Spatial Tower & Temporal Tower Guide

Spatial Tower (Temporal Tower) is a Dislyte Trials mode, where players use their Esper heroes to fight against different enemy comps, climbing on the ladder, and get a lot of rewards, including Gold Records, Starimon, Spirimon, high-quality relics, and more!

This is an incredible source to get a lot of valuable resources that you should never ignore. Simply spend all of the energy you have here to get the rewards, and don’t hesitate to comment down below if you need any help regarding any specific enemy!

In this guide, we are also going to show you how to defeat Floor 100 of Spatial Tower and Floor 50 of Temporal Tower’s boss: Phobetor, the strategy surrounding Phobetor and its followers, and any recommendations that we would suggest if you’re struggling.

Spatial Tower & Temporal Tower Tier List

Tier Espers
S Donar ThorLi Ling NezhaYe Suhua Shao SimingLin Xiao White TigerCecilia Isis
A Tiye NutLewis AresGabrielle NjordUnas ShuFabrice FreyrSally SifCeline SirenEira FreyaSander SetChloe MedeaLong Mian Ao BingClara HeraSienna Gaia avatar
B Tang Xuan Sun WukongNarmer RaMona ArtemisChang Pu Yao JiMelanie MedusaFreddy FenrirLauren HeketDhalia Calypso
spatial tower dislyte

Spatial Tower Rules

  • The Spatial Tower holds 100 levels in total, the first 80 of which are available at the moment. More tower levels are available in the upcoming updates.
  • Clear each level to receive a reward and unlock the next.
  • Every 10 tower levels, a huge reward is offered.
  • Each level in the Spatial Tower can only be challenged once, and, cannot be reattempted upon clearing.
  • Friend Assist unavailable in the Spatial Tower.

Temporal Tower Guide

  • Clear the Spatial Tower first to unlock the Temporal Tower (Temporal Tower features 50 levels).
  • Clear each level to get a reward and unlock the next one.


  • Enemy attacks have a chance of dispelling buffs: Use DPS Espers that don’t rely on buffs like Thor, Li Ling, or Espers that have buffs which cannot be dispelled (Hyde, Linxiao, etc.). Focus on taking down the enemy main healer first. Furthermore, don’t forget the faction advantage to deal more damage for ending the enemies faster.

Temporal Tower Monthly Phase:

  • Each Phase resets at 00:00 on the 1st of each month, after which the progress, rankings and recommended, formations from the previous phase are cleared.
  • Every new Phase will require challenging the Temporal Tower from Lvl 1 again. At the start of a new Phase, enemy formations and rewards for each level may change.
  • A Temporal Disturbance will occur on every 5th level of the Temporal Tower, granting more lucrative rewards.
  • Friend Assist unavailable in the Temporal Tower.
Final Temporal Tower Boss
The Final Temporal Tower Boss

How to Defeat Phobetor – The Final Temporal/Spatial Tower Boss?

  • Focus on taking out the minion on the right side first as it reduces your max HP by a lot over time. The battle will be super easy after taking down the right minion.
  • When the minion shields are up, clear them as soon as possible. This is because the boss will absorb the shields of the Minions, restores HP, and deals a lot of damage. If there isn’t any shield for it to absorb, it will not deal damage.
  • Attack the main boss once the right minion is defeated. You don’t have to, or shouldn’t take out the left minion because it could improve the boss attack by a lot! But don’t forget to remove the left minion’s shield as soon as possible whenever it’s available.

Example Teams:

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Lauren Heket Lauren Sally SifSally Li Ling Nezha Li Ling Lin Xiao White Tiger Lin Xiao Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua

Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle Asenath Nefertem Asenath Li Ling Nezha Li Ling Lin Xiao White Tiger Lin Xiao Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua

Above are some quick tips, let’s dig further for more details!

What is Phobetor?

Phobetor is the boss of both the Spatial Tower, and Temporal Tower that focuses on dealing damage through a set rotational attack pattern.

There are three common strategies against Phobetor, with the most common strategy being players just attacking Phobetor and ignoring his followers until he applies a ‘Life Shield’ buff to his followers. From there, the team focuses down the ‘Life Shield’ buff on Phobetor’s followers before it takes its second turn, and then afterwards, players continue to focus Phobetor whilst keeping their Espers’ health topped up.

Phobetor’s followers have attacks of their own, and also gain new powers when Phobetor applies a ‘Life Shield’ buff:

  • The right-side follower attacks all Espers 2 times and has a chance to inflict ATK Down. If affected by ‘Life Shield’, it also inflicts a HP ceiling debuff that reduces your Espers’ max HP.
  • The left-side follower attacks one Esper and increases Phobetor’s AP. If affected by ‘Life Shield’, it also inflicts Stun.

Requirements for defeating Phobetor:

You will need:

  • An Esper or two that can heal your team frequently;
  • An Esper with the Immunity buff;
  • An Esper or two that can deal high amounts of damage, preferably with ‘AoE’ (Area of Effect) abilities;

Boss Attack Pattern:

At the start of the fight, the pattern of Phobetor will be as follows:

  1. Stage 1: Phobetor will attack with its A1 (Animitta), which attacks one Esper 2 times, with a chance of inflicting ‘DEF Down’;
  2. Stage 2: Phobetor will attack with its A2 (Howling Nightmare), which attacks all Espers with an ‘AoE’ attack 4 times, grant itself a ‘DEF Up’, and grant ‘Life Shield’ to its followers;
  3. Stage 3: Phobetor will attack with its A1 (Animitta), which attacks one Esper 2 times, with a chance of inflicting ‘DEF Down’;
  4. Stage 4: Phobetor will attack with its A3 (Restless Night) and choose one of two options depending on if you break the ‘Life Shield’ on the followers.
    • If the ‘Life Shield’ has been broken on both followers, Phobetor will be inflicted with Stun for 1 turn.
    • If the ‘Life Shield’ has not been broken on both followers, Phobetor will cleanse all debuffs and attempt to absorb each ‘Life Shield’, increasing its damage with each ‘Life Shield’ absorbed. Phobetor will then attack all Espers 3 times with a chance to dispel 1 buff each hit. Phobetor will also deal one additional devastating attack to one Esper.
  5. Stage 5: Phobetor will continue to attack with its A1 (Animitta), which attacks one Esper 2 times, with a chance of inflicting ‘DEF Down’ until its A2 (Howling Nightmare) ability cooldown is ready (repeat the process from Stage 2).

The pattern is relatively simple to follow, and once you’ve followed the rotation a couple of times, you will naturally get the rhythm of fighting Phobetor. For more details, scroll down to the boss skills section below.

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Strategy for Fighting Phobetor

Whether you’re in Floor 100 of Spatial Tower, or Floor 50 of Temporal Tower; Phobetor is the same boss, and will have the same attack pattern that you will need to learn to counter.

There are a couple of ways you can fight Phobetor, each with their benefits and drawbacks:

1. You can focus Phobetor throughout the fight, only hitting the followers when they have the ‘Life Shield’ buff. This keeps Phobetor’s damage to a bare minimum and quickly lets you focus Phobetor for a fast fight, but requires enough healing and damage so that your team doesn’t get overwhelmed.

2. You can focus one of the followers first before fighting Phobetor, only hitting the other follower when they have the ‘Life Shield’ buff. This reduces the incoming debuffs or negative effects you’ll receive, and mean that you will only have to take out one ‘Life Shield’ after one of the followers has been defeated.

The drawback to this method is that Phobetor gains an ATK increase when a follower dies, meaning you will take more damage from Phobetor and will need to heal or buff more often.

3. You can focus both followers first before fighting Phobetor. This reduces most of the debuffs and negative effects you’ll receive, but creates a lot of drawbacks.

Not only does this method take the longest time to clear Phobetor, but Phobetor will gain two ATK increases from its followers dying, and the ‘Life Shield’ will apply to Phobetor as it has no followers left, meaning you will still need to break a ‘Life Shield’.

This method is not recommended.

Whichever method you choose, we recommend that you target the right-side follower first if ‘Life Shield’ is up, to reduce the chance of the negative effect HP Ceiling from applying, as this negative effect can quickly reduce your Espers’ max HP to a point where Phobetor and his followers may defeat your Espers.

Make sure that when you damage Phobetor’s followers, you deal enough damage that the gold border buff disappears off the buff bar above their HP. This way, you can be sure that they do not have the ‘Life Shield’ active when Phobetor eventually takes its turn.

Finding it hard to defeat Floor 100 or Floor 50?

If you’re having trouble with either F100 of Spatial Tower, or F50 of Temporal Tower, here are a couple of things that you can do or check:

  • Upgrade your Relics or farm stronger Relics from Kronos or Apep.
  • Have at least two Espers that can heal allies.
  • Have at least two DPS Espers, with one that can attack with an ‘AoE’.
  • Make sure your Espers have Ascension Phase 6 unlocked.
  • Make sure your Espers are Level 60 for the increase of stats they gain.
  • Switch out your Captain Ability to an Esper that can provide increased HP%, for example, Gabrielle (Njord)‘s Captain Ability that increases ally HP by 30%.

Free-to-Play Esper Recommendations for Phobetor

Below are some recommendations for Espers to use in F100/F50 that you can easily obtain for free:

Lauren Heket Lauren Sally SifSally Li Ling Nezha Li Ling Lin Xiao White Tiger Lin Xiao Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua

Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle Asenath Nefertem Asenath Li Ling Nezha Li Ling Lin Xiao White Tiger Lin Xiao Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua

If you don’t have enough Espers that apply can apply the Immunity buff, we recommend to fuse: Gabrielle Njord Gabrielle (Njord) or Fabrice Freyr Fabrice (Freyr)

download pc version

If you don’t have enough Support Espers to help you sustain some of the damage or buff your team, we recommend keeping an eye on World Chat for Ripple Dimensions of: Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua (Shao Siming).

Phobetor Skills

Animitta Attacks an enemy 2 times with a chance of inflicting DEF Down for 2 turns.
Howling Nightmare Attacks all enemies 4 times with a chance of reducing target AP each time. Grants DEF Up for 2 turns, and Life Shield to all followers. If there are no followers present, Life, Shield is granted to Phobetor. Phobetor will cast Restless Night in 2 turn(s). Cooldown: 5 turns
Restless Night Removes all debuffs and attempts, to absorb every Life Shield on the battlefield. If successfully absorbed, attacks all enemies three times with a chance of dispelling 1 buff each time, while dealing an additional attack to a random enemy. For each Life Shield absorbed, damage will increase. If no Life Shield is absorbed, inflicts Stur for 1 turn.

Life Shield: (Undispellable) Absorbs damage equal to the shield’s value.

Right Phobetor Follower Skills

Deadly Silence Attacks all enemies with a chance of inflicting ATK Down for 2 turns. Reduces the target’s HP ceiling based on the amount of damage inflicted if Life Shield is active.
Ring of Terror Phobetor’s attacks recover some HP while living. Grants Phobetor extra ATK after death.

Left Phobetor Follower Skills

Gruesome Nightmare Attacks an enemy and boosts Phobetor’s AP, while giving a chance of inflicting Stun on the target for 1 turn if Life Shield is active.
Lightning Ring Grants Phobetor extra SPD while living, or extra ATK after death.
Temporal Tower Debuffs

How to deal with some annoying debuffs

Death’s Protection: For every enemy death, surviving enemy units gain an ATK bonus and DEF bonus.

If you are facing the team of Hyde and Lauren, it’s recommended to still take 1x Lauren down first to prevent her from recalling other heroes back. Thereafter, take down Hyde as he can do a ton of damage when getting buffed. If you take down more than 2 mobs first, the remaining enemies could get a lot of buffs.

DPS Epsers are recommended.

Tower Rewards

Temporal Tower Rewards

Tower Level Rewards
5 Gold Record x1
10 250 Nexus Crystal
15 4-Star Starimon x2
20 250 Nexus Crystal
25 5-Star Starimon
30 Gold Record x2
35 500 Nexus Crystal
40 Legendary Spirimon
45 Shimmer Record
50 Classic Platinum Record

Spatial Tower Rewards

Tower Level Rewards
10 Gold Record x1
20 4-star Starimon x2
30 Gold Record x2
40 Epic Spirimon x2
50 Gold Record x2
60 5-star Starimon x2
70 Gold Record x3
80 6-star Wind Walker Set
90 Gold Record x3
100 Donar (Thor)
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