Best Dislyte Team Formations (Squads)

If you are new to the game and are wondering which are the best Dislyte team formations right now, you will surely find some great example squads in this article.

Due to the natural of the game, each game mode might require different types of teams, debuffs, Espers, etc. So, we will try to mention the generic teams which are great but not the best for any specific game mode.

Best Dislyte Team Squads

Team Description
Sander SetEira FreyaDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiChalmers IdunYe Suhua Shao Siming

Auto Kronos 16

Sander SetEira FreyaDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiLucas ApolloDhalia Calypso

Auto Kronos 16

Sander SetLi Ling NezhaDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiDhalia Calypso

Auto Kronos 16

Ollie avatarDhalia CalypsoDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiAsenath Nefertem

Auto Kronos 16

Li Ling NezhaGabrielle NjordBerenice BastetMelanie MedusaChang Pu Yao Ji

F2P team with low investment (except Gabrielle). Melanie is one of the best AP Manipulators, but she needs ACC. Healers have DEF Down and AP Down to support Melanie. Berenice is for tanking with her shields. Li Ling can be replaced with Drew or Chloe.

Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerUnas ShuLi Ling NezhaMelanie Medusa

Speed comp which revolves around AP controlling and high DPS to take out Kronos fast. High investment required to survive. 

Sander SetFreddy FenrirLeon ValiDrew AnubisYe Suhua Shao Siming

Leon must have 70%+ ACC to land Sear. Huge damage with 4 DPS but need investment to survive due to the lack of healing and protection. Not recommend for early and mid-game players.

Sander SetLeon ValiYe Suhua Shao SimingChalmers IdunDrew Anubis

Similar to the one above.

Sander SetDhalia CalypsoChloe MedeaDrew AnubisChalmers Idun

Similar to the one above.

Li Ling NezhaSander SetLin Xiao White TigerChloe MedeaYe Suhua Shao Siming

F2P team with low investment (except Gabrielle).

Death Guard Hei Xie ChuyiMona ArtemisLin Xiao White TigerEira FreyaYe Suhua Shao Siming

Freya buffs the leader with her A2. Turn order is Suhua > Freya > Xie Chuyi > Lin Xiao > Mona. Freya is on Astral Witchcraft for stuns.

Sander SetEira FreyaMelanie Medusastarimon iconstarimon icon

2 AoE controllers to stop the followers from AP Up Kronos, while Sander locking down the Boss. Cheap starter comp for farming fodders in Kronos consistently. To farm K10, you might need maxed A3 for low cooldowns, 180+ SPD, and 60-80% ACC.

Gabrielle NjordTang Xuan Sun WukongChloe MedeaSally SifChang Pu Yao Ji

Standard budget comp for Kronos. Sally can be replaced with other AoE Healers. Having enough HP to survive Kronos rock is the key.

Gabrielle NjordTang Xuan Sun WukongTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueChang Pu Yao JiBerenice Bastet

Similar to the one above and utilizes Tang Yun’s pursuit mechanic. Having enough HP is the key to survive. Chang Pu can be replaced with other Healers. You can try to use HP% Relics when having troubles to survive.

Gabrielle NjordLin Xiao White TigerChloe MedeaHyde HadesSally Sif

Heavy beatdown comp for late games. Not recommended for early/mid-game players. All Espers must be heavily invested.

Eira FreyaLewis AresDhalia CalypsoAsenath NefertemChang Pu Yao Ji

Relatively standard comp. Eira is for lowering AP. Dhalia is for AP Up and buffs. Lewis can be replaced with other DPS.

Sander SetDrew AnubisLeon ValiChalmers IdunLi Ling Nezha

Super high damage but requires high investment. Leon must have 70%+ ACC to land Sear. Chalmers needs to be the slowest unit to cast A3 after DEF Down from Drew. High investment, not for early/mid game players.

Sander SetEira FreyaYe Suhua Shao Siming DPS DPS

Standard setup for Kronos with SPD Leader and AP Manipulation from Eira and Sander. Ye Suhua giving a lot of utilities. 2 DPS options are flexible.

Donar Thorstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon icon

Donar is part of the few espers who can solo Kronos for farming XP. However, you need to heavily invest on him to solo. Very slow however, you cannot expect it to be any faster.

Melanie MedusaDrew AnubisMona ArtemisYe Suhua Shao SimingChang Pu Yao Ji

This is a full F2P comp to be able to do K10 without a single gacha unit. Mona can be replaced with Tang Yun if he is tanky enough to live through a Kronos rock. Each of the Espers are tanky enough to live one rock from Kronos.

Sander SetLucas ApolloDhalia CalypsoYe Suhua Shao SimingChloe Medea

Basic AP Manpulation comp with Chloe being the main DPS and Sander being used as a Sub DPS. Uses AP Push from Dhalia and AP down from Sander and Lucas. Enough HP to tank Kronos rocks on each Esper.

Team Description
Sander SetGabrielle NjordSally SifChalmers IdunYe Suhua Shao Siming

Auto Apep 16

Gabrielle NjordSander SetJacob JormungandOphelia avatarHeng Yue Change

Auto Apep 16

Gabrielle NjordJin Yuyao Queen MotherTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueRen Si Black TortoiseAsenath Nefertem

Auto Apep 16

Sander SetAlexa AphroditeLin Xiao White Tiger

Simple but super effective. Farming and levelling up fodders at once. Not for new players however.

Unky Chai avatarChloe MedeaAlexa AphroditeJacob JormungandYe Suhua Shao Siming

Jacob and Alexa are the keys. Chloe does most damage while Jacob and Alexa slowly chipping down the boss. Unky Chai and Ye Suhua synergy together to reduce cooldowns. Low investment.

Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerDrew AnubisZelmer SekhmetDhalia Calypso

Free-to-play team with low investment. All heroes are easy to obtain without much gacha.

Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao SimingDrew AnubisLewis Ares

Beatdown comp which is made for high investment to take down Apep as fast as possible by making the most of single damage units. This team is not for beginners.

Melanie MedusaDrew AnubisGabrielle NjordYe Suhua Shao SimingChang Pu Yao Ji

Free to Play Team without Gacha units. It might take some time to get Gabrielle and Ye Suhua but you will eventually have them. Melanie takes 2 weeks doing Club Activities to obtain. Drew is not important and can be replaced with other DPS units. Sander can replace Melanie. Work well with Kronos 10 as well.

Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerDrew AnubisGabrielle NjordYe Suhua Shao Siming

Another archetype of a beatdown team  with Immunity from Gab, and utilities from Ye Suhua making it a very stable comp. Ye Suhua shouldn’t be replaced.

Lu Yi DayiChloe MedeaQ CupidJacob JormungandYe Suhua Shao Siming

This comp works by stacking as many Poison debuffs as possible. Ye Suhua shouldn’t be replaced. Q must be level 60 or have high HP. Around 90% winrate but low investment.

Gabrielle NjordSally SifTang Xuan Sun WukongBerenice BastetChang Pu Yao Ji

Use Wind Walker on Berenice and Chang Pu. Use Master Grove on supports if needed. Tang Xuan uses ATK%, ATK% and HP% on the bottom relics.

Gabrielle NjordSally SifHyde HadesChloe MedeaChang Pu Yao Ji

Mid-game team, focusing on getting Hyde to 50 stacks, making him unkillable. Berenice can be replaced with a DPS.

Hyde Hadesstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon icon Well-built Hyde is capable of being able to solo Apep while farming XP for 4 fodders.
Clara Herastarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon icon Well-built Clara is capable of being able to solo Apep while farming XP for 4 fodders.
Team Description
Ollie avatarDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet

Auto Fafnir 16

Gabrielle NjordAhmed GebLi Guang avatarTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet

Auto Fafnir 16

Tang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBiondina PoseidonLi Guang avatarUnas ShuBerenice Bastet

Auto Fafnir 16

Sander SetAhmed GebGabrielle NjordGaius avatarBerenice Bastet

Auto Fafnir 16

Lu Yi DayiAlice avatarGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet

Auto Fafnir 16

Lu Yi DayiGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice BastetLi Ling Nezha

Basic Dislyte team with multi hits from Espers running Wind Walker for more SPD. Gabrielle and Berenice give a lot of utilities. Tang Yun and Li Ling should equip Hades

Gabrielle NjordUnas ShuLu Yi DayiHeng Yue ChangeTang Yun Six Eared Macaque

Another multi-hit team which utilizes Unas for constant AP Up. All Espers must have 180+ SPD. DPS Espers should use SPD on MUI 2 slot.

Gabrielle NjordLu Yi DayiBerenice BastetTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueLynn Hathor

Free-to-play team with easy to obtain Espers. Work flawlessly.

Tang Xuan Sun WukongGabrielle NjordBerenice BastetLu Yi DayiTang Yun Six Eared Macaque  
Gabrielle NjordSally SifHyde HadesLucas ApolloBerenice Bastet

Gabrielle and Berenice need to move twice before Fafnir. All Espers should have HP% relics with 23K of Bonus HP. Lucas must have at least 19K bonus HP.

Lu Yi DayiBerenice BastetCatherine HelaHyde HadesUnas Shu

Another example for a multi-hit comp that uses Catherine and Berenice instead for safety. Can swap Lu Yi for Tang Yun. All must have high SPD (180+), and should have Avatara set on DPS only. If using Tang Yun in replacement of Lu Yi, he doesn’t need speed.

This multi-hit team uses Catherine for more safety. Lu Yi can be replaced with Tang Yun ( Tang Yun doesn’t need a lot of speed). All Espers must have 180+ SPD. DPS units should equip Avatara set.

Hyde HadesTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice BastetCatherine HelaGabrielle Njord

Hyde can be replaced with Lu Yi. Tang Yun and Lu Yi don’t need high SPD. Other Espers must have 180+ SPD. All should equip Avatara set. Hyde must have Hades as Berenice cannot heal him.

Lu Yi DayiGabrielle NjordBerenice BastetDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie Yuzhi

Xie Chuy must have high SPD and ATK. Xie Yuzhi needs a bit more damage because his AP Down and Stun don’t work against Fafnir. Twins and Lu Yi must have Avatara with SPD on Mui 2. Twins should use Wind Walker.

Li Ling NezhaGabrielle NjordClara HeraChloe MedeaLaura avatar

This is a FULL AUTO Fafnir composition making use of the new esper Laura, set on auto priority on Fafnir, ignoring minions. Since this comp has 3 supports and only 2 DPS, everything needs to be done to maximize their output. While you can survive for a long time with this comp, you can’t survive indefinitely especially if Fafnir crits or freezes a DPS Gabrielle should be an easy addition to the team for her ATK Down, DEF Down, and DEF Up buffs.

Death Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiCatherine HelaTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet

A Twins comp for Fafnir that is relatively consistent. SPD is a much more important stat than DPS on The Twins. Xie Chyui needs a little tank investment to be able to survive. Tang Yun can go for a DPS build but needs atleast 60+ bonus SPD. Catherine and Berenice will be the the sustain for the comp. Berenice needs to be as fast as possible with max skill ups and high HP. Xie Yuzhi needs his skills maxed as you want him to be casting his S1 the least

Dislyte team formation squad guide

How to Make Your Own Dislyte Team Formation

There are a a lot of popular and well working Dislyte team compositions. To build your own ones, you might want to understand how the roles work, and which Espers are great for each role.

Squad Roles

Below are the roles required for a generic team composition. You can see which roles an Esper covers by looking at their Skills on our website via the All Espers section.

  1. Single Target DPS to deal massive damage towards a specific target.
  2. AoE DPS to deal damage to all enemies at once.
  3. Single Target Heal: To deal with high damage single target attacks
  4. AoE Heal: To heal up after attacks hit the entire team
  5. Buffer: ATK Up, DEF Up, Crit Up, SPD Up, Immunity, etc. This role makes your entire team stronger and more durable.
  6. Controller: Stuns, Freezes, Sleep on enemy. This weakens the enemy team and allows you to have more turns than them.
  7. Debuffer: DEF Down, ATK Down, SPD Down, AP Down, etc. Usually to help you take down the enemies much faster, as well as to decrease their powers in some cases. Since most bosses (such as Kronos) are immune to control skills, Debuffs are super helpful in such battles.

A lot of Espers cover multiple parts. That’s why it’s possible to fill 6 roles with 5 espers.

download pc version

The composition changes slightly depending on what you do.

For bosses for example, you usually only want an AP-Controller and Debuffer, not a Disabler-One.

Since AP-Control Controllers are a bit hard to acquire (and need good relics), it can be beneficial to just go double Healer for Boss fights instead until you have a good AP-Control Controller.

Another option is to swap out either the Controller or a DPS with a Defender. These usually are very durable and have abilities that scale of DEF. And tend to have a Taunt debuff Ability (makes enemy attack them and nobody else). Defenders can be a bit hard to get good relics though and they are rather inflexible.

Espers for Building Team Compositions

Some examples (including the ones above) of Rares and Epic choices for the roles:

DPS: Lin Xiao (good overall), Chloe (good overall), Mona (AoE attacks), Tang Yun (single target), Drew (single target with multi-target abilities), Freddy (strong single target), Lynn (single target with support capabilities)

Healer: Chang Pu (Single target and AoE heals as well as immunity), Ye Suhua (amazing support/heal hybrid), Heng Yue (Heal with slight support mix), Helena (not great, replace ASAP)

Supports: Unky Chai (buffs, CD reduction), Ye Suhua (support/heal hybrid), Heng Yue (Heal with slight support mix), Asenath (AoE Heal with Damage prevention), Berenice (Shields and slight AP-Control)

Controller: Controllers are a bit of a harder Topic to specify entirely. There are two types: Stun and AP-Control. Stun Controllers do exactly that, they Stun/Freeze/Sleep the enemy team so they wont get to use their turn. Careful with sleep “stuns” as they will get removed upon taking damage!

download pc version

AP-Control Controllers do their best to delay the enemy team’s turns for as long as possible. Generally Stun Controllers are easier to use but if properly utilised AP-Control Controllers can bring in the same, if not more value.

Stun Controllers: Long Mian (100% AoE Freeze), Pritzker (93% AoE Stun), Celine (100% AoE Sleep), Melanie (Petrifies via AP-Control if target below 30% AP), Jeanne (1-3 target stun + slight AP absorb), Li Ao (disables one enemy for 2 turns while alive)
AP-Control Controllers: Tiye (best controller BUT legendary!), Sander (single target + good vs kronos), Melanie (AoE + single target), Eira (AoE + debuff cleanse)

Example Dislyte Squad

An example early game comp fulfilling the list while only requiring rare Espers and one of the guaranteed legendaries from reroll.

  1. Tang Xuan Sun Wukong Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong) or Li Ling (Nezha) as DPS
  2. Mona Artemis Mona (Artemis) as AoE DPS
  3. Chang Pu Yao Ji Chang Pu (Yao Ji) as Single Target AND AoE Heal
  4. Unky Chai avatar Unky Chai (Yue Lao) as Support/Buff dude
  5. 5.1. Jeanne Gerd Jeanne (Gerd) as Controller (Stun)
    5.2. Berenice Bastet Berenice (Bastet) as a Support/Debuffer
    (Pick either 5.1 or 5.2 depending on preference)


Hopefully, you have learned some interesting tips for building up your own teams in Dislyte. Do remember that in a team, there are different roles for Espers. You want to have the best Espers for those jobs depending on the game contents you are targeting, whether it is Kronos, Apep, Fafnir, Tower, or Point War.

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Donar is part of the few espers who can solo Kronos for farming XP.” if he is one of the few who are the other ones that can solo Kronos?


Great info!

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please update with info of Gaius (Zeus) and his ideal team, thanks!


Will we have info for Sonic Rituals?


this is so outdated
donar hasnt been able to solo kronos since like 5 updates ago

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