Divine Sequence – How to Dissemble Espers

Looking for a way to dissemble your duplicated Espers? Divine Sequencer function will be available once your Squad reached level 40.

It can be accessed by tapping the lightning bolt button in the upper right corner of the Echo interface.

Divine Sequence

How to Dissemble Espers with Divine Sequence

You can insert an Esper into the sequencer to get Monoprisms and Dioprisms, which can be exchanged for great rewards such as Shimmer in the Divine Shop!

Do note that:

  • You can only disassemble Lvl 1 Espers without any advancement (leveling up, ability upgrades, ascension, etc.).
  • OnIy when an Esper has reached max resonances, non-upgraded Espers of the same name can be disassembled.
  • You cannot disassemble Legendary Espers obtained from Esper Fusion.
Divine Sequence Dislyte
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