Point War Guide & Team Formations

Point War is the PvP mode in Dislyte where players fight against all other players and get a lot of valuable rewards, including Abilimon and Gold Record. Include more rewards as you rank up in the Arena!

Best Point War Team Formations

melanieraven sanderye suhuaGabrielleAOffense
melanieGabrielle faerysanderye suhuaSOffense
donarlong mian sallyye suhualinAOffense
long mianGabrielle linsallysanderAOffense
Long Mian avatarFabrice FreyrLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao SimingNarmer RaAOffense
Melanie MedusaFreddy FenrirUnky Chai avatarLayla MedjedYe Suhua Shao SimingAOffense
monaq drewchang puye suhuaBOffense
melaniefreddy ye suhuaunky chaibao liuliBOffense
Ollie avatarHyde HadesCecilia IsisGabrielle NjordEverett avatarSDefense
Tiye NutUnas Shu Ye Suhua Shao SimingLin Xiao White TigerNarmer RaSDefense
Donar ThorGabrielle NjordAsenath NefertemSally SifYe Suhua Shao SimingSDefense
Tiye NutClara HeraBiondina PoseidonTriki LokiHyde HadesSDefense
Donar ThorRen Si Black TortoiseAsenath NefertemSally SifYe Suhua Shao SimingSDefense
Long Mian avatarAsenath Nefertem Anesidora PandoraChloe MedeaUnas ShuSDefense
Long Mian avatarNarmer Ra Lin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao SimingGabrielle NjordSDefense
Donar ThorRen Si Black TortoiseCatherine HelaSally SifYe Suhua Shao SimingADefense
Donar ThorHyde HadesLauren HeketFabrice FreyrYe Suhua Shao SimingADefense
Tiye NutLin Xiao White TigerSander SetAsenath NefertemFabrice FreyrADefense
Long Mian avatarBonnie ErisPritzker MimirAnesidora PandoraTriki LokiADefense
Long Mian avatarRaven OdinLin Xiao White TigerAsenath NefertemChloe MedeaADefense
Long Mian avatarRaven Odin Narmer RaUnas ShuYe Suhua Shao SimingADefense
Donar ThorSally SifYe Suhua Shao SimingLin Xiao White TigerRen Si Black TortoiseADefense
Melanie MedusaFreddy FenrirUnky Chai avatarLayla MedjedYe Suhua Shao SimingADefense

General Point War Rules

It costs one Admission Certificate Admission Certificate to duel another team. You automatically get 1 Admission Certificate Certificate every 2 hours, and can accumulate up to 20.

You can configure a defensive team to automatically battle other players’ challenges. A defensive victory here will also earn a points reward.

You can earn Supply Vouchers Supply Vouchers during the Point War by challenging other squads. Redeem Supply Vouchers for supplies in the Tournament Shop.

point war shop
Abilimon for upgrading Esper abilities can be found in the Point War Shop

Point War Tournament Tiers

Defeating the enemy team will add points to your score, whereas a loss will subtract points.

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There are 5 enemy squads in each round. The higher ranked and stronger the enemy, the more points earned upon victory.

Point War Battle

Winning earns Supply Vouchers based on your current bracket/ tier. The higher your current tier, then the more vouchers received,

A loss will cost you points and omits the Supply Voucher reward.

Participants will be bracketed into different tiers during the season based on their points, that is, tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 (there are 18 tiers in total).

Tiers under 11 are protected, meaning that competition losses will not result in a tier reduction for a losing squad, and squads are much more likely to be matched against squads of equal or similar strength.

Players reaching the 16th tier will be ranked on a Points Leaderboard. The top 1000-101 will reach the 17th tier, and the top 100-1 will ascend into the 18th tier.

One season is held every week, at the end of which you will, receive a weekly reward based on your current tier. See your “Tier Info” for more details. You will not receive a weekly reward if your squad fails to participate for a season.

Starting tiers and points in the new season will be calibrated based on the previous season’s results.

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Point War Rewards

Round Reward: You earn some Supply Vouchers for every winning round.

First Win Reward: Your first competition win each day earns a First Win Reward.

Weekly reward: Distributed to squads based on their weekly Point War tier.

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How old is this article? it would be nice with a date and time, so we can sense what patch it was in :))


is Gaius or Ophelia not much better for pointwar?

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