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In Dislyte, Bounties is a place where players can do different types of quests every days to receive various valuable rewards.

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Union Bounties Overview

  • Complete Bounties to earn great rewards.
  • Bounty Missions are only available to those currently holding a Mission Letter. Each Mission will use 1 Letter.
  • 3 Letters are granted daily (UTC+0) and up to 6 can be held at once. Be sure to “Bounty” efficiently to maximize each one!
  • Free Bounty Board refreshes are available every 12 hours, which will list new Missions.
  • Bounties may also be refreshed using Nexus Crystal.
  • Bounties can be either “Union Missions” or “Solos”.

Bounty Union Mission

These Union Divisions often publish new Bounties:

Division Mission Types
Research Center Relic Collection
The Scavengers Monster Raid
Training Division Power Raiser
XHz Divine Waves Collection

Complete Union Missions to earn great resource rewards.

What Bounty Missions Should I Take?

If you don’t see any Epic/Legendary quests available, use the free Refresh. It’s also worth it to spend Gems to do some more refreshes if you want to. Below is the priority list of the Bounty Quests you want to take:

  1. Legendary – 200 Gems
  2. Legendary – 1 Gold Record
  3. Legendary – 4 Star Skill Up (this could be higher or lower depending on your units)
  4. Epic – 120,000 Gold (this is equivalent to 120 gems if you buy gold records from Shop)
  5. Epic – 100 Gems
  6. 4 Star Divina
  7. Rare – 60,000 Gold (this is equivalent to 50 gems if you buy gold records from Shop)
  8. Rare – 50 Gems
  9. Epic – 3 Star Abilimon
  10. 90 Energy
  11. Common – 30 Gems
  12. Common – 30,000 Gold
  13. Common – 5 Silver Records (you can prioritize this more if you need fodder)
  14. 50 Energy

Bounty Quest Probability Chance

Shared by ParallelHorizon.

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Discboom Bounties #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Bounty Reward 30.00% 42.00% 10.00% 3.00% 15.00%
30000 Gold 60.00%
30 Nexus Crystal 40.00%
60000 Gold 35.00%
50 Nexus Crystal 20.00%
60 Stamina 25.00%
Rare Starimon 5.00%
120000 Gold 35.00%
100 Nexus Crystal 30.00%
120 Stamina 15.00%
Epic Starimon 50.00%
Rare Abilimon 15.00%
200 Nexus Crystal 40.00%
Gold Record 40.00%
Epic Abilimon 20.00%
50 Nexus Crystal 100.00%

The game seperates the bounties into 5 pools, and each pool has its own % to activate. For example, the #5 pool is to view Esper’s story.

Type of Bounty Weight Max Number of Bounties
Ritual Miracle 30.00% 3
Eliminate Enemies 35.00% 4
Esper Training 20.00% 2
Sonic Miracle 15.00% 1
dislyte bounties 2


Go to Discboom to listen to Solos you’ve gained. View the whole story for an Nexus Crystal reward.
Configure your “Wish Songlist” with the “Mixer” to play your desire Esper solo.
If you don’t have a Wishlist, then it will play an existing Esper solo.

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