Relics that are [5☆] Superior or lower. Keep anything that’s [5☆] Flawless and roll them if their stats are what you’re searching for, if not, sell them.
  • When increasing Relic levels, increase Relics in +3 intervals so that you can evaluate if a Relic is worth keeping after each interval.
  • If a [6☆] Elite grade Relic has both its secondary stats as flat stats, it’s usually not worth upgrading unless you desperately need the main stat.
relic boost

Relic Boost

This function available for Players at level 50+

  • Boost Stones improve power of Relics of any quality by randomly increasing a Secondary stat within a certain range.
  • To improve relic, you must use the right Boost Stone for the right Relic set and attribute.
  • Players can find Boost Stones in the Desolate Lands.
  • The boosted value can be replaced.
  • The value boosts don’t stack.
Relic Resets

Relic Reset

  • Reset Stones can reset a Relic’s Secondary Attributes and can be obtained from R-Pass.
  • Resetting does not change the Main Attribute and only resets all Secondary Attributes of a Relic to the starting value.
  • Only Relics with 4 Secondary Attributes can be reset.
  • Boosted Relics can also be reset, but their boosted attributes will not be inherited.

Relic Upgrade Costs

Upgrade Level2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star6 Star


  • Upgrading 6-star relic costs twice as much to upgrading 5-star relic.
  • Upgrading 5-star relic costs twice as much to upgrading 4-star relic.
  • Upgrade costs scale exponentially. It costs 8 times as much to upgrade a relic to +15 vs +9.

Relic Stats

Note: All relics have the same available secondary attributes: ATK, DEF, HP, ATK%, DEF%, HP%, SPD, C.RATE, C.DMG, ACC, RESIST.

4-piece Relic

RelicMain Stats
Una I ▲ATK

2-piece Relic

RelicMain Stats
Mui I ⬢HP

Main Stats

Attack %Base3%4%6%8%
Attack %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
Attack %Max18%34%36%53%
HP %Base3%4%6%8%
HP %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
HP %Max18%34%36%53%
DEF %Base3%4%6%8%
DEF %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
DEF %Max18%34%36%53%
ACC %Base3%4%6%8%
ACC %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
ACC %Max18%34%36%53%
RES %Base3%4%6%8%
RES %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
RES %Max18%34%36%53%
C. Rate %Base3%4%6%8%
C. Rate %Gain/Level1%2%2%3%
C. Rate %Max18%34%36%53%
C. DMG %Base6%8%10%
C. DMG %Gain/Level3%4%5%
C. DMG %Max51%68%85%
Attack FlatBase15203040
Attack FlatGain/Level681018
Attack FlatMax105140180310
DEF FlatBase15203040
DEF FlatGain/Level681018
DEF FlatMax105140180310
HP FlatBase180250350600
HP FlatGain/Level90120140220
HP FlatMax1530205024503900

Sub Stats

Attack %Base2%2%2%3%4%
Attack %Gain/Level2%2%2%3%4%
Attack %Max12%12%12%18%24%
HP %Base2%2%2%3%4%
HP %Gain/Level2%2%2%3%4%
HP %Max12%12%12%18%24%
DEF %Base2%2%2%3%4%
DEF %Gain/Level2%2%2%3%4%
DEF %Max12%12%12%18%24%
ACC %Base2%2%2%3%4%
ACC %Gain/Level2%2%2%3%4%
ACC %Max12%12%12%18%24%
RES %Base2%2%2%3%4%
RES %Gain/Level2%2%2%3%4%
RES %Max12%12%12%18%24%
C. Rate %Base1%2%3%4%5%
C. Rate %Gain/Level1%2%3%4%5%
C. Rate %Max6%12%18%24%30%
C. DMG %Base2%23%4%5%
C. DMG %Gain/Level2%200%3%4%5%
C. DMG %Max12%1218%24%30%
Attack FlatBase1012141620
Attack FlatGain/Level1012141620
Attack FlatMax60728496120
DEF FlatBase1012141620
DEF FlatGain/Level1012141620
DEF FlatMax60728496120
HP FlatBase100150220300400
HP FlatGain/Level100150220300400
HP FlatMax600900132018002400


  • 4 Star Relics and 5 Star Relics have almost identical main stats and very similar sub-stats
  • You can gaina lot more Crit Damage than Crit Rate or ATK from the main stats.
  • It’s best to obtain Crit Rate from sub stats.

All Relic Sets & Where To Get

4-Relic Sets

War Machine Set x4
+30% ATK

Abiding Panacea Set x4
+30% Healing Efficacy.

Ocean Waves Set x4
Grants a 30% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn after an ability is used.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 Tyranny of Zeus Set x4
Damage dealt has a 20% chance of Stunning the target for 1 turn.

Astral Witchcraft Set x4
Grants a 20% chance of getting an extra turn when the Esper takes action. (Can only be triggered once. The extra turn does not affect ability cooldowns.)

Hades Set x4
35% of damage dealt is used to regenerate HP.

Wind Walker Set x4
+25% SPD

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 Hammer of Thor Set x4
+40% C.DMG

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 Snow Dowager Set x4
Grants a 20% chance of Freezing the target for 1 turn when taking damage.

Divine Blessing Set x4
Increases SPD of allied Espers afflicted with disables by 50 (Unstackable).

2-Relic Sets

Master Grove Set x2
+25% HP

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 The Enchanter Set x2
30% chance of extending the Poison and Bleed debuffs inflicted by 1 turn.

Sword Avatara Set x2
25% chance of using the basic ability to counterattack upon taking damage.

Adamantine Set x2
All allied Espers start the battle with a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP.
Duration: 2 turns.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 Immensus Peak Set x2

The Light Above Set x2
Begins the battle with Immunity, which lasts for 1 turn.

Incandescence Set x2
+20% Crit Rate

Apollo’s Bow Set x2
+25% ACC.

Stoneveins Set x2
+20% DEF.

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Slot 2 on 2-set relics can have SPD


I have been trying to find some information on which are the main stats and substats I should be focusing on for each character but apparently there isn’t any info besides just basic guides. Is that something that might be touched upon here eventually?


Hi, I can’t find out anywhere I look, what is the blue fireball with a number in it that appears on relics?


Is it possible to upgrade a relic to a higher quality? Like from 2* to 3*?


Can you give an icon or list the shape of each relic that falls into slot1-4 for main relics?


When you have two Espers with the Adamantine set do the effects stack or is only one of the set bonuses active? Is there any benefit to having multiple characters in your lineup with Adamantine?


In my experience, I see the Adamantine set’s icon pop up on both supports that have it equipped at the start of battle (wave 1) – and the shield strength seems to correspond correctly. On succeeding waves, however, I notice that only one of the sets seem to apply at a time.

So yes, I think it stacks. We might need someone else to confirm/correct this 🙂


So is it better to have a 6* elite relic vs. a 4* flawless or superior?


Regarding % attack and # attack relics; are % attack stats scaling just off of base attack, or base attack + relic # attack?


Def flat main stat for 6 star should be 40, it says 18.


Under the recommended stats for DPS espers, you said they did not need a lot of speed. At the end of the paragraph it then recommends SPD as the main stat of MUI II. Shouldn’t it be ATK%?


what set is good for Nezha?


So, Flat stat is useless in many case ?
I wonder if 1 flat 1% is better than 2 pieces of % stat.

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