What is SPD (Speed)?

In Dislyte, SPD (Speed) is one of the most important stats that can easily change the results of the battles, especially in PvP matches.

Have you ever get a PvP Point War where the opponent goes first, apply a ton of debuffs on your team, and you couldn’t do a single move?

That’s the importance of SPD (Speed).

speed skill
Long Mian’s Speed Down Skill

What is SPD – Speed?

Speed determines how quickly you gain AP (Action Points) naturally during a battle, and ultimately determines which Esper will take the first turn in a battle.

For example, at the start of a battle without any buffs or debuffs; positive or negative effects; or AP manipulation;

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  • Esper #1 has a total of 150 SPD.
  • Esper #2 has a total of 100 SPD.

Esper #1 will take their turn faster than Esper #2, because Esper #1 will gain AP faster – and reach 100% AP quicker – than Esper #2.

caption spd skills
Captain’s SPD Skills are super helpful in PvP battles

How do I increase SPD?

There are multiple ways you can increase SPD, both in and out of battle:

  • You can increase SPD with Esper abilities, for example, Anesidora (Pandora)‘s A3 grants all allies a +20% SPD Up buff.
  • You can increase SPD with an Esper’s Captain Ability, for example, Long Mian (Ao Bing)‘s Captain Ability increases ally SPD by +20% in a battle.
  • You can increase SPD within Phases of an Esper’s Ascension, for example, Clara (Hera)‘s Phase 5 of Ascension increases her base SPD by +7.
  • You can find SPD in secondary stats on Relics, or as the main stat on a Mui II slot Relic.
  • You can use the Relic set Wind Walker, which – when equipped as a full set – increases SPD by +25%.
  • You can use the Relic set Astral Witchcraft, which gives the set bonus of increasing the SPD of allies who are inflicted with disables by 50 (cannot stack).
relic with SPD
A relic with SPD as the main stat

How do I decrease SPD?

You can decrease SPD with Esper abilities, for example, Eira (Freya)‘s A3, which inflicts a -30% SPD Down debuff on all enemies.


SPD is actually the most important stats in Dislyte. You generally want to give your debuffers, buffers, or support in general a lot of Speed so that they can continously cast their skills to amplify the team skill power.

Most DPS heroes don’t need a lot of SPD because ATK-related stats are more important, and you also want to apply the buffs on them before they cast the skills. With that being sad, you still don’t want them to be super slow on the loop.

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What the ideal spd stats for support (debuffer buffer) type? Does healer need spd a lot?

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