Dislyte Beginner’s Guide

Hi beginners, if you are new to Dislyte and looking for the most important information for a better start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our best tips for new players to have an easy no-brainer early game, while also having a good understanding of the most crucial parts of the game to focus on.

dislyte beginners guide

What should I do at the start in Dislyte?

After following the beginner’s tutorial, your main focus is getting mona Mona, a free hero you get at the beginning, to level 60 as soon as possible. She is the best starter Esper (hero) with insane DPS and AoE damage, she will help you a lot in all aspects of the game.

During the first 7 days of the game, players receive x2 EXP earning, and you need to make the most of it.

That’s why you want to focus on upgrading Mona is that she can clear out the enemy waves very fast, helping you level up your other Heroes and fodders with ease.

Fodders are the 2-star Espers, or bad 3-star Espers, that you want to sacrifice to upgrade your other Espers.

For example, as mona Mona is a 4-star hero, her max level is 40. When you upgrade her to 5-star, her max level increases to 50, and it requires you to sacrifice four 4-star heroes.

Esper Star Esper Required
3⭐ 2
4⭐ 3
5⭐ 4
6⭐ 5

For more details, kindly read our Esper Growth guide.

Slowly upgrade the relics of your Espers, but don’t invest a lot of resources on them. You generally want to upgrade your relics to +6 until you get the Hades Una (Lifesteal Set) by completing Story Chapter 6, then equip it and the Sword Avatara (Counterattack Set) on Mona, and upgrade them to level 12.

Levelling up Fodders & Weak Heroes with Mona (Artemis)
Levelling up Fodders & Weak Heroes with Mona (Artemis)

How to Spend Stamina?

1. Farming XP

stamina Stamina is one of the most important resources in Dislyte. Doing all activities in the game costs Stamina, and you can earn a lot of resources by spending Stamina: Organa (Gem), E-Cash (Gold), Relics (Gears), and Records (for opening Heroes).

Due to the importance of it, and the amount of stamina Stamina you can get for free every day is limited, you want to spend it effectively to not get behind of other players.

Since levelling up your Hero/Esper is the top priority task during the early game, it’s recommended to spend all of the energy you have on farming XP Stage after completing the daily missions.

  • Farming at XP stages give you the best XP for the stamina Stamina cost
  • Farming at the first stage of each chapter (ie. 4-1/5-1/6-1/etc.) gives you a bit less XP, but more Silver Records (for the same amount of stamina Stamina). Silver Records give you more fodders.

dislyte story chapters

So, If you don’t have time for grinding, or if you are focusing on upgrading the core heroes as fast as possible, XP chapter is the way to go. 

If you have time and don’t need to upgrade any hero asap, farming at the first stage of each chapter (4-1/5-1/6-1/etc.) is more efficient.

2. Cube Miracle

Cube Miracle is an excellent event for spending your stamina Stamina due to the huge amount of rewards it offers, including relics, records, and especially the Spirimons, which are for upgrading Esper skills/abilities. 

Cube Shop
Cube Miracle is one of the few places in Dislyte where you can find Spirimons.

It opens every 2 days and requires only 5 stamina Stamina per battle, so you don’t have to spend a lot of Stamina in total.

You have 48 hours to complete the event so you don’t have to complete it in the first day. Use your Energy on other activities as well for the daily missions.

3. Sonic Miracle

Sonic Miracle is a place for farming the ascension materials for your Espers/Heroes.

While they are also crucial resources, levelling up is still the best way to increase your hero power.

You should only do Sonic Miracle battles when:

  1. Upgrade an Esper ascension to Phase 3, which usually gives the hero’s ability a game-changing perk. For example, at Ascension Phase 3, Mona absorbs 10% AP from enemies when using her 2nd skill, which is quiet huge.
  2. Complete the daily missions.
  3. Complete a Bounty mission.

mona ascension

During the early game, you shouldn’t farm Sonic Miracle to unlock more past Phase 3 of your Espers. And you should also unlock Phase 3 of the Espers you actually use. Other than that, use stamina Stamina to increase their level.

4. Ritual Miracle

Ritual Miracle is where you can farm relics/gears for your Espers in Dislyte.

While Relics plays a huge role in the game due to the massive amount of stats it offers, spending your stamina Stamina during the early game for farming them is not great because you can only obtain low-tier relics.

After you complete Story Chapter 6, the game will give you the Hades Una set. Equip it on Mona and she will be able to carry you out of the early game!

mona early game

During the early game, you can obtain some great relics by just doing the courses and completing the Story. Those will give you enough power to do all of the activities during this time.

Later, when you are able to farm Kronos/Apep level 7+, where 6⭐ relics are available, you can start spending stamina Stamina here.

5. Point War

Point War (PvP Arena) doesn’t require Stamina, but it requires Admission Certificate Admission Certificates to do the battles. You get 1 free Admission Certificate every 2 hours, and you must spend them all every day due to the massive amount of rewards Point War offers.

Similar to Cube Miracle, you can get Spirimons here for free, which are used for upgrading your Hero abilities. Spirimons are very hard to find, and you can only find them in these two game-modes (for now).

point war shop
Spirimon for upgrading Esper abilities can be found in the Point War Shop

Simply attack the easy enemies and spend all of the tickets you have every day!

How to spend Organa?

Organa, or Gems, can be used to purchase gold record Gold Record, stamina Stamina, Admission Certificate Admission Certificates, and e cash E-Cash.

During the early game, it’s recommended to spend your organa Organa purchasing gold record Gold Record. This is because you don’t have a lot of fodders during this time to level up, and you also want to play with your luck, to obtain some of the best Espers in the game. If you are lucky enough to get a 5-star Legendary Esper, your gameplay process will become a lot easier.

organa gem shop

Later, after you have obtained some core heroes for different modes of the games, you can spend organa Organa on getting stamina Stamina and focus on farming relics and levelling up heroes.

What is the Best Esper/Hero to Upgrade?

For the overall esper ranking, please take a look at our Dislyte tier list.

Mona (Artemis)

In general, you want to level up mona Mona (Artemis) as much as you can. And in most cases, she should be the first esper you want to bring to level 60.

This is because she is the best free hero everyone gets at the start of the game, she has great DPS, single-target damage as well as AoE damage.

She will be the main carry of your team until you are able to pull up a top-tier Legendary 5-star Esper.

There aren’t many better AoE heroes that can help you clear out the enemy waves as fast as her.

She is stunning in both PvP and PvE

Chang Pu

The next hero you want to build up is chang pu Chang Pu. All of her skills are solid in general. She is a trusted healer with AP Down debuff, as well as an immunity buff for the whole team.

She is also a rare hero, meaning you can max out her skills very fast.

If you are lucky enough to max out her 2nd and 3rd skills before maxing the first skill, you will be able to save a lot of resources as well. Her first skill isn’t worth upgrading, but her 2nd and 3rd are 100% worth it.

Ye Suhua

ye suhua Ye Suhua is the second-best rare hero for now in the game. She has a lot of utilities, especially Invincibility, which could help you break through the early thresholds of the game.

She is amazing for both PvP and PvE battles.


Depending on your luck, you will be able to get 4-star, or even 5-star esper/hero later.

All 5-star espers are excellent at the moment. They are really game-changing heroes which make your life a lot easier. Really worth investing all of your resources in them, especially the DPS heroes, whenever you get them.

For 4-star Espers, coco Coco, luo yan Luo Yan, and lin Lin Xiao are totally worth investing. They are great in almost all game-modes. The other 4-star heroes are good in general, and some are excellent in specific modes. Again, check out the Dislyte tier list for more details regarding their strengths and weaknesses.


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