DJ Contest Guide & Tips

DJ Contest is an interesting new mini music game inside the Dislyte game where players need to do different actions with the DJ disk to match the floating tiles, get the points, and earn a lot of rewards while listening to the game stunning soundtracks.

How to play Dislyte DJ Contest

Match Notes: Spin the disk to match the color of the falling notes.

DJ Contest match note

Tap Note: Tap the disk as the notes fall.

DJ Contest tap note

Swipe Note: Swipe the disk in the indicated direction when the note falls.

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DJ Contest swipe note

Hold Note: Match the color of the falling note to hold the disk to trace it until the note disappears.

dj contest hold note

Scratch Note: Keep scratching the disk left and right until the note disappears.

dj contest scratch note
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Where do you get more music for the dj contest? Or has more not been released yet? It’s my favorite mode.

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