Feng Nuxi



5 star

With the protection of Nuwa’s power, Feng Nuxi will do whatever it takes to restore the world.


Intisar is a strong Fighter who can protect herself with Stealth. Code Exploit attacks 1 enemy and inflicts Miss Rate Up. Trojan Horse attacks all enemies and extends all their debuffs except for Incapacitation. At the start of combat, it grants Intisar Stealth for 2 turns. Transmit Virus first attacks 1 enemy 2 times and inflicts DEF Down. Then, it attacks all enemies and inflicts ATK Down. Then, Intisar gains Stealth for 3 turns. If she has Stealth, it reduces Stealth duration to deal extra True Damage.




Point War




Recommended sets

Wind Walker Set x4
+25% SPD

Wind Walker Set x4
+25% SPD

The Light Above Set x2
Begins the battle with Immunity, which lasts for 1 turn.

Adamantine Set x2
All allied Espers start the battle with a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP.
Duration: 2 turns.

Recommended relic stats








Divine Gate 1
Divine Gate 2
Divine Gate 3
Divine Gate 4
Divine Gate 5
Divine Gate 6

Best Yun Chuan Teams

Content Team Formation
Point War Updating…
Point War Updating…
Kronos Updating…
Kronos Updating…


Shape Humanity

Attack 1 enemy
Damage: 5% of Feng Nuxi’s Max HP.
The enemy’s AP -20%.
When Paper Talisman is active, steals 1 buff.
Attacks +1 enemy per Paper Talisman stack. Then, Paper Talisman +1 stack.

Sole Transmute

Select 1 ally to reset all their ability cooldowns (doesn’t take effect when selecting Feng Nuxi).
Grants all allies SPD Up for 2 turns.
When Feng Nuxi has Paper Talisman, each Paper Talisman stack grants all allies AP +6%.
Ability Cooldown is not affected by any abilities.

Cooldown: 4 turns

Summon Worldstone

Attacks all enemies 4 limes. Damage per hit: 1.5% of Feng Nuxi’s Max HP.
Each hit dispels 1 buff from each enemy.
Each buff dispelled grants each of the last 2 hits extends all enemy Ability Cooldowns by 1 turn.
Then, Paper Talisman +4 stacks.
Final Damage +10%.

Cooldown: 4 turns

PAPER TALISMAN (Undispellable): When taking a hit, AP +20%. Triggers 1 time per turn. Max 4 stacks.

captain acc red

Captain Ability

Increases ally ACC by 40%


AP Up, Reduce Cooldown, SPD Up


Dispel, Extend Cooldown, Reduce AP

Other Espers

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Nurse Wrath

! Info under her summary is for Intstar…

For Feng Nuxi goes like this:

Feng Nuxi is a powerful Controller, capable of dispelling enemy buffs and enhancing herself.
Summon Worldstone can attack enemies multiple times, dispel their buffs, extends their ability cooldowns, and grants Paper Talisman to Feng Nuxi (Paper Talisman enhances Feng Nuxi’s other abilities).
Sole Transmute resets 1 ally’s ability cooldowns and grants all allies SPD Up. Meanwhile, Paper Talisman grants all allies AP Up.
Shape Humanity reduces the target’s AP, and each Paper Talisman stack makes Shape Humanity attack 1 more enemy.

Nurse Wrath


R1 Summon Worldstone – Overload Summon Worldstone: Final Damage + 10%.
R2 Shape Humanity – Morph New Effect – Shape Humanity: When having Paper Talisman, steals 1 buff from the target first.
R3 Blessing Base ATK, Base DEF and Base HP + 15%.
R4 Defense Intrusion When attacking, 20% chance of ignoring RESIST.
R5 Aura Base ATK, Base DEF and Base HP + 20%.
R6 Summon Worldstone – Morph Change – Summon Worldstone: Taking a hit no longer consumes Paper Talisman.

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