The Expedition mode in Dislyte is a very exciting feature where players can send out the Espers to complete different missions automatically and claim the respective rewards passively.

For example, when you send out your Espers to “attack” Apep idly, you will gain the rewards that the Apep offers in the Ritual Miracle menu.

The Expedition is located inside the Trials section.

Dislyte Expedition Rules

The Esper Union has been exploring new areas for potential Miracle Resources and handling Special Events since its founding. Individual Union Squads can also take on Expedition missions independently.

You can go on up to 3 Expedition missions daily (resets at UTC-0), and going on an Expedition mission consumes Stamina. Esper Squads can focus on already cleared sections of the Ritual or Sonic Miracle at the highest difficulty for access to greater rewards, including Relics and Ascension Materials.

Squads can also handle daily Special Events, which offer unique rewards.

Expedition teams can vary in size; some destinations will also allow you to claim a bonus reward if all Explorers meet certain Elemental Class / Star Rating requirements.

Dislyte Expedition 2

Expedition missions can be quite long. You can only claim the reward once all team members have returned.

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