Esper Growth: Level Up, Star Raise & Ability Upgrade

If you are new to Dislyte and finding it hard to upgrade Esper (hero) level, star, or ability, this guide will help you out!

Dislyte Esper Growth Guide

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How to Level Up Esper?

You can increase the level of your Espers (heroes) by sacrificing the other Espers or using Experimon.

These Resonances boost Esper XP and can improve the Esper’s Resonance Star rating and provide bonus Resonance Energy. Allocate the Resonance Energy as you wish to give a percentage-based boost to an Esper’s stats.

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The latent energies hidden within Experimons makes them an ideal vehicle for boosting Espers’ XP.

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What is Divine Resonance?

Advancing an Esper using another card of the same Esper will also raise the Esper’s Resonance Star rating.

Each Resonance will evolve an Esper’s star into a Resonance Star, granting 4 Resonance Energy you can assign as you see fit.

Each point of Resonance Energy allows you to apply a percentage-based upgrade to that Esper’s stats, which you can assign between HP, ATK, and DEF.

Up to 6 Esper Resonances can be triggered per Esper.

The Energy an Esper gains from each Resonance is based on their base Star Rating:

  • Uncommon Espers: Each Resonance grants 3 Energy.
  • Rare Espers: Each Resonance grants 4 Energy.
  • Epic Espers: Each Resonance grants 5 Energy.
  • Legendary Espers: Each Resonance grants 6 Energy.

esper growth guide

How to Upgrade Esper Star?

The level cap on an Esper is determined by their Star rating: 2 stars = Lvl 20 cap, 3 stars = Lvl 30, 4 stars = Lvl 40,5 stars = Lvl, 50, and 6 stars = Lvl 60.

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Espers who reach their current level cap will only be able to advance further by raising their Star rating.

Raising an Esper’s Star rating will require other Espers of the same Star rating or Starimon. You will need 2/3/4/5 Espers or Starimon to, raise to a 3-Star/4-Star/5-Star/6-Star rating.

Esper Star Esper Required
3⭐ 2
4⭐ 3
5⭐ 4
6⭐ 5

Raising the Star rating also improves attributes.

Upgrade Ability in Dislyte

How to Upgrade Ability (Skill)

  • You can upgrade an Esper’s ability with Rare/Epic/Legendary Abilimon, which will keep upgrading abilities randomly until all, abilities are maxed.
  • You cannot upgrade the ability with Abilimon once the ability level cap is reached!
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Carlos Gomes

Should I also use copies to star up the food?
What about the divinas, what is the best way to star up?
What is the difference between a divina and a food esper?


I have loads of spare espers but I can’t use any of them to upgrade any other espers, what am I doing wrong?


I’m having the same problem. I can’t select (tapping on it does nothing). Only Experimon show up as options.


I want to use espers as exp, instead of experimon. how can I use espers instead?


Where can I get fodder/2 stars espers? I’m on chapter 6 and still haven’t received any…

Jackie D

Can starimon be leveled up? I have so many 3 star ones. It would be awesome to combine into a 4 star so they are usable for my higher characters

Jordan Gladwin

What do I use the starimon for ? I’ve got 20 of them but I have no idea how to use them or what to use them on.


i cant seem to find where the button to lvl up my skills

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