Clamity Island Guide

The mode Clamity Island in Dislyte is located in the Trials section, at the Adventure tab.

Each day, player can go to the Clamity, defeat different enemies, and get rewards. Climb higher in the tower to get better rewards.

Clamity Island is indeed a great way for farming a lot of rewards in a long game run.

Clamity Island Duration

There are 3 Pillars unlocked in Calamity Island now. Players can challenge them one after another every week.

  • Burning Pillar: Monday – Thursday. Only Inferno Espers are available to play.
  • Howling Pillar: Tuesday – Friday. Only Wind Espers are available to play.
  • Surging Pillar: Wednesday – Saturday. Only Flow Espers are available to play.

Clamity Island Rules

  • Due to the influence of Divine Waves, each Pillar can only be accessed and explored by Espers with the corresponding elemental class.
  • To avoid damage from the Divine Waves, only 10 floors of each Pillar can only be explored per day.
  • Due to the influence of Divine Waves, battles on Calamity Island have strict time limits. Espers are forced to leave a battle after a certain amount of turns, resulting in a loss of the battle.

If you are facing any issue when defeating the Clamity, please don’t hesitate to comment down below and let us know the enemies and your teams, we will do our best to help you out!

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