Dislyte Update v3.1.7 Patch Notes

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on December 27, 2022, 07:00-10:00 (UTC+0) to improve the game. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive 300 Nexus Crystals via in-game mail afterward. If the opening of servers is delayed, 100 additional Nexus Crystals will be compensated per hour delayed. Note: Servers may resume at an earlier or later time as necessary.
As a considerable amount of adjustments will take place, players who have reached level 5 at the time of the update will receive Gold Record x50 via in-game mail.
Pay attention to the time, as you will be unable to sign in during this time.

Update Summary:

  • Ritual Miracle got divided into tiers, so people need to farm 16 to get the best relics.
  • Gold Records will be removed from shops.
  • Sonic and Ritual Miracle and got revamped making based team comp more important.
  • Desolate lands runs cost more stamina but double the drop!
  • Starimon no longer required leveling up to get to next level and any leveled ones would have its XP refunded in inbox
  • Copies of Espers more than full resonanse (6 copies) would be converted to resources.
  • Time/turn limit would be imposed in content, so any tries past that would be considered failure
  • Revamp on the resonance benefits. No longer standardized for all but personalized to each espers
  • Lucas no longer tower 100 reward. Sally is the new reward.
  • Lucas is now craft-able like tyr while Gabriella and Fabrice is removed from esper fusion.
  • Ripple dimension is removed except from shimmer type, but most of their shard is purchasable via the frag shop which includes Asenath

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Yun Chuan Yang Jian Banner

▌New Espers

Yun Chuan (Yang Jian): 5-star Wind-attuned
Yun Chuan is a Fighter Esper with access to multi-stage attacks and pursuit attacks.
◇ Ability 1: Roaring Thrust deals damage to enemies based on Yun Chuan’s ATK multiple times. Has a chance to inflict Miss Rate Up.
◇ Ability 2 (Passive): Whistling Stance inflicts Third-Eye Seal upon a Crit. When an enemy afflicted with Third-Eye Seal is attacked by Yun Chuan, Screamer launches an assist attack. (Triggers a limited number of times within each turn.) Screamer’s damage: a certain percentage of Yun Chuan’s ATK. Ignores DEF. Inflicts Sear on the target.
Ascension: Upon a Crit, inflicts Third-Eye Seal. When an enemy afflicted with Third-Eye Seal is attacked by Yun Chuan, Screamer launches an assist attack. (Triggers a limited number of times within each turn.) Screamer’s damage: a certain percentage of Yun Chuan’s ATK. Ignores DEF. Steals buff(s) from the target. Inflicts Sear on the target.
Third-Eye Seal: Miss Rate Up
◇ Ability 3: Guardian Lord deals damage to all enemies based on Yun Chuan’s ATK multiple times. Inflicts SPD Down. Gains Immunity. Grants SPD Up to all allies.
→Source: Can be drawn from the Gold Record pool or acquired through the Wish event.

calamity island dislyte

▌New Features

1. Added Calamity Island
◇ Unlocks after clearing Story 11-16 on Normal Difficulty.
◇ Deploy Espers with the corresponding elemental attribute to explore Calamity Island and win great rewards.
◇ Each Pillar has 200 floors in total. Clear floors to win Records of the Pillar’s elemental attribute, Gold Records, and Nexus Crystal.
◇ Window for Expedition
– Burning Pillar: Monday, Thursday, Sunday
– Howling Pillar: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
– Surging Pillar: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
◇ Expedition Rules
Due to the influence of Divine Waves, each Pillar can only be accessed and explored by Espers with the corresponding elemental class.
◇ Expedition limit
To avoid damage from the Divine Waves, only 10 floors of each Pillar can be explored per day.
◇ Battle Limits
Due to the influence of Divine Waves, battles on Calamity Island have strict time limits. Espers are forced to leave a battle after a certain amount of turns, resulting in a loss of the battle.


2. Added Blitz
◇ Unlocks after clear story 2-4 on Normal Difficulty.
◇ Use MemoChip to view Union battle records and speed up your Miracle explorations.
◇ Blitz for Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle and Sonic Rift will unlock after completing Story Stage 2-4 on Easy Mode. Players need to clear the required stage to use Blitz.
◇ Players can turn on Blitz in the battle preparation panel. Consuming the required number of MemoChips can speed up the explorations significantly.
◇ Sources of MemoChip: completing daily tasks, purchasing with Nexus Crystal, events
◇ MemoChip stores the battle records (number of Battle Turns) of Espers’ Miracles explorations over the years. The amount of MemoChips consumed is based on the Battle Turns.
Before the Blitz starts, the maximum number of MemoChips could be required for that level will be deducted first. The actual amount consumed will be calculated after the battle and shown separately for each battle.
The number of MemoChips required to Blitz different levels will differ. For the exact number to be deducted, please refer to the in-game introduction of Blitz after this feature is launched.

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power system

3. Added Power System
◇ The Union has developed a set of criteria to measure the power of Espers. Battle for the highest power!
◇ After the update, the Power of Espers will be displayed on the Esper info screen.
◇ Power is determined collectively by an Esper’s level, attribute, relics, ascension, and times of Resonance. After each Power Up, Esper’s power will be increased.
◇ The Power Up animation can be turned on or off in settings.

4. Patch Notes
◇ Patch Notes will be added to the left of the home screen for a limited period of time to allow players to view the details about the adjustments to Esper growth. The Patch Notes will be displayed on the home screen for 14 days after players’ first-time log-in after the update.
◇ Details about item replacement will be available on the item replacement screen. Players can also see which items were replaced and which new items were obtained.

5. Added Heart Disks for Yang Jian (Yun Chuan), Arcana (Hermes), and Layla (Medjed) to DJ Contest.

6. Added new portraits in the following Espers’ albums: Li Ao, Falken, Arcana, Catherine, Jiang Man, Hall, Layla, Jeanne, Everett, Ife, Elliot, Sally, and Fatum Sisters. Unlocks for Lvl 50 Espers.

7. Added Esper Namecard frame and Bounty Tasks for Yun Chuan (Yang Jian) after he is max level, max ascended, and max resonated,

8. The new M-Pass will be available after the update on December 27th. Unlock the Sapphire M-Pass to acquire Namecard Ice Flower. Unlock the Radiant M-Pass to acquire Berenice’s skin: Gyrate’s Solstice.

Berenice skin

▌New Events

1. Truth Unveiled
– Event Time: 2022-12-27 (post-update) – 2023-01-13 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ Unlocks after clearing Story 4-16 on Normal Difficulty.
◇ During the event, the event map and gameplay, including the Search for the Secret Journey, Notes & Clues, Boss Trial will unlock. Players can join these activities and use Stamina to acquire Info Disks and redeem them for Legendary Abilimon, Shimmer Records, Gold Records, Flow Records, and other awesome rewards in the event shop!
◇ The event map contains 3 chapters: Infiltration, Reality Or Dream, and Grievances; of which, Grievances unlocks on the 5th day of the event. You will progress the Story and collect treasures and resources on the event map. After completing all Story missions on the map, you can proceed to the next chapter.
◇ There are a large number of enemies on the map. By defeating them, you can get Event XP to upgrade your Event Level. In the Story stages, your Espers’ levels are the same as the Event Level. So, you can level up to make subsequent battles easier.
◇ Search for the Secret Journey contains 5 sets of missions: 1 set of Daily Missions and 4 sets of Normal Missions. Completing missions grants rewards.
◇ When exploring the event map, you can collect Notes & Clues scattered throughout the map to restore Yun Chuan’s story.
In the Boss event, accept Yun Chuan’s trial to obtain a single challenge’s best record and claim the corresponding rating rewards. Points are calculated based on damage dealt to the Boss, and higher damage grants more points. In addition, each season’s Boss has different special mechanics. In addition to Player Ratings, there are also Division Rankings and World Rankings. Top players in their divisions will be rewarded with Legendary Abilimon, Shimmer Records, Gold Records, and more rewards.
◇ After January 10, 00:00 (UTC+0), the event map, Search for the Secret Journey, Notes & Clues, Boss Trial, and other gameplay will close. However, players can still redeem rewards in the Event Shop.

2. Limited-Time Echo Event for Yun Chuan (Yang Jian)
– Event Time: 2022-12-27 (post-update) – 2023-01-16 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ The event offers a special chance to summon Yun Chuan (Yang Jian) from Echo spins.
◇ Spend 100 Wish Stones in the Event pool to guarantee the acquisition of the current event’s featured Esper. Wish Stones are obtained by acquiring Epic or Legendary Espers from the Gold Record Player: 20 Wish Stones will be given for every Legendary Esper drawn and 1 Wish Stone for every Epic Esper drawn.
For more details, please refer to the Echo Adjustments section below.

3. Solstice City Night
– Event Time: 2022-12-27 00:00:00 – 2023-01-07 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ Unlocks for Lvl 25+ players.
◇ At the beginning of a new year, use beautiful lanterns to ignite your wishes for the future and get your Solstice gifts!
◇ During the Solstice City Night event, log in for the required number of days to light up lanterns and claim rewards, including Gold Records, Epic Abilimon, and more.

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▌Echo Adjustments

We will no longer be opening up Super Sound Matrix Pool starting from the next version. New rules for the Record Pool will be introduced.

1. Adjusted Gold Record Pool
◇ Every 100 spins still guarantees a Legendary Esper and every 20 spins still guarantee an Epic Esper.
◇ New Feature – Wish Stones: 20 Wish Stones will be given for every Legendary Esper drawn, and 1 Wish Stone for every Epic Esper drawn.
◇ Note: Wish Stones can only be obtained through drawing from Gold Card Pools (not including new player card pools).

2. Added Limited-Time Echo Pool
◇ The event pool opens for a limited period of time. Spend 100 Wish Stones in the event pool to get the current event’s featured Esper.

3. Added Wish Pool
◇ The Wish pool unlocks after acquiring 5 different non-Shimmer Legendary Espers, excluding those acquired from Esper Fusion.
◇ Players can put 5 different non-Shimmer Legendary Espers, not acquired from Esper Fusion, into the Wish pool. Spend 100 Wish Stones in the Wish pool to acquire an Esper from the 5 designated Espers.

Since the Super Sound Matrix Pool will no longer be available, we will use the following methods to convert the Super Sound Matrixes:
◇ Every Super Sound Matrix is exchanged for 6 Nexus Crystals. The Nexus Crystal will appear in players’ inventory automatically. Please check “patch notes” on the home screen to view the exact number of the exchanged items.
◇ Every Super Sound Matrix rewarded by Spatial Tower, Temporal Tower, Infinity Tower, and Sentinel Hunt will be exchanged for 6 Nexus Crystals.
◇ Packs containing Super Sound Matrix will be adjusted or removed.

Read more: Echo Spin Update (December 2022)

▌Gameplay Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Stage Adjustments

I. Story Stage
We are iterating the design of Story Stages to offer players a better, richer gaming experience as they sail through the stages.
◇ Added Star Rating and Star Rating rewards for Story Stages
The following 3-Star requirements will be introduced in the next version:
3-Star: Clear the stage with 0 Esper deaths
2-Star: Clear the stage with only 1 Esper death
1-Star: Clear the stage with more than 1 Esper death
Battle failure won’t grant Star Rating.
Note: If players have already cleared a Story Stage before the update, it will be counted as a 3-Star clearance, and players can claim the 3-Star reward directly.
◇ Adjusted unlock requirements for different difficulties of Story Stage
The Hard mode unlocks after completing Chapter 4 in Easy, and Purgatory unlocks after completing Chapter 4 in Hard.
◇ Added reward for the first clearance and adjusted the chapter rewards for some chapters.

sonic rift dislyte

II. Removed Practice Stage and added Sonic Rift
After the update, the Practice Stage will be removed from all chapters. Its gameplay will be incorporated into the new Sonic Rift, which is designed to offer players a more integrated experience of Esper growth.
◇ Unlock condition
Sonic Rift will unlock after clearing Story 2-4 on Normal Difficulty.
◇ Adjusted entrance
After the update, players can access Sonic Rift through home screen – Trials
◇ Sonic Rift gameplay overview
The difficulty of Sonic Rift increases (the level of enemies increases) as the players progress. Clear the current stage and acquire the required number of stars from Story Stage to unlock the next stage.
Sonic Rift stages require the players to complete the battle within a set number of turns. Players should defeat all waves of enemies within the set amount of turns. When reaching the maximum number of turns, if enemies are not defeated, or all Espers are killed, or if the player quits voluntarily or is logged out, this attempt will be considered a failure, and 1 stamina will be deducted.
◇ Rewards adjustment
Previously in Practice Stage, the Esper experience rewards were directly given to the deployed Espers. Now, most of the rewards will be given in the form of Experimon.

III. Ritual Miracle adjustments
◇ Adjusted Boss abilities
In this update, we are adjusting the Boss abilities in Ritual Miracle and dividing the 16 levels of difficulty into 5 tiers. We are making these changes to smooth out the acceleration in difficulties and make Boss stages more accessible.

To encourage players to use more diversified formations to beat different Bosses, in difficulty Hard and above, Espers that counter the Boss’ attribute will deal greater damage. In the Purgatory stages, added punishment towards Espers, whose elemental class does not counter the Boss’ attribute.

Adjustments to Ritual Miracle Boss:

Kronos: Reduced Kronos’ DMG and RESIST under all difficulties and deleted the Dispel effect of Blessing Tablet.
— We want to offer a bigger error margin to players, and we hope to see more negative effects on Kronos.

Apep: Reduced Apep’s basic ability DMG under all difficulties. While Toxic Detonation still increases the DMG when the target has debuffs, the increase is smaller. Toxic Detonation will be able to dispel players’ buffs under all difficulties. Under difficulty Ordinary and above, Apep gains HP Recovery when casts Toxic Detonation. We also redesigned the ability Blessing Tablet, which can now cast Poison toward all enemies.
— We hope players can opt for more diversified formations when attacking Apep. We also want the focus to be countering the Poison effect rather than handling Apep’s insane DMG.

Fafnir: Blessing Tablet will no longer grant Immunity to the Boss. A new passive ability, Dragon’s Reversal, is added to Fafnir. Fafnir will gain Andvari’s Shard periodically. Every stack of Andvari’s Shard grants C. DMG. Shards can be dispelled or stolen.
— These changes are designed to encourage players to use Dispel and Steal to get more favorable results.

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These adjustments are subject to changes. Please check the final content in-game after the update.

◇ Adjusted the relic drop probability (in terms of the relic level and numbers of secondary attributes) at different difficulties. For difficulties below 16, it is now harder to acquire relics of a certain quality. Difficulty 16 remains unchanged.

◇ Adjusted stamina consumed at different difficulties:
Difficulties 1 to 4: Consume 6 stamina
Difficulties 5 to 7: Consume 8 stamina
Difficulties 8 to 11: Consume 10 stamina
Difficulties 12 to 13: Consume 12 stamina
Difficulties 14 to 16: Consume 15 stamina

IV. Adjusted stamina consumed at Desolate Lands and Sonic Miracle
◇ Desolate Lands will consume 15 stamina.
◇ Adjusted stamina consumed at different difficulties of Sonic Miracle:
Difficulties 1 to 2: Consume 6 stamina
Difficulties 3 to 5: Consume 8 stamina
Difficulties 6 to 7: Consume 10 stamina
Difficulty 8: Consumes 12 stamina
◇ Removed the setting where the Stamina cost of Desolate Lands is halved for a certain period.

V. Added limit on the number of battle turns
To avoid the extreme incidences of battles running too long and can’t be concluded, now in Story Stage, Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Cube Miracle, and Infinite Miracle, if the limit of battle turns is reached (the exact limit is determined by the type and difficulty of the stage) and players haven’t won, this challenge will count as defeat.

2. Espers acquisition sources adjustment
Considering this update’s adjustment and addition to the game content, to ensure players’ reliable sources to acquire suitable Espers to clear stages, we are making the following changes and additions to the methods of acquiring certain Espers.

new esper obtain sources dislyte

*Note: players who have created their characters before the next update (version 3.1.7) will be able to acquire Sally (Sif) at Echo even before clearing Spatial Tower 100F.
For more details, please refer to the Espers Acquisition Sources Adjustment Overview under the announcement section.

3. Esper Fusion adjustments
The following adjustments will be made to Esper Fusion in this update:
◇ Changed target Espers
Changed the target Espers to be acquired through Esper Fusion from Fabrice (Freyr) and Gabrielle (Njord) to Alexa (Aphrodite) and Lucas (Apollo).
◇ Changed fusion materials
In addition to the Ascension level requirement, main Esper materials must also match the Resonance requirement. Selected Esper materials won’t disappear when fused. However, secondary Esper materials can’t be fused again to get the same Esper’s Materia.

4. Bounties adjustments
◇ Increased the chance of getting Nexus Crystal and reduced the chance of getting Gold in blue Bounty Missions.
◇ Replaced the leveling-up and Star promotion missions with other missions of the same color.
◇ When going from the Bounty Mission clue to the Story Stage selection screen, added tips indicating which Story Stage to go to.

5. Cube Miracle adjustments
◇ Cube Miracle Difficulty 1 now contains two floors. This difficulty will no longer support Raid.
◇ After defeating the enemies, the former rewards that drop at random chances (Starimon, Experimon, Nexus Crystal, and Gold Record) are replaced by guaranteed Relic. The higher the Cube Miracle difficulty, the stronger the Relic.
◇ Cube Stone will drop from Difficulty 5 and above.
◇ Current progress at Cube Miracle will be reset after the update.

6. Holobattle adjustment
◇ The formation used in the most recent Holobattle will automatically become the default formation for the next battle.

7. Adjusted the starting HP in PVP
Increased the starting HP for both sides in Point War, Holobattle, Casual Matches, and other PVP gameplays. The increased HP, however, will not affect the HP-based DMG.

▌Esper growth-related Changes and Optimizations

1. Adjusted max level

I. Increased Squad level cap
◇ After the update, the max level for Squad is increased from 60 to 100.
◇ Leveling up the Squad increases the Stamina cap. Each leveling up also grants Stamina rewards.

II. Changed the XP requirement for leveling up Squad and Esper
◇ After the update, leveling up accounts and Espers will require higher XP.

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III. Added level cap for Espers
◇ After the update, Espers’ max level is subject to a player’s Squad level.
Squad Lvl 1 – 9: Esper caps at Lvl 15
Squad Lvl 10 – 14: Esper caps at Lvl 20
Squad Lvl 15 – 39: Esper max level = Squad level + 10
Squad Lvl 40 and above: Esper caps at Lvl 60
◇ Note: If currently the Squad level is below 40, yet some Espers’ levels are higher than the cap set in the new rules, their current levels will be carried forward instead of being reverted to the cap. However, before raising the cap through leveling up the Squad, these Espers will not be able to level up.

2. Starimon adjustments
◇ Removed Starimon levels:
Starimon is set to Lvl 1. Cannot be deployed or upgraded.
Starimon’s current XP will be converted into Experimon, which will appear in the inventory automatically after the update.
◇ Added Starimon fuse and disassemble
3-Star Starimon x5 can be fused into 4-Star Starimon x1.
4-Star Starimon x5 can be fused into 5-Star Starimon x1.
One 4-Star Starimon can be disassembled into 3-Star Starimon x4; one 5-Star Starimon can be disassembled into 4-Star Starimon x4

3. Resonance adjustments

I. Adjusted the Resonance mechanism
◇ To improve players’ gaming experience and optimize the formation strategies, in response to the possibility of getting the same Esper repeatedly (from Echo, Esper Ripple, etc.), we are making the below adjustments to Resonance and Divine Sequencer:
◇ When getting an Esper repeatedly, the redundant Esper will be automatically converted into Esper Materia. When getting 6 or more repeated Esper Materia, those will be automatically converted into Dioprism or Monoprism to be used in the Divine Sequencer Shop.
◇ Use an Esper’s Materia to conduct Resonance for that Esper. Each Resonance costs 1 target Esper’s Materia.
◇ Each Resonance unlocks a part of the track for that Esper’s Solo. A target Esper’s Solo will be unlocked after 6 Resonances.
Updated Esper Solos of Lucas (Apollo), Li Ling (Nezha), Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong), Donar (Thor), Everett (Tyr), Sally (Sif), and Yun Chuan (Yang Jian). Other Espers’ Solos will be released gradually in future updates.
◇ Each Esper can conduct up to 6 Resonances. Each Resonance unlocks Divine Gates that boost an Esper’s powers through higher stats or stronger abilities.
◇ Here are the details about the Divine Gates of all the Espers: Divine Gates

II. About the repeated Espers acquired before the update:
◇ When there are multiple copies of the same Esper, the one with the highest ability upgrades is considered the “original copy”. If several copies have the same level of ability upgrades, the “original copy” will be determined based on the following order: Resonance, Star Rating, Level, Ascension Level, and the time of acquisition. When the sum of the number of copies of the same Esper (original and redundant) and their Resonance levels is no larger than 7, the redundant copies and their Resonance will be transformed into a corresponding number of Esper Materia. All the resources invested in the redundant copies will be reimbursed. Every repeated Esper also grants a Starimon of that Esper’s initial Star Rating.
◇ When the sum of the number of copies (original and redundant) and their Resonance levels is larger than 7, the first 7 redundancies will be handled as mentioned above. The rest of the excessive copies and their Resonance will be converted into Dioprism or Monoprism according to the original Star Rating of the Esper, and all the previously invested resources will be reimbursed.
◇ Redundant copies from Esper Fusion
Fabrice (Freyr) and Gabrielle (Njord): Same as the first two rules listed above, which apply to common Espers.
Odette (Skadi) and Everett (Tyr): if the sum of the number of copies (original and redundant) and their Resonance levels is larger than 7, all the Fusion and Esper growth materials invested into the redundancies beyond 7 will be reimbursed. If not, the rules for other Espers also apply here.
◇ The reimbursed resources and relics removed from repeated Espers will appear in your inventory after the update.
◇ If your formations in Point War, Holobattle, or other activities contain copies of repeated Espers (which will be converted after the update), please adjust your formations timely.

4. Divine Sequencer Shop adjustments
After the update, when getting 6 or more repeated Esper Materia, those will be automatically converted into Dioprism or Monoprism. Players won’t need to manually disassemble the repeated Esper Materia.
Dioprism and Monoprism can be used to redeem new items in the Divine Sequencer Shop, including Sander shards, Dhalia shards, Lu Yi shards, Asenath shards, Legendary Starimon, and more.

5. Relic changes
◇ After the update, the Star Rating of relics will be removed, and levels will be added.
There will be 9 tiers of relic levels. The cap of enhancement level and the number of secondary attributes are determined by a relic’s tier.
The rarity of different Relics is determined by their levels. Relics of different levels have different Main Attribute and Secondary Attribute caps.
The rarity of different Relics is determined by their levels and is classified by different colors. Relics of different levels have different Main Attribute and Secondary Attribute caps.
Lvl 5: +0 enhancement level, 0 secondary attribute
Lvl 10: +0 enhancement level, 0-1 secondary attribute
Lvl 15: +3 enhancement levels, 0-2 secondary attributes
Lvl 20: +6 enhancement levels, 0-3 secondary attributes
Lvl 25: +9 enhancement levels, 1-3 secondary attributes
Lvl 30: +12 enhancement levels, 1-4 secondary attributes
Lvl 40: +12 enhancement levels, 1-4 secondary attributes
Lvl 50: +15 enhancement levels, 2-4 secondary attributes
Lvl 60: +15 enhancement levels, 2-4 secondary attributes
Note: After the update, the Star Ratings of players’ relics will be converted into levels. Current enhancement levels and secondary attributes won’t be affected.
◇ Adjusted the effect of Tyranny of Zeus Set: when dealing damage through multiple hits, the chance of Stunning the target slightly decreases with every hit.
◇ In Relic Fusion, Basic, Advanced, and Elite Fusion will grant Lvl 40, Lvl 50, and Lvl 60 Relics, respectively.

6. Adjusted inventory
Changed Esper Vault into Upgrade Materials to store materials for Esper growth (Abilimon, Starimon, Experimon, and ascension materials). Espers will no longer be stored under this section. In the meantime, Abilimon, Starimon, and Experimon will not be shown on the scrolling list of Espers.

▌Esper Balance Adjustments

In correspondence with the stage adjustments in version 3.1.7, to give every Esper a clearer and more unique role to open up more possibilities in formations and strategies, we will adjust the abilities, captain ability, and stats of some Espers after the update.

1. Abilities changes
Cecilia (Isis)
◇ Changed Ability 2 Crimson Protection from passive to active
◇ Revives and heals all fallen allies. Heals their HP and increases their AP. Each revived ally extends this ability’s Cooldown. Grants Shield to all allies and increases all allies’ AP. This ability’s Cooldown is not affected by anything.
◇ Ascension: Upon Cecilia’s death, if this ability is not under cooldown, casts it.

Sienna (Gaia)
◇ Ability 3 Wrath of the World: Upon successfully clearing enemy AP, the chance of inflicting Stun increases, and this ability’s cooldown shortens.

Sally (Sif)
◇ Ability 2 Universal: now also grants Recovery to all allies.

Gabrielle (Njord)
◇ Ability 1 Wavebreaker: Changed single attack into multistage attacks. The total DMG of this ability remains the same.
◇ Ability 3 Rush: Changed single attack into multistage attacks. The total DMG of this ability remains the same.

Brewster (Garmr)
◇ Added new effect to Reload! Attack! (cannot dispel): Transfers debuff(s) to the target while attacking.

Clara (Hera)
◇ Ability 1 Queen’s Blessing: Changed multistage attacks into a single attack. The total DMG of this ability and other effects remain the same.

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Lewis (Ares)
◇ Added new effect to Ability 2 Flames of Fury: Casts Sear on the target after attacking.
◇ Added new effect to Ability 3 Rage Avatar after ascension: Gains Invincibility for 1 turn upon killing a target.

Anesidora (Pandora)
◇ Anesidora has reliable crowd-control abilities and relatively short ability cooldowns. She can be paired up with Ocean Waves Set. When deployed in PVP, for example, Point War, she is a formidable DMG dealer and crowd controller.
After the adjustment, Pandora will continue to reap the rewards through her high DMG in Infinity Tower, but she needs support from other Espers for better crowd control. In Point War and other PVP gameplays, she can still have tight control over the enemy’s key unit and accurately take out the target. However, the enemy also has the chance to turn the table at the last minute.

◇ Added new effect to Ability 2 Doom Box after ascension: Immediately triggers Pandora’s Box and Stuns the target.
◇ Adjusted the effects of Pandora’s Box: changed “the enemy loses a certain percentage of current HP upon taking 2 action turns” to “the enemy loses a certain percentage of current AP after each action turn”; changed Stun to SPD Down.

Sander (Set)
◇ Ability 3 Sandstorm: Changed multistage attacks into a single attack. The total DMG of this ability remains the same. Reduces the target’s AP with greater reliability.

Dhalia (Calypso)
◇ Ability 2 Umbra Attack: Reduced the chance of inflicting Freeze on target(s) with SPD Down. Increases ability cooldown.

Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon)
◇ Ability 1 Shadow Sword: Changed “deals extra damage upon a Crit” into “gains SPD Up”
◇ Added new effect to Ability 2 Dragon Gasp: When attacking, inflicts SPD Down on the target.
Ability 2 no longer triggers Stealth Mode but instead extends Stealth Mode. Xiao Yin’s former AP increase effect after coming out of Stealth Mode has been adjusted to AP absorption upon dealing damage during Stealth Mode.
◇ Ability 3 Blossom Sword: The debuff(s) on the target will no longer increase damage. Added the chance to reduce the target’s AP. The Stealth Mode will be triggered upon reducing the target’s AP rather than killing the target.

Lynn (Hathor)
◇ Ability 3 Ruler of Dendera: Changed the single attack into multistage attacks. The total DMG of this ability remains the same. After the ascension, added the effect of increasing the caster’s AP.

Alexa (Aphrodite)
◇ Ability 1 Brilliance: Added the effect of inflicting Miss Rate Up on the target.
◇ Ability 2 Phantasia: After the ascension, the former effect “all of the target’s ability cooldowns -1 turn” is changed into “dispels 1 debuff from all allies. Heals all allies upon successful dispel.”
◇ Ability 3 Kiss of the Nightingale: When a target is granted with Kiss of the Nightingale, in addition to reflecting damage back to their attacker when taking a hit, 1 debuff will be dispelled from them at the beginning of their turn.

Meredith (Scylla)
◇ Ability 1 Sonic Venom: Changed single attack into multistage attacks. The total DMG of this ability is increased. Changed “chance of inflicting Poison” to “chance of dispelling buff from the target.”
◇ Added new effect to Ability 3 Hand of Scylla: If the target’s HP is above a certain ratio, reduces this ability’s cooldown and grants SPD Up to all allies.
After the ascension, changed “grants SPD Up” to “grants Recovery to allies with HP above a certain ratio.”

Djoser (Atum)
◇ Ability 1 Brutalizer: Changed “inflict DEF Down on the target” to “dispel the caster’s debuff”.
◇ Ability 2 Eternal Strength (Passive): Being attacked will no longer grant Bull Rage. However, when Bull Rage is active, attacks will inflict Diseased on targets and can’t be resisted.
After the ascension, changed “grants an additional turn upon gaining 10 stacks of Bull Rage” to “gains 1 stack of Bull Rage per attack.”
◇ Ability 3 Burning Roar
Added new effect: Gains 5 stacks of Bull Rage, removed the HP restoration.
Adjusted the effect of DMG dealt to focus more on defense; “Inflicts Taunt” is changed into “Inflicts DEF Down on the target.”
◇ Added new effect to Bull Rage: When inflicted with a debuff other than Incapacitated, there is a chance of consuming 1 Bull Rage stack to ignore this debuff.
◇ After adjustment, Bull Rage becomes dispellable.

Laura (Neith)
Ability 2 Shield Guardian (Passive): Enhanced Shield strength and increased the chance of counterattack after the ascension.
Ability 3 Iron Wall: When granting Shield to a target, the Shield Strength will no longer be determined by the target’s max HP but by Laura’s max HP.

Note: For players who have upgraded the target Esper, we will send them Esper rewind items, which reset the target Esper to default status, and the materials consumed will be reimbursed (excluding materials used in Resonance). This compensation is sent via email.

2. Captain Ability changes
The following Espers’ Captain Ability will be changed:
Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei): Increases ally C. RATE by 20%
Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai): Increases ally ACC by 30%
Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon): Increases ally ATK in Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Desolate Lands, and Sentinel Hunt by 30%
Alexa (Aphrodite): Increases ally HP by 24%
Djoser (Atum): Increases ally RESIST by 30%
Meredith (Scylla): Increases ally SPD in Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, Desolate Lands, and Sentinel Hunt by 25%
Falken (Horus): Increases ally SPD by 20%

3. Esper stats adjustments
Ahmed (Geb): Increases ATK, DEF, HP
Eira (Freya): Increases the ratio of ATK among all stats
Hyde (Hades): Reduces HP ratio and increases ATK and DEF
Lu Yi (Dayi): Slightly increases SPD
Ollie (Osiris): Increases the ratio of DEF among all stats and slightly increases SPD
Sally (Sif): Slightly increases SPD
Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong): Increases the ratio of ATK among all stats
Tevor (Sphinx): Increases ATK, DEF, HP
Triki (Loki): Increases the ratio of ATK among all stats
Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon): Increases the ratio of ATK among all stats and slightly increases SPD

▌Shop and Plaza Adjustments

1. Buff adjustments
◇ After Blitz is introduced, players can use MemoChips to quickly claim rewards, multiplying the effects of current booster items definitively. After the update, we will remove the booster items while we work on a new boost mechanism. The boosters that are already applied and in effect will not be affected (excluding the effect from Black Gold Monthly Card). The boosters in the inventory will be converted into Nexus Crystals using the below conversion rates.
Relic Bonus (2h): 200 Nexus Crystals
Esper XP Booster (8h): 100 Nexus Crystals
Esper XP Booster (24h): 200 Nexus Crystals
Elemental Wave Booster (1h): 250 Nexus Crystals
Note: This compensation will appear in players’ inventory automatically. Please check “patch notes” on the home screen to view the exact amount of the compensation.

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◇ After the update, all booster items under Resources in Plaza will be removed, including Esper XP Booster (8h), Esper XP Booster (24h), and Elemental Wave Booster (1h).

◇ Black Gold Monthly Card adjustment: Removed the XP booster and expanded the Stamina cap increase from +30 to +60; the Gold bonus remains the same. For current Black Gold Monthly Card holders, the new rules will apply after the update.

2. Pack adjustments:
◇ Added MemoChip (time-limited) *60 to the Daily Gift at Plaza.
◇ Upgraded Book of Guidance rewards. Players who have purchased Book of Guidance will receive compensation to match the rewards they already claimed to the increased amount after the update. The compensation will be sent via email.
◇ Removed some packs.
◇ Added Wish Stone packs. Unlocks after acquiring 5 or more Legendary Espers or having created the account for 14 days or longer.

3. Shop Item Adjustments
◇ Gold Shop
Levels of random Relics have been adjusted
Starimon’s refresh probability has been increased
Experimon’s price has been increased
◇ Cube Shop
Removed: Limited Relics
Available for purchase: Elemental Records, Xie Yuzhi Ripples, and Rare Starimon
◇ Tournament Shop
Removed: Limited Relics, Gold Records, and Nexus Crystals
Available for purchase: Elemental Records and Donar Ripples
◇ Club Shop
Removed: Melanie Ripples, Gold Records (original price), Ripple Boxes, Legendary Starimon, and Epic Starimon
Available for purchase: Fabrice Ripples and Rare Starimon
The limited purchase attempts for Reset Stones have been increased.

▌Other Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Adjusted Missions and Rewards:
◇ Adjusted the content of the Growth Plan, Recon Plan, and Star Promotion.
◇ After the update, progress in Recon Plan and Star Promotion will be reset. Players can complete the courses again to win rewards.

【Club Tasks】
◇ Changed the rewards of Club daily tasks from Nexus Crystal x20 and Club Point x30 to Gold x20000 and Club Point x60.
◇ Changed the rewards of Club weekly tasks from Nexus Crystal x50 and Club Point x150 to Gold x50000 and Club Point x200.

◇ Daily Quest reward adjustments:
20 Activeness: Changed from Gold x20000 to Nexus Crystal x50 and MemoChip x50.
40 Activeness: Changed from Advanced Experimon x1 and Basic Divine Wave Opt-Pack x2 to Gold x20000 and MemoChip x50.
60 Activeness: Changed from Nexus Crystal x30 and Stamina Supply Pack (time-limited) x1 to Nexus Crystal x50, Stamina Supply Pack (time-limited) x1, and MemoChip x50.
80 Activeness: Unchanged
100 Activeness: Changed from Nexus Crystal x70, 3-Star Starimon x1 and Gold x50000 to Nexus Crystal x50 and Gold x50000
◇ Added Sonic Rift-related quests to Daily Quest

【Rookie Event】
◇ After completing the 5-day Rookie event, the reward Esper is changed from Hathor to Death Guard Hei. The event tasks are also adjusted. For players in the process of this 5-day event, the tasks for the day of the update will refresh after the update. Players can complete the tasks again and claim rewards.
◇ Slightly adjusted Growth Plan and leveling up rewards.

【DJ Contest】
Nexus Crystal rewards have been removed from DJ Contest.

【Star Promotion Pack】
Among the rewards for triggering the Star Promotion Pack for the first time, the Elemental Wave Booster and Starimon with levels will be replaced with the Divine Wave Opt-Pack and Experimon.

2. Adjusted the requirements to unlock certain features
◇ The requirements to unlock several features and missions have been changed. Players will need to meet the new requirements to access these features. Otherwise, they will remain locked. For details, please check the in-game tips.
◇ Rookie Resource Guide will be removed after the update.

3. After the update, Relic storage capacity will further increase based on the number of max-level Legendary Espers players currently have. For details, please visit the Relic Market and check the guide.

4. Display, performance, and other optimizations
◇ Optimized the prompt when casting negative effects on targets with Immunity. The displayed text is changed from “Resist” to “Immune” so that players can clearly understand whether failing to cast negative effects was due to Immunity or the target’s RESIST.
◇ Streamlined the entries from the home screen to different gameplays.
◇ Redesigned the Trials screen.
◇ Optimized the battery use when the game graphics are set to the highest.
◇ Improved the performance of Today’s Special Event under Expedition.
◇ Optimized the notice on the defeat screen.
◇ Esper portrait & model adjustments: Changed the texts on Helena’s sash, added a ring to Zeus’ hand, and adjusted both their portrait models.
◇ Optimized Odette’s English voice lines.
◇ In correspondence with the version update, changed part of the content in Achievements.
◇ Improved the experience of drawing from the Gold Record pool.
◇ In Point War Defense and VR Battlegrounds, added “Enhance” button on the Esper info screen that leads players directly to the enhance screen.
◇ The repeated Espers and undeployable characters displayed on Personal Space will be removed.
◇ The stage clearance records of repeated Espers and undeployable characters will be deleted.

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