Fafnir Guide & Squad Formations

Fafnir (Ritual Miracle) is the best place in Dislyte for farming relics: Tyranny of Zeus, Astral Witchcraft, Hammer of Thor, The Enchanter, Immensus Peak, and The Light Above. At the moment, there are 10 difficulty levels in total.

This guide explains what Fafnir is, what you will need to defeat Fafnir, the strategy surrounding Fafnir and how to fight her, and any recommendations that we would suggest if you’re struggling.

dislyte Fafnir

Fafnir Basic Information

Fafnir has five levels of HP and the passive skill Unbound Deluge, which disables all AP-related abilities.

For every level of HP lost, Fafnir gains Andvari’s Treasure, which grants Immunity to a certain number of attacks and freezes the last attacker. This effect is only cleared after a certain number of attacks.

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When it’s Fafnir’s turn, if Treasure of Andvari is still active Fafnir will cast Dragon’s Curse, dealing massive damage to the frozen target. The key to defeating Fafnir is to use an Esper with a high number of single attacks to ensure that Treasure of Andvari is cleared early in the battle.

Fafnir is a Ritual Miracle Boss focused on dealing consistent ‘AoE’ (Area of Effect) damage to your team whilst applying disable & debuffs frequently. Then, she bursts of strong damage towards targets that are affected by her debuff Icefield Abyss if her defensive shield is not broken.

She also deals more damage when fewer Espers remain on the field, so it’s important to keep all Espers alive.

The most common strategy used against Fafnir is to deal damage in multiple hits, sustain the incoming damage with frequent healing, and regularly cleanse debuffs.

We recommend to tackle Fafnir only once you can comfortably auto Floor 10 of both Kronos and Apep.

Tip: For farming relics from Fafnir easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.

fafnir boss


You cannot manipulate AP during the battle against Fafnir, this includes; ‘AP Up’, ‘AP Down’, ‘AP Absorb’, or ‘AP Redistribution’. To learn more about AP, please check out the article How AP (Action Point) Works

Fafnir bypasses Invincibility or Standoff buffs when dealing damage against an Esper affected by her debuff: Icefield Abyss.

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Passives that make an Esper immune to disable debuffs do not stop Icefield Abyss from applying. For example; Hyde Hades Hyde (Hades)’s Reaper (Passive), or Jin Yuyao Queen Mother Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother)’s Abode of Immortals (Passive).

Strategy to Defeating Fafnir

The fight against Fafnir is all about sustain and multi-hits.


You will need:

  • An Esper or two that can heal/shield your team frequently;
  • An Esper or two that can apply the Immunity buff;
  • An Esper or two that has the ability to cleanse debuffs;
  • Multiple Espers that deal damage in multiple hits. Using the Relic set ‘Sword Avatara’ is highly recommended;
  • An Esper with the ability to apply the ATK Down debuff frequently (optional – requires a dispel Esper);
  • An Esper with the ability to apply the DEF Down debuff frequently (optional – requires a dispel Esper);
  • An Esper with the ability to dispel buffs frequently (optional);
  • An Esper with the ability to revive (optional).

HP Bars

Firstly, Fafnir has 5 HP bars, all of which need to be depleted to defeat her. When one HP bar is depleted, she will retaliate at the end of the Esper’s turn that depleted her HP Bar and do the following;

  • Apply the Icefield Abyss debuff on that Esper which freezes them and stops them from gaining AP between other turns, or taking a turn for its duration;
  • Reduce the Icefield Abyss target’s max HP by 25% if buffed when applying the debuff;
  • Attack all enemies;
  • Apply a SPD Down debuff for 2 turns to all enemies;
  • Have a 25% chance to Stun allies if they’re buffed.

This is arguably the toughest part of the battle to deal with, as she can lock down your Espers with Stuns, reduce their SPD, and stop them from saving the affected Esper.

To tackle this, the Immunity buff is required to stop the Stun or SPD Down aspect of her attack, and use cleanses to make sure any allies who didn’t have an Immunity buff still get to take their turns in time.


Once she does this, Fafnir then gains a shield that has 12 stacks that have to be reduced by attacking Fafnir.

The best way to break the shield is to utilise the Sword Avatara Relic set on Espers, along with multi-hit A1 abilities such as; Berenice Bastet Berenice (Bastet)‘s A1 that attacks 3 times. It is also incredibly useful to have Espers that have other multi-hit abilities, with one of the best being Lu Yi Dayi Lu Yi (Dayi)‘s A3 which has the potential to hit 9 times.

Once the shield is broken, Fafnir will not deal high damage to the Esper affected by Icefield Abyss and instead use her A1; though if you fail to break the shield before Fafnir takes a turn, she will deal devastating single target damage to that Esper, most likely defeating them.

Struggling with Fafnir?

If you’re having trouble with Fafnir, here are a couple of things that you can do or check:

  • Upgrade your Relics or farm stronger Relics from Kronos or Apep.
  • Make sure you have enough Espers that can deal damage in multiple hits.
  • Make sure your Espers have good SPD, as they cannot gain AP via any other method.
  • Switch out your Captain Ability to an Esper that can provide increased HP%, for example, Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle (Njord)‘s Captain Ability that increases ally HP by 30%.
  • Make sure your Espers have Ascension Phase 6 unlocked.
  • Make sure your Espers are Level 60 for the increase of stats they gain.

Best Fafnir Team Formation (Auto Battle)

Credits: Kiwi.#6969 and Relief#0001

Team Notes Investment
Ollie avatarDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet Auto Fafnir 16
Gabrielle NjordAhmed GebLi Guang avatarTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet Auto Fafnir 16
Tang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBiondina PoseidonLi Guang avatarUnas ShuBerenice Bastet Auto Fafnir 16
Sander SetAhmed GebGabrielle NjordGaius avatarBerenice Bastet Auto Fafnir 16
Lu Yi DayiAlice avatarGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet Auto Fafnir 16
Lu Yi DayiGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice BastetLi Ling Nezha Basic multi-hit comp with Espers running Wind Walker for SPD, with utility from Berenice and Gabrielle, except for Tang Yun and Li Ling who take Hades All Espers fully built
Gabrielle NjordUnas ShuLu Yi DayiHeng Yue ChangeTang Yun Six Eared Macaque Another type of multi-hit comp that uses Unas for constant AP Up and high multi-hit Espers. All Espers need decent SPD, while DPS units can opt to use SPD mainstat MUI 2 relics. Espers should have at least 180+ SPD. All Espers fully built
Gabrielle NjordSally SifHyde HadesLucas ApolloBerenice Bastet Berenice and Gabrielle need to be moving twice before Fafnir at the minimum. Lucas will sometimes be able to tank Fafnir but don’t count on it. All Units are beefy with HP% of 23K Bonus HP, minimum of 19K bonus HP on Lucas Only Berenice at level 50, there are some better healers than Sally for Fafnir
Gabrielle NjordBerenice BastetLu Yi DayiTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueSally Sif Multi-hit comp that uses Berenice shield, and Gabrielle as HP captain All Espers maxed except for Berenice who is at level 50
Lu Yi DayiBerenice BastetCatherine HelaHyde HadesUnas Shu Another example for a multi-hit comp that uses Catherine and Berenice instead for safety. Can swap Lu Yi for Tang Yun. All must have high SPD (180+), and should have Avatara set on DPS only. If using Tang Yun in replacement of Lu Yi, he doesn't need speed. All level 60, Hyde and Unas don't need max skill
Hyde HadesTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice BastetCatherine HelaGabrielle Njord Another way to setup a multi hit comp where Hyde can be interchanged with Lu Yi. High SPD (180+) again except Tang Yun and Lu Yi (assuming the use of Lu Yi) However, Lu Yi may be better with high speed. All should have avatara. IMPORTANT NOTE: This comp and the comp listed above can replace Tang Yun with Donar, as Donar is too tanky to die easily if teammate cant strip all the shield stacks from Fafnir. Sally is not needed here because she doesnt tribute to the damage and Berenice alone can heal enough. Hyde must have Hades set because Berenice cant heal Hyde All level 60 and fully invested
Lu Yi DayiGabrielle NjordBerenice BastetDeath Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie Yuzhi

The Twins are built specifically for Fafnir here, which means they diverge slightly from their usual builds. Xie Chuyi is built for SPD as much as ATK. Xie Yuzhi's AP Down and Stun won't work in Fafnir but he is the correct element, so we can build him for some damage too. Lu Yi and The Twins are both on Avatara with SPD main stat on MUI 2. The Twins are on Wind Walker. Gabrielle and Berenice are on their normal recommended builds. The win rate on Fafnir 10 is 50%, but this will almost definitely improve after update when Fafnir's HP bars are reduced by 1 on F8-10.

Lu Yi can be on Hades if short on Wind Walker.

All Espers fully built
Li Ling NezhaGabrielle NjordClara HeraChloe MedeaLaura avatar This is a FULL AUTO Fafnir composition making use of the new esper Laura, set on auto priority on Fafnir, ignoring minions. Since this comp has 3 supports and only 2 DPS, everything needs to be done to maximize their output. While you can survive for a long time with this comp, you can't survive indefinitely especially if Fafnir crits or freezes a DPS Gabrielle should be an easy addition to the team for her ATK Down, DEF Down, and DEF Up buffs Everyone on team is level 60. Chloe, Gabrielle and Laura have maxed skills (important for Laura to have maxed skills as her tankiness is a major contributor to success). Everyone is maxed ascension. 6* runes, mostly maxed on damage dealers and Laura. 5* maxed on Gabrielle, random smattering of rarity runes for Clara (at most +9 with 3-4 runes unleveled). TLDR: EVERYONE IS FULLY BUILT
Death Guard Hei Xie ChuyiDeath Guard Bai Xie YuzhiCatherine HelaTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueBerenice Bastet A Twins comp for Fafnir that is relatively consistent. SPD is a much more important stat than DPS on The Twins. Xie Chyui needs a little tank investment to be able to survive. Tang Yun can go for a DPS build but needs atleast 60+ bonus SPD. Catherine and Berenice will be the the sustain for the comp. Berenice needs to be as fast as possible with max skill ups and high HP. Xie Yuzhi needs his skills maxed as you want him to be casting his S1 the least All Espers fully built, with high SPD investment on The Twins and Berenice. Atleast have 60+ SPD on Tang Yun, and make Catherine as tanky as possible

Other Working Fafnir Teams

Sander Setlu yi berenicetang yunheng yue

Gabriellelu yi tang yunzelmersally

Sander SetSally Sif Li Ling NezhaLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao Siming

Sander SetFabrice Freyr Li Ling NezhaLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao Siming

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sanderye suhua lincocounky chai

sanderlin melaniemalinfreddy

sanderrensi monalinye suhua

lu yicoco linmonaye suhua

Free-to-Play Team Recommendations:

Below are some recommendations for Espers to use in Fafnir that you can easily obtain for free:

If you don’t have enough Espers that apply can apply the Immunity buff, we recommend fusing: Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle (Njord) or Fabrice Freyr Fabrice (Freyr)

If you don’t have enough Espers that apply ATK Down, or DEF Down (both optional), we recommend fusing Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle (Njord).

If you don’t have enough Espers that can heal or Shield buff your team, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Berenice BastetBerenice (Bastet).

If you don’t have enough Espers that can dispel buffs (optional), we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Jeanne Gerd Jeanne (Gerd).

If you don’t have enough Espers that can multi-hit, we recommend to keep an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Tang Yun Six Eared Macaque Tang Yun (Six-Earred Macaque); or Lynn Hathor Lynn (Hathor) that you received for free from the Path to Mastery beginner’s event.

Tip: For farming relics from Kronos easier, it is recommended to use auto farming with Dislyte PC version.


Fafnir Skills

At first, let’s take a look at the Fafnir boss skills to see how basically it the fight works so that we can find the best options to deal with this Dislyte boss.

Before you can get to the boss, you need to take down 2 small enemy waves first. They are easy to defeat, however sometimes they can take down your weak units, making it harder for you to defeat the Fafnir. You want to take them down as soon as possible, and give your weak units enough HP/DEF to sustain through these waves.



ATK all enemies and inflicts SPD Down for 2 turns with a 50% chance of inflicting Stun for 1 turn if buffed. This attack deals extra damage when fewer enemies remain on the field.
dragon curse

Dragon’s Curse

Cast when Fafnir has Andvari’s Treasure. Dispels all buffs from the target and deals massive damage. Grants Fafnir DMG Up after defeating an enemy.

Andvari’s Treasure: Grants Immunity against certain amount of strikes.

unbound deluge

Unbound Deluge (Passive)

Fafnir gains multiple HP stacks and disables all enemies’ AP-related abilities upon entering the battlefield. For each HP stack lost, Fafnir gains Andvari’s Treasure and retaliates against the last attacker: inflicting damage, Icefield Abyss, and triggers Dragonbreath. Fafnir further reduces target’s max HP by 25% if buffed when casting Icefield Abyss.

Icefield Abyss: SPD is reduced by 100% and no action can be taken.

suppression tablet


Damage all enemies and inflicts Diseased for 2 turns.
Grant Fafnir an ATK UP buff after death.
blessing tablet

Blessing Tablet

Dispells all debuffs from the Boss or grants Immunity for 2 turns if without. Grants Fafnir a SPD Up buff after death.

Fafnir Rewards

Players receive random relics at random grades/rarities, and a decent amount of E-Cash when defeating the Fafnir.

download pc version

fafnir rewards

At the moment, Tyranny of Zeus, Astral Witchcraft, Hammer of Thor, The Enchanter, Immensus Peak, and The Light Above relic sets are available in Fafnir.

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Dribble is a Senior Moderator from the official Dislyte Discord server. He has been sharing a ton of incredibly helpful information for both new and advanced players, so make sure to check it out!

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For the fafnir skills part it has a typo and says kronos


Fixed that part. Thank you a lot!


thanks for the detailed guide. hope to beat this shyt soon.


To be honest, Fafnir is the most interesting boss to beat so far.


Hi, I have a team consist of (Li Ling (60), Berenice (50), Hathor (50), Tang Xuan (50), Gab (60)) all have full ascension. But I have trouble breaking the fafnir shield. Is there any tip on this? I search around a few team, I see not most people have crazy amount of speed but able to clear.


Which Difficulty level are you targeting?


Difficulty 10


i think you can replace Tang Xuan to Tang Yun or Lu Yi.


Is Unas still recommended for this even though you cant boost AP?


Yes, he is still superb for Fafnir!


Why is this the case? What does he do?

Ice Queen

is this going to be updated with the changes they made to fafnir recently?


Working on it! Stay tuned 😉

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