What is ACC (Accuracy)?

This Dislyte guide explains what ‘ACC’ – Accuracy is, how ACC affects debuff and negative effect application in battles, how you can utilise ACC, and the “soft cap” of ACC.

If you want to place a lot of debuffs towards the enemies, or even if you want to understand how it works to protect yourself, you must know how ACC works.

For the purpose of this informational guide, ‘debuff’ refers to both debuffs and negative effects to reduce repetition unless otherwise stated.

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What is ACC in Dislyte?

ACC is an abbreviation for the main attribute: ‘Accuracy’, that is required to counteract ‘RESIST’ when landing a debuff (that does not have a silver border) or negative effect.

How Debuffs Get Applied

The debuff application calculation is split into four parts, which have to be checked in the specific order below for a debuff to apply:

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1. Trigger Chance Check

First, the ability’s chance to apply a debuff (stated on the ability) is calculated and rolled to see if the calculation will continue. For example, Djoser (Atum)‘s A1 has a 60% chance of inflicting DEF Down for 2 turns.

Espers sometimes can increase their Trigger Chance of applying a debuff by levelling up their ability with Abilimon.

  • If an ability does not state the Trigger Chance, it’s naturally assumed to be 100%.
  • If this check succeeds, the calculation moves onto the next check. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

2. Miss Chance Check

The attack is then checked to see if it would ‘Miss’. This can be caused by either:

  • Elemental Disadvantage Wind → Flow → Inferno: → Wind. Shimmer is not weak/strong against any other element)
  • or by the ‘Miss Rate Up’ debuff.

If an Esper’s element is weak against the Esper it’s attempting to attack, a 50% chance to Miss is applied.

If this check succeeds and the attack does not Miss, the calculation moves onto the next check. If this check fails and the attack Misses, the debuff is not applied.

3. RESIST vs. ACC Check

Next, the RESIST of the defending Esper is compared against the Esper applying the debuff’s ACC, becoming the final chance to apply the debuff.

If the defending Esper’s RESIST goes below 20%, the RESIST stat defaults back to 20% at the end of the calculation. This means that all non-silver border debuffs have a base 20% chance to not apply.

The calculation is as follows:

  • RESIST – ACC = chance to resist debuff or negative effect.
    If this check succeeds, the calculation moves onto the final check. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

4. Immunity Buff Check:

Lastly, if there is an Immunity buff present on the defending Esper, most debuffs and negative effects will not apply, except for: HP Ceiling Reduction, Buff Steal, Ability Cooldown Increase, and Dispel.

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If this check succeeds, the debuff finally applies to the defending Esper. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

What is the soft/hard cap of ACC?

The maximum amount of ACC you can have on an Esper (hard cap) is 100%.

The optimal amount of ACC you can have on an Esper (soft cap) is 80%.

This is because there is a base 20% chance to resist a debuff; exceeding 80% ACC will reduce the defending Esper’s RESIST under 20%, which defaults their RESIST back to a 20% chance to resist a debuff.

How much ACC does my Espers need?

Because of this, having more than 80% ACC offers no benefit at all. If you are planning to utilise high ACC on an Esper, we recommend trying to get as close to 80% ACC as possible without going over, which helps you focus on other stats.

relic with acc stat
Relic with ACC as the main stat

How to increase ACC

There are multiple ways you can increase ACC, both in and out of battle:

You can increase ACC with an Esper Captain Ability, for example, Triki (Loki)‘s Captain Ability increases ally ACC by +40% in battle.

You can increase ACC within Phases of an Esper’s Ascension, for example, Celine (Siren)‘s Phase 5 of Ascension increases her base ACC by +15%.

You can find ACC in secondary stats on Relics, or as the main stat on a Una IV slot Relic.

You can use the Relic set Apollo’s Bow, which – when equipped as a full set – increases ACC by +25%

What is affected by ACC?

Any debuffs or negative effects that require ACC to apply are listed below:

  • Ability Cooldown Increase;
  • AP Absorb;
  • AP Down;
  • AP Redistribution, unique to Tiye (Nut)‘s A3;
  • ATK Down;
  • Bleed;
  • Buff Blocker;
  • Buff Steal;
  • Buff Transfer;
  • Debuff Extend, unique to Triki (Loki)‘s A3;
  • DEF Down;
  • Diseased;
  • Dispel (not to be confused with Cleanse);
  • Freeze;
  • HP Ceiling Reduction;
  • Miss Rate Up;
  • Pandora’s Box Trigger, unique to :Shimmer: [4☆] Anesidora (Pandora)’s A2;
  • Petrification;
  • Poison;
  • Sear;
  • Silence;
  • Sleep;
  • SPD Down;
  • Stun;
  • Taunt.

What is not affected by ACC?

Any debuffs that have a silver border, or negative effects that do not require ACC are listed below:

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Are you saying there’s a 20% chance of missing AP Reductions and Debuffs, no matter what?
Even on Bosses, so there will always be a chance of failing?

Lu Yi Simp

That’s how I understood the guide, yeah… Potentially even lower if you’re mismatched elementally and first have to pass the 50/50 check on whether or not you miss. Looks like having leveled controllers from a variety of different elemental affinities (or at least one shimmer controller) will be helpful.

Tracey with the Honda

One thing that I havent been to find an answer for:

What about against targets that have lots of resist? Isn’t accuracy over 100 good then?

For example, my Long Mian with 120% accuracy uses a3 against the enemy team, but their esper has 60% resist.

Wouldn’t it then have a 60% chance to affect them? Which means that Accuracy over 100 can still be very useful for PVP?

Mikey d

I totally see your point and the only way this personally would make sense to me if what you said wasn’t the case would be:

You always have 20% of missing, so 20 – 120 is 100% and then their 60% applies as usual, but this only applies if 120% is the highest you could do. Let’s say you had 130% then yeah you’re right you must have some advantage since you’re knocking their 60 to 50%? So if 120 is the cap then this evens out if not I think you’re right man.

Idriz Gaming YT

Considering all of this, what is the actual meaning of “Triki will never miss”?

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