Feature Unlocks

Complete list of all features in Dislyte and when you can unlock them.

If there is anything missing, please kindly comment and help us build up the list completely. Thank you a lot!

Dislyte Features

Dislyte Feature Unlocks

2-4 Blitz
2-8 DJ Contest
Esper Community
11-16 Calamity Island
First Sonic Miracle Club
Level 7 Relic Fusion
Level 9 Cube Miracle
Level 10 Spatial Tower
Level 13 Bounty
Level 15 Sonic Miracle
Level 16 Union Academy
Level 18 Point War
Level 20 Expedition
Level 25 Esper Fusion
Level 30 Club Holobattle
Level 40 Divine Sequencer
Level 50 Desolate Lands
Relic Boost
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