Arena Guide (Casual Match)

The Dislyte Arena section is a great way for you to test out new strategies as well as create some fun real time competitive battles with your friends. But do you know the best ways to make the most of it? We will give you some ideas!

What we should do with the Dislyte Arena

  • Test out new strategies and heroes with friends before pushing in Point War.
  • Create a fun tournament with your friends or Club members.

The Casual Match follows the same rules as Point War except battles are merely friendly practices between squads without substantial rewards.

How Arena Works

When you enter the Arena, you can choose an Esper as the “avatar” for your account.

After that, press “Invite Player Squad” to invite an other player to join the battle with you. The game will allow you to share the invitation to the Global chat, private chat, or Club chat.

Anyone who taps at the invitation first will be moved to the waiting room.

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Press Ready to start the battle!

Now, the first phase is picking Espers to build up the squad formation. The hero picking phase follows this order 1-2-2:

  1. First player picks 1 Esper first.
  2. Second player picks 1 Esper.
  3. First player picks 2 Espers.
  4. Second player picks 2 Espers.
  5. First player picks 2 Espers.
  6. Second player picks 2 Espers.

Simple as that!

choosing espers in arena

After choosing the formation, you will also be able to pick the Captain Ability for your team!

captain ability for arena

During the battle, each player has 30 seconds to do their moves if they choose to play it manually. After 30s, if you don’t cast any skill, the game will play it automatically for you!

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