What is RESIST? How Resistance Works?

This section explains what ‘RESIST’ – Resistance is, how RESIST affects debuff and negative effect application during battles, and how you can utilize RESIST in Dislyte.

For more information about RESIST; during a battle, press the small cogwheel icon and then press ‘Battle Guide’.

For the purpose of this informational guide, ‘debuff’ refers to both debuffs and negative effects to reduce repetition unless otherwise stated.

Dislyte Resist
RESIST can prevent negative effects or debuffs in Dislyte

What is RESIST in Dislyte?

RESIST, or Resistance, is required to counteract ‘ACC‘ when resisting a debuff (that does not have a silver border) or negative effect.

This small check is part of a much larger calculation that checks whether a debuff or negative effect is resisted successfully.

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How Debuff Calculation Works

The debuff application calculation is split into four parts, which have to be checked in the specific order below for a debuff to apply:

1. Trigger Chance Check:

First, the ability’s chance to apply a debuff (stated on the ability) is calculated and rolled to see if the calculation will continue. For example, Djoser (Atum)‘s A1 has a 60% chance of inflicting DEF Down for 2 turns.

Espers sometimes can increase their Trigger Chance of applying a debuff by levelling up their ability with Abilimon.

  • If an ability does not state the Trigger Chance, it’s naturally assumed to be 100%.
  • If this check succeeds, the calculation moves onto the next check. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

2. Miss Chance Check:

The attack is then checked to see if it would ‘Miss’. This can be caused by either:

  • Elemental Disadvantage Wind → Flow → Inferno → Wind. Shimmer is not weak/strong against any other element)
  • or by the ‘Miss Rate Up’ debuff.

If an Esper’s element is weak against the Esper it’s attempting to attack, a 50% chance to Miss is applied.

If this check succeeds and the attack does not Miss, the calculation moves onto the next check. If this check fails and the attack Misses, the debuff is not applied.

3. RESIST vs. ACC Check

Next, the RESIST of the defending Esper is compared against the Esper applying the debuff’s ACC, becoming the final chance to apply the debuff.

If the defending Esper’s RESIST goes below 20%, the RESIST stat defaults back to 20% at the end of the calculation. This means that all non-silver border debuffs have a base 20% chance to not apply.

The calculation is as follows:

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  • RESIST – ACC = chance to resist debuff or negative effect.
  • If this check succeeds, the calculation moves onto the final check. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

4. Immunity Buff Check

Lastly, if there is an Immunity buff present on the defending Esper, most debuffs and negative effects will not apply, except for: HP Ceiling Reduction, Buff Steal, Ability Cooldown Increase, and Dispel.

If this check succeeds, the debuff finally applies to the defending Esper. If this check fails, the debuff is not applied.

immunity buffs
Immunity is an excellent way to prevent debuffs in PvP

What is the soft/hard cap of RESIST?

The maximum amount of RESIST you can have on an Esper (hard cap) is 100%

There is no soft cap for RESIST, due to how RESIST is calculated against ACC.

relic with resist
A relic with RESIST as the main stat

There is naturally a 20% RESIST Base Chance for any Esper to resist a debuff, and this cannot go any lower than 20% RESIST – even if ACC should bring them under that value during the Debuff Calculation.

However, any RESIST under 20% effectively has no benefit, as every Esper will always resort to at least 20% RESIST during the Debuff Calculation because of the RESIST Base Chance.

How do I increase RESIST?

There are multiple ways to increase RESIST, both in and out of battle.

  • You can find RESIST in secondary stats on Relics, or as the main stat on a Una IV slot Relic.
  • You can increase RESIST with an Esper Captain Ability, for example, Sally (Sif)‘s Captain Ability increases ally RESIST by +40% in battle.
  • You can increase RESIST within Phases of an Esper’s Ascension, for example, Ren Si (Black Tortoise)‘s Phase 4 of Ascension increases his base RESIST by +10%.
  • You can also use the Relic set Immensus Peak, which – when equipped as a full set – increases RESIST by +25%.
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so 100% resist means impossible to be debuf


No, you missed something. If the debuffer has 80% accuracy, no matter how many resist you have, it will be 20% resist Chance.
100% resist – 80% accuracy = 20%
20% resist – 80% accuracy= -60% ==> = 20% because : “Anything under 20% will be rebased at 20%”

Other example :
60% resist – 20% acc = 40% block chance

To summarize: resist is completely useless in pvp but can be useful in PvE depending the attacker’s Acc.


what if the debuffer got 100% acc, with 100 chances debuff from the ability? would it be useless even though you had 100% resist?

Last edited 1 year ago by bib

What about the skills that could cause debuffs (freeze) when you are the one being attacked? would that be increased also by ACC up?


I *really* wish resist didn’t cap out at 100. It would be a counter to speed teams other than tank teams or other speed teams.

It would also help break the “resist is useless in pvp” thing that’s going on.


i have a question, my triki has maxes out ability with 100 acc and the 3rd ability got 100 chance to dispell buff. let says im in pvp and my triki use his 3rd ability to enemy with 100 resist. would the 100 resist blocked all the way the 100 acc from my triki? also can you tell me the calculation

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