Infernis Guide & Teams

Defeat the Infernis inside Sonic Miracle to obtain Inferno Wave, the ascension material for your Inferno Espers!

infernis dislyte

Infernis Boss Strategy

Damage or HP loss greatly angers the Infernis, resulting in a large ATK bonus through its passive Sonic Upgrade ability.

The Infernis, will also release Burning Roar upon significant HP loss, dealing, major damage to Espers.

Prolonged battles with this type of Miramon is not advised given its high damage at lower HP.

It may be best to take the Infernis out as soon as possible with the aid of strong DPS Espers.

Be sure to concentrate your firepower once it, shows weakness to quickly deliver the fatal blow. Don’t let this “bad boy” retaliate from death’s door.

Best Infernis Team Formations

Below are the best team formations in the current meta-game. For the best Espers in general, kindly take a look at our Tier List.

Infernis Boss Team Formations


Lashing Pulse

Lashing Pulse:
Damages an enemy once.

sonic upgrade

Sonic Upgrade (Passive):
Lower HP grants greater damage

Burning Roar

Burning Roar:
Damages all enemies at once.

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