Cube Miracle Guide

Cube Miracle is one of the most interesting game-mode in Dislyte where players need to fight against enemies in a puzzle map, unlocking runes, inviting new Espers to join the journey, and getting a lot of rewards.

dislyte cube miracle guide

Dislyte Cube Miracle

  • The Cube Miracle opens every 2 days and remains open for 2 days.
  • The Cube Miracle is a labyrinth-like space of different floors, the 3rd being the highest currently accessible.
  • Espers are free to explore the maze and can defeat Defenders, guarding the end of the current space or proceed further within if they so wish.
  • Once Tier I is explored, the Cube Miracle will be upgraded to Tier 2, a higher difficulty level. It’s currently known to have a total of 8 tiers.
  • Tiles in the Cube Miracle are extremely unstable. After stepping on a tile, other tiles of the same level will fall and disappear, leaving explorers with no way back.
  • Fallen Espers can’t fight again during a single exploration of the Cube Miracle.

Quick Tips for Cube Miracle

  • Skip the strong enemy camps if you don’t have enough power to defeat it.
  • Whenever the enemy is so strong to defeat, cancel the battle and try again with other formations.
  • Find the best path to get all the rewards and runes. However, you cannot see the buildings which are too far away.
  • Even if you are defeated, the fallen defenders will disappear permanently and won’t appear again in repeat battles.
  • This is one of the best events in the game that you should prioritize your Energy to play, due to the huge number of rewards it offers, including Abilimons, the items for upgrading your hero abilities. It’s also one of the very few places in the game where you can find Abilimons (for upgrading hero skills).

Events in Cube Miracle

eerie defenders

Eerie Defenders

Dangerous projected opponents Espers will encounter inside the Cube Miracle. Defeat these entities to obtain Esper XP, Gold, a few Cube Points, Relic Fusion Materials, and other rewards.
mad defenders

Mad Defenders

Frenzied projected opponents Espers will encounter inside the Cube Miracle. Defeat these entities to obtain Esper XP, Gold, plenty of
Cube Points, Relic Fusion Materials, and other rewards.
ultimate defenders

Ultimate Defenders

Ultimate projected Esper opponents will be encountered inside the Cube Miracle. Defeat these entities to obtain Esper XP, Gold and other rewards, and unlock the final advanced box that contains Cube Stones and plenty of Gold.
eper projection

Esper Projections

Temporal distortions within the Cube Miracle can lead to strange Esper projections, one of whom you can admit to your search party.
vital cloud

Vital Cloud

A mass of concentrated healing energy that randomly revives 1 fallen Esper.

Rune Vertexes

A vertex in the Cube Miracle produces 2 runes each time. Different vertexes generate different types of runes. You can choose to obtain 1 of the runes.
rune amplification

Rune Amplification

Amass power to amplify 1 Rune. Feel the pulse!

cube miracle runes

Runes Overview

  • Runes come with 1 or 2 Energy points, which can be activated at the Runewheel.
  • The Runewheel starts with 4 Energy point slots, which increases to 6 after reaching floor 2 of the Cube Miracle.
  • Only one copy of a rune can be activated at the same time for some runes.

Complete List of All Runes

Rune Description
Revesal Rune When an allied Esper takes a deadly hit, they gain Reversal which delays their death by 1 turn.
Rune of Instrumentation Single-target ability damage, taken by any allied Esper, is distributed evenly to the target and the allied Esper with the highest HP.
Rune of Connection Increases all allied Espers' C. RATE by 30%.
Rune of Dauntlessness Allied Espers deal +0.5% damage per 1% HP lost.
Rune of Punishment At the start of battle, inflicts Hamstrung on all enemies for 5 turns that nullifies their AP Up.
Rune of Precision Increases all allied Espers' ACC by 35%.
Rune of Fortune All allied Espers have an 20% chance of gaining another turn at the end their current turn.
Storm Rune Allied Espers have a 30% chance of gaining Storm for 1 turn when inflicted with a disable, nullifying all damage when immobilized.
Rune of Offerings The death of any unit heals allied Espers by 20% of their max HP.
Rune of Blades Upon taking a hit, allied Espers have a 30% chance to gain Recovery for 1 turn.
Rune of Assault All allied Espers' ATK increased by 25%
Rune of Flyingplume Removes 1 debuff before an allied Esper's turn.
Rune of Hallucination Inflicts Sleep on all enemies for 1 turn at the start of battle.
Rune of Spring When inflicting a debuff other than disables, allied Espers have a 50% chance to increase the debuff's duration by 1 turn.
Rune of Curses Allied Espers have a 50% chance to inflict Poison for 1 turn when attacking.
Rune of Tyranny Single-target attacks by allied Espers deal Splash Damage equal to 25% of damage dealt to the main target.
Rune of Pursuit When an allied Esper casts a basic ability, they have a 30% chance of summoning an ally to cast a basic ability.
Rune of Enchargement Allied Espers gain 1 stack of Charge upon casting a basic ability. Each stack increase basic ability damage by 30%, up to 5 stacks.
Rune of Shockstrike Damage from allied Espers has a 30% chance of reducing the target's AP by 25%.
Rune of Deadly Intent Allied Espers deal +50% damage against units below 30% HP.
Rune of Absorption Allied Espers restore HP equal to 35% of damage dealt.
Rune of Mitigation Reduces all allied Espers' damage taken by 15%

Rune Amplification 1

Exploration Rewards

Successful Cube Miracle explorations will yield cube points Cube Points, cube stone Cube Stones, gold Gold, Relic Essence, Relics, and other such rewards.

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Redeem Cube Points and Cube Stones for items in the Cube Shop.

cube shop


A miracle that rose out from the western region’s sea. It hangs above the southern end of Estero Harbor and resembles the shape of a cube, hence the name. As the Cube Miracle shifts and changes, it leaves a wake of wanton destruction to the harbor, absorbing buildings and constructions into the cube with its appalling gravitational force. The Union has sent teams to explore the cube many times, only to find a brand new scene engaging different enemies each time they arrive. As the Union’s explorations
increased though, they’ve managed to learn fragments of the miracle’s patterns.

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