Apep Guide & Squad Formations

Apep (Ritual Miracle) is the best place in Dislyte for farming relics: Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Apollo’s Bow, Stoneveins, and Fiery Incandescence. At the moment, there are 10 difficulty levels in total.

This article explains what Apep is, what you will need to fight Apep, the strategy surrounding Apep and how to fight him, and any recommendations that we would suggest if you’re struggling.

apep battles and rewards


Apep Basic Information

Apep is a Ritual Miracle Boss focused on dealing consistent damage to your team with Poison debuffs, and has the ability to detonate those Poison debuffs via his passive when he takes too much damage.

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The most common strategy used against Apep is to utilize the Immunity buff, or cleanse the Poison stacks, whilst dealing as much damage in the fewest hits possible so that you can reduce the number of times he can Poison your Espers and detonate those Poison stacks.

Tip: For farming relics from Kronos easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.

Apep Dislyte

Apep Skills

miasmaMiasma Attacks all enemies, and inflicts 2 Poison debuffs for 2 turns.
toxic detonationToxic Detonation Attacks all enemies, and detonates all Poison debuffs.
chaos surgingChaos Surging (Passive) Receiving damage inflicts a Poison debuff on the attack, lasting 3 turns. Triggers Toxic Detonation on targets immediately when receiving a certain number of attacks.
blessing tablet 1Blessing Tablet Attacks all enemies. Has a chance to Stun targets affected by Poison.
suppression tablet 1Suppression Tablet Attacks an enemy once and dispels their buffs.

Strategy for Defeating Apep


You will need:

  • An Esper or two that can heal your team frequently;
  • An Esper with the Immunity buff, or the ability to cleanse debuffs, or the Fangs buff that’s unique to Jacob Jormungand Jacob (Jormungand);
  • An Esper or two that can deal high amounts of damage in few attacks (single attacks preferred).

The fight against Apep is about sustaining the incoming damage, whilst controlling how often you hit Apep. He will frequently Poison your allies, so it’s recommended to regularly either use the Immunity buff, cleanse, or apply the Fangs buff to ensure that his damage output is reduced.

Any damage you do sustain should be frequently healed to keep your Espers topped up in health, ready for the next wave of sustained damage.

Focus on Apep rather than his Tablet minions, as spending turns attacking his minions will prolong the battle which could result in a loss.

Struggling with Apep?

If you’re having trouble with Apep, here are a couple of things that you can do or check:

  • Upgrade your Relics if they’re a low levelled or weak.
  • Have at least two Espers that can heal allies.
  • Make sure your DPS Espers are Level 60 for the increase of stats they gain.
  • Check to see if your Espers have at least Ascension Phase 3 unlocked.

Best Apep Squad Formations (Auto Battle)

Below are currently the best working Espers for Apep (Ritual Miracle)

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Credits: Kiwi.#6969 and Relief#0001

Sander SetGabrielle NjordSally SifChalmers IdunYe Suhua Shao SimingAuto Apep 16
Sander SetGabrielle NjordOphelia avatarChalmers IdunAlice avatarAuto Apep 16
Gabrielle NjordSander SetJacob JormungandOphelia avatarYe Suhua Shao SimingAuto Apep 16
Gabrielle NjordJin Yuyao Queen MotherTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueRen Si Black TortoiseAsenath NefertemAuto Apep 16
Unky Chai avatarChloe MedeaAlexa AphroditeJacob JormungandYe Suhua Shao SimingJacob and Alexa are the key units, Chloe does most of the DPS while Jacob's S2, S3 and Alexa's S3 slowly chipping away Apep's HP due to its passive damage. This composition makes use of the Unky Chai and Ye Suhua synergy to reduce cooldownsAlexa's skill aren't upgraded, at least S2 maxed for Jacob
Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao SimingDrew AnubisLewis AresAn Apep beatdown composition made for players with high investment on all DPS Espers to be able to kill Apep as fast as possible, opting for units with high damage output non-mulit hit movesAll Espers fully built. NOT beginner friendly.
Melanie MedusaDrew AnubisGabrielle NjordYe Suhua Shao SimingChang Pu Yao JiThis is a full F2P comp making use of 0 gacha units. Ye Suhua and Gabrielle take some time to get, Melanie takes 2 weeks of club activity due to Shop cooldown, Relics are mostly +9 with some +12 for higher SPD and defensive stats, having a mix of 5* and 6* relics. Drew isn't important to the comp and can be replaced by pretty much any high damage single target single hit DPS. Melanie can be replaced with Sander but then you want to use an Esper with AP Down on one of their skills instead of Drew which doesn't have to be a DPS. Also noteworthy that this same comp can consistently run Kronos 10.
All Espers (besides Drew) need their Phase 3 Advancement. You want 80% ACC on Melanie and Gabrielle. Try to also get a SPD Primary MUI II on every esper, including DPS. Espers do not need to be level 60 as long as they reach atleast ~20k HP and 1.4k DEF
Sander SetLin Xiao White TigerDrew AnubisGabrielle NjordYe Suhua Shao SimingAnother archetype of a beatdown comp with Immunity from Gabrielle, and utility from Ye Suhua making it a very stable compAll Espers fully built. Ye Suhua cannot be replaced or it will be inconsistent.
Lu Yi DayiChloe MedeaQ CupidJacob JormungandYe Suhua Shao SimingJacob AI is quite RNG so pray for him to save S2 on third wave since this composition works by stacking Poison as soon and as much as possible. Ye Suhua cannot be replaced. NOT fully consistent, 80% win rate.All units fully built, Q must be level 60 or he dies too quickly, Jacob's SPD must be slower than Ye Suhua.
Lu Yi DayiQ CupidJacob JormungandYe Suhua Shao SimingZelmer Sekhmet50% win rate, only for fun and speed run. Zelmer dead = everyone diesAll Espers fully built. DO NOT recommend for early and mid-game players.
Gabrielle NjordClara HeraJacob JormungandAlexa AphroditeLi Ling NezhaThe comp makes use on uptime of Immunity, and uses Jacob S2 uptime, with constant hits from Li Ling to trigger Apep's passive to stack Poison attacksAll Espers fully built
Gabrielle NjordSally SifTang Xuan Sun WukongBerenice BastetChang Pu Yao JiWind Walker on Berenice and Chang Pu, you can drop Adamantine for Master Grove on your supports as needed. Tang Xuan uses ATK% ATK% and HP% as his bottom row relicsBerenice and Chung Pu at 50. Sally can be replaced by another AoE cleaner as needed
Gabrielle NjordSally SifHyde HadesChloe MedeaChang Pu Yao JiMid-game Team focused on getting Hyde to 50 stacks to make him unkillable. You can drop your second DPS for Berenice if needed. Hyde will solo Apep from 50% HP when fully stacked.Hyde is your star player here, your sub DPS is there for early damage. This team needs to survive until Hyde Can reach around 35-45 stacks, at that point they can all die and Hyde will carry.
Gabrielle NjordLin Xiao White TigerSally SifSander SetJacob JormungandMakes use of Gabrielle captain. Jacob needs 80% ACC, and Gabrielle with 180+ SPD. Sally can be substituted with any healer with Purify abilityCan be done with Gabrielle and Jacob at level 50, all Espers has maxed abilities
Jacob JormungandGabrielle NjordAsenath NefertemDrew AnubisFreddy FenrirUses Jacob, Gabrielle and Asenath for Immunity to Poison, and utilizes Drew and Freddy for high single target damage. Jacob should have 180+ SPD.
Jacob has decent speed, and Asenath was made to be as tanky as possible. The rest all fully built with a standard setup
Hyde Hadesstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon iconA small honorable mention. Hyde is capable of being able to solo Apep, albeit quite slow but can do it with heavy investmentEspers maxed and fully built for consistency. DO NOT recommend for early and mid-game players

Other Working Fafnir Teams

Gabriellelin ye suhuanarmercoco

sallylin cocoye suhuafodder

sanderq drewlinye suhua

jacobfreddy linye suhuaheng yue

jacobmona cocoye suhuachang pu

heng yuechang pu freddymonahall

Free-to-Play Team Recommendations

Below are some recommendations for Espers to use in Apep that you can easily obtain for free:

  • If you don’t have enough Espers that apply can apply the Immunity buff, we recommend to fuse: Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle (Njord) or Fabrice Freyr Fabrice (Freyr), or we recommend to keep an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of Chang Pu Yao Ji Chang Pu (Yao Ji).
  • If you don’t have enough DPS Espers that hit with single attacks, we recommend to keep an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Drew Anubis Drew (Anubis), and Freddy Fenrir Freddy (Fenrir).
  • If you don’t have enough Support Espers to help you sustain some of the damage or buff your team, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua (Shao Siming), or Chang Pu Yao Ji Chang Pu (Yao Ji)

Tip: For farming relics from Kronos easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.

Apep Rewards

Players receive random relics at random grades/rarities, and a decent amount of gold Gold when defeating the Apep.

apep rewards

At the moment, Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Apollo’s Bow, Stoneveins, and Fiery Incandescence.

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Dribble is a Senior Moderator from the official Dislyte Discord server. He has been sharing a ton of incredibly helpful information for both new and advanced players, so make sure to check it out!

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