How to Obtain Abilimon & Upgrade Skills Effectively?

This article explains what ‘Abilimon’ are, how they’re used to upgrade your skills, and where you’re able to obtain them in Dislyte.

Abilimon is definitely one of the most important items you want to have in Dislyte to strengthen your Espers significantly.

What are Abilimons?

Abilimons are special entities that allow you to upgrade the levels of your abilities on your Espers.

Dislyte Abilimons

When you feed an Abilimon into an Esper through the ‘Abilities’ section, you will gain a level in one of the Espers’ abilities that still need levelling at random.

Abilimons can only be used on the same rarity Esper, for example, a Legendary Abilimon can only be used on Legendary Espers to increase their ability levels.

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To reach the ‘Abilities’ section; visit the ‘Main Screen’ on Dislyte, press ‘Espers’, then select an Esper, press ‘Growth’ and press ‘Advancement’.

How to upgrade Espers ability effectively with Abilimons?

Abilimons are very hard to obtain in Dislyte, especially during the early game. There will be times you don’t have a single piece of Abilimon to upgrade the skills, so using them effectively is a key to win the game.

While the Legendary Abilimon is extremely rare even in late game, Epic Abilimon is a lot easier to obtian. You will eventually get a lot of Epic Abilimons to spend on your Epic Espers.

Remember that you should only upgrade the skills of the Espers you use. Never spend them on the ones you don’t use (yet).

Below are our recommended priority list when it comes to upgrade your Espers skills.

  1. Reducing cooldowns.
  2. Increasing chance of triggering.
  3. Increasing damage (not recommended for Legendary Espers, unless your other Legendary skills are already maxed).
how to obtain abilimons

How to Obtain Abilimons?

Below is a list of Abilimon rarities, and where you can frequently obtain them:

Note that this does not include purchases made with real life money or events.

Legendary Abilimon [5☆]

  • One from the Tournament Shop for 1000 Supply Vouchers, per week.
  • One from Temporal Tower in Infinite Miracle, per month.
  • One from the Daily Login Gift on Day 25 and every 75 Days after.
  • Achievement rewards.
  • Course rewards.

Epic Abilimon [4☆]

  • One from the Cube Shop for 50%-off that costs 300 Points, every 16 days.
  • Five from the Cube Shop for 600 Points each, every 16 days.
  • Two from the Tournament Shop for 200 Supply Vouchers each, per week.
  • Achievement rewards.
  • Course rewards.
  • Rarely from Legendary Bounties.

Rare Abilimon [3☆]

  • From the Gold Shop rarely upon refreshing/natural refresh.
  • Eight from the Cube Shop for 100 Points each, every 16 days.
  • Achievement rewards.
  • Course rewards.
  • Uncommon from Epic Bounties.
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