Record Players & Gacha Drop Rates

In Dislyte, the Gacha menu is where players can use Record Players to summon Espers (heroes, champions). There are several ways to obtain Record Players, and they have different drop rates as well.

In this article, let’s talk about the best ways to obtain Record Players in Dislyte, and how to use them effectively.

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Record Players

There are two types of Record Players:

  • silver record Silver Record Player has the probability of giving only Uncommon Esper and Rare Esper.
  • gold record Gold Record Player has the probability of giving Rare, Epic, and Legendary Esper.

Gold Record Players

gold record Gold Record Players play a huge role in giving you the best Espers in the game, and we all love it.

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Due to the huge value it offers, it’s usually very hard to save up to 10 Gold Records to open at once during the early game, so I recommend you just open it whenever you have it because of the chance of opening 1 Record and opening 10 Records are the same.

There are several ways to get gold record Gold Records:

  • Gold Shop: The price is 200,000 gold Gold. You can sometimes find it here. It might sound expensive but it’s always worth it to purchase.
  • Tournament Shop: The price is 200Supply Vouchers Supply Voucher. It’s kinda cheap, so grab it if you have already purchased Epic Abilimon, 5-Star Starimon, and 4-Star Starimon here.
  • Cube Shop: The price is 400 cube points, which is quite expensive. It’s recommended to get only Epic Abilimon here.
  • Plaza: The prize is 200 organa Nexus Crystal, which is the standard price of Gold Record Players. It’s recommended to spend Gems/Nexus Crystal to purchase it until you have at least 1 decent DPS Legendary Esper.
  • Cube Miracle: Sometimes you can obtain Gold Record Players as rewards while exploring Cube Miracle.
  • Bounties: Sometimes you can obtain Gold Records as rewards from Legendary Bounty Quests.

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Silver Record Players

During the early stage of the game, silver record Silver Record Players are also important at giving you a decent amount of uncommon Espers, which are used to upgrade the other Espers.

These Uncommon Espers are also called “fodders”.

When you are first playing the game, sometimes you might find that you have a lot of stamina Energy but just a few Espers to level up. You can purchase the Silver Records from Friendship Shop.

However, once you are able to farm at stage 7+, you will be able to obtain a lot of free silver record from XP Stages, and you will be no longer need to purchase it.

Tip: If you are farming at low stages and finding it hard to obtain Silver Records, farm at x.1 Stage, it might give a bit lower XP, but it gives more Silver Records!

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Dislyte Gacha Drop Rates

Gold Record Player

Rarity Probability
Legendary Esper 1%
Epic Esper 9%
Rare Esper 90%
Attributes Probability
shimmer Shimmer 10%
inferno Inferno 30%
flow Flow 30%
wind Wind 30%

Silver Record Player

Rarity Probability
Rare Esper 5%
Uncommon Esper 95%

Gacha Guaranteed Rewards

  • A Legendary Esper is guaranteed every 120 summons.
  • If you receive a Legendary Esper from the record player, then it wil, reset any applicable bonus probabilities when seeking your next Legendary Esper.
  • Accumulated summoning attempts are a combination of normal summonings and New Esper event summonings.
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did the chance of opening 1 Record and opening 10 Records are really the same guys???
just want to make sure hehehe ;p


So I did some math because I was curious about the two percentages, correct me if I’m wrong!
There is a 9% chance for a rare shimmer esper, a 0.9% chance for a epic shimmer esper, and a 0.1% chance for a legendary shimmer esper.
Flow, Wind, and Inferno EACH have a 27% chance for a rare esper, a 2.7% chance for a epic esper, and a 0.3% chance for a legendary esper.

Seth McGregor

What about platinum records and how are they acquired

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