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All hail the arrival of the Witch Queen blessed by the goddess Isis.

Cecilia Isis


Cecilia is a support Esper who provides team-wide healing and revival. Gemstone Feathers deals damage based on Cecilia’s ATK and max HP. Crimson Protection causes Cecilia to revive all dead allies upon her death with a post-ascension HP recovery effect when attacked. Ruby Coronet clears teamwide debuffs, recovers HP, and grants Immunity.

Cecilia Isis


Point War






Recommended sets

Wind Walker Set x4
+25% SPD

Abiding Panacea Set x4
+30% Healing Efficacy.

The Light Above Set x2
Begins the battle with Immunity, which lasts for 1 turn.

Adamantine Set x2
All allied Espers start the battle with a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP.
Duration: 2 turns.

Recommended relic stats


HP% / DEF%






Divine Gate 1 Gemstone Feathers – Overload Gemstone Feathers: Final Damage +10%.
Divine Gate 2 Gemstone Feathers – Morph Change – Gemstone Feathers: Healing Cecilia changed to healing both Cecilia and the ally with the lowest HP percentage.
Divine Gate 3 Blessing Base ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP + 15%.
Divine Gate 4 Speed Boost When any ally is currently not alive, SPD +30.
Divine Gate 5 Aura Base ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP + 20%.
Divine Gate 6 Crimson Protection – Morph Change – Crimson Protection: Revived allies’ AP Boost changed to 100%.

Best Teams

Content Team Formation
Point War Cecilia IsisHyde Hadesstarimon iconstarimon iconstarimon icon
Point War Donar ThorGabrielle NjordCecilia IsisChloe MedeaTang Yun Six Eared Macaque
Point War Cecilia IsisCatherine HelaSally SifNarmer RaDonar Thor
Point War Sally SifCecilia IsisDonar ThorCatherine HelaRen Si Black Tortoise


Gemstone Feathers

Gemstone Feathers

Deals damage to a target equal to 30% of ATK + 5.5% of Cecilia’s max HP. Converts 100% of damage dealt into healing.

Lvl 2 Damage rate based on max HP increased to 3.5%
Lvl 3 Damage rate based on max HP increased to 4%
Lvl 4 Damage rate based on max HP increased to 4.5%
Lvl 5 Damage rate based on max HP increased to 5%
Lvl 6 Damage rate based on max HP increased to 5.5%

Crimson Protection

Crimson Protection

Revives and heals all fallen allies.
Healing: 15% of the target’s Max Their AP +100%.
Each revived ally extends Crimson Protection’s cooldown by 1 turn(s).
Grants all allies Shield for 1 turn.
Shield Strength: 50% of the target’s Max HP.
All allies’ AP +20%.
Crimson Protection’s cooldown is not affected by other effects.
If Crimson Protection is not in cooldown when Cecilia dies, it will be automatically cast.

Cooldown: 6 turns

Ruby Coronet

Ruby Coronet

Removes all debuffs from allied Espers, heals 35% of their max HP, and grants them Immunity for 1 turn.
Cooldown: 4 turns

Lvl 2 Healing amount increased to 27%
Lvl 3 Healing amount increased to 29%
Lvl 4 Healing amount increased to 32%
Lvl 5 Healing amount increased to 35%
Lvl 6 Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

captain hp red

Captain Ability

Increases ally HP in Point War by 40%.


AP Up, Healing, Immunity, Revive, Shield


Other Espers

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