Esper Fusion List & Materials

Esper Fusion is an outstanding function in Dislyte that help new players get guaranteed high-quality Espers by fusing the materials.

Dislyte Esper Fusion

Esper Fusion is the latest technology from the Esper Union’s Research Labs, designed to further boost the power of Espers. It fuses recorded Divine Waves into a new frequency, thus creating a new Esper.

How Esper Fusion Works

  • Esper Fusions unlocks at players level 25.
  • Each Fusion requires 1 specified main Esper and 3 secondary Espers of 3 different elemental classes.
  • Materials must match the Ascension level, requirement.
    • Fusing into a Legendary Esper requires Ascension Phase V material.
    • Fusing into a Epic Esper requires Ascension Phase IV materials.
  • When all materials meet the requirement, simply tap Fuse to get a new Esper.
  • It costs 50,000 Gold for each fusion.

Presently, only Fabrice and Gabrielle are available for fusing.

fusing gabrielle via the esper fusion in dislyte

For example, If you want to fuse Gabrielle, you need to have the following materials as you can see from the screenshot above.

All Esper Fusions

Fabrice Freyr


  • 1x Berenice at Ascension Phase 4.
  • 1x Wind Esper at Ascension Phase 4.
  • 1x Inferno Esper at Ascension Phase 4.
  • 1x Flow Esper at Ascension Phase 4.
Gabrielle Njord


  • 1x Fabrice at Ascension Phase 4.
  • 1x Wind Esper at Ascension Phase 5.
  • 1x Inferno Esper at Ascension Phase 5.
  • 1x Flow Esper at Ascension Phase 5.

Having fun your favorite Espers!

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Do you lose the esper you fused ?


who do you use to get Fabrice?

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