Dislyte Update v1.5.1 Patch Notes

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on December 14, 2021, 7:00-12:00 AM (UTC+0) to update and improve the game. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive a 400 Nexus Crystals reward via in-game mail afterward. Note: The server may resume at an earlier or later time as necessary.

You will be unable to sign in during this period. Please be aware that it is coming and may force you to log out unexpectedly.

▌New Features

1. Added levels 91-100 to the Spatial Tower. Complete Level 100 to acquire the legendary Flow-attuned Esper, Donar (Thor).

2. Added the Ripple Dimension Gameplay. Complete Story 3-8 to unlock.

  • There’s a chance you’ll trigger the Ripple Dimension dungeons while exploring the Sonic Miracle and Ritual Miracle. Clear the dungeons to acquire the Esper Ripples of the Shimmer-attuned Epic Esper Asenath (Nefertem), all Flow, Inferno, and Wind-attuned Rare Espers, and Ye Suhua (Shao Siming). Combine 30/40 Esper Ripples to acquire 1 Rare/Epic Esper.
  • The Ripple Dimension dungeon can be shared with friends and the world channel.

3. Added the Temporal Tower. Complete Level 100 in the Spatial Tower to unlock.

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  • There are 50 levels in the Temporal Tower and plenty of rare rewards, such as Shimmer Records, Classic Platinum Records, Gold Records, and Nexus Crystals up for grabs.
    *Shimmer Record: Gives a 100% chance of obtaining a Shimmer Esper.
    *Classic Platinum Record: Gives a 100% chance of obtaining a non-Shimmer Legendary or Epic Esper.
  • The Temporal Tower features 1 Phase per month, which is reset on the 1st day of the month at 0:00 (server time). When opened, it will clear all progress, rankings, and formations from the last Phase and require challenging the Temporal Tower from Lvl 1 again.

4. Added the new Shimmer-attuned Rare Esper Bai Liuli (White Snake) and Inferno-attuned Legendary Esper Lucas (Apollo), who can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

5. Some stages in the Story – Normal Mode now feature Nexus Crystal rewards. Players that have already cleared those stages will receive the Nexus Crystals via mail following the update.

6. Added stories to chapter 11.

7. Added Tactics Exam sessions for Kara (Serket), Li Ling (Nezha), Eira (Freya), and Lu Yi (Dayi).

8. Added a new notification feature. After enabling, the game will send notifications when Stamina and Point War tickets are full. Notification options can be adjusted in the settings.

9. Added a new announcement system for checking the latest game announcements, which is accessed by tapping on [Announcements] on the right side of the main page.

10. Added a new account initialization feature, which can be accessed in the settings to delete all account data. Please use with caution.

11. Added new monster types: Harpy (2-Star), Demon (2-Star).

▌New Espers

1. Donar (Thor) [5-Star, Flow]

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Donar is a powerful DPS character who can convert DEF into damage.

  • Donar’s Ability 1, Upward Lightning, deals damage to 1 target based on his ATK and DEF, and has a chance to inflict ATK Down on the target.
  • Donar’s passive Thundercrack makes him an electrical conductor at the end of each turn, and at the start of his new turn, he deals damage to all enemies based on his DEF. Disable removes his conductor state.
    After Ascension, when any of his active abilities triggers a blast, Thundercrack’s cooldown is reduced.
  • Donar’s Ability 3, Explosions in the Sky, deals damage to 1 target based on his
    ATK and DEF, and adds DEF Up and Immunity to himself.

→How to obtain: Clear Level 100 in the Spatial Tower.

2. Asenath (Nefertem) [4-Star, Shimmer]

Asenath is a healing Esper that grants both AP buffs and Health Regen.

  • Asenath’s Ability 1, Flower of Resentment, attacks 1 enemy target, and has a chance to dispel the target’s buffs.
  • Asenath’s Ability 2, Dancing Buds recovers HP of all allies and applies Recovery to each ally.
  • Her Ability 3, Lotus Steps, increases AP of all allies and adds a Lotus Mark. When under the Lotus Mark effect, damage taken is reduced. The mark disappears after taking damage, and heals the ally for a certain amount of HP.
    After Ascension, whenever a Lotus Mark disappears, Asenath’s AP is increased.

→How to obtain: Ripple Dimension.

3. Lucas (Apollo) [5-Star, Inferno]

Lucas possesses powerful disable abilities.

  • Ability 1: Lightpulse attacks a target 3 times. Triggering a Crit will increase his AP.
  • Ability 2: The Blessing of Phobos attacks all enemies with a chance to inflict Stun.
    After Ascension, every Stunned target increases his AP.
  • Ability 3: Pillar of Light attacks all enemy targets 3 times. Each attack has a chance to dispel the target’s buff and decrease their AP.

→How to obtain: Can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

4. Bai Liuli (White Snake) [3-Star, Shimmer]

Bai Liuli possesses powerful buff steal and support abilities.

  • Bai Liuli’s Ability 1, Hiss, attacks 1 enemy target, and has a chance to inflict Silence.
  • Her passive Shedding randomly dispels a debuff inflicted on her at the start of each turn.
    After Ascension, the HP of the whole team is restored before each of her turns.
  • After Ability 3: Incorporeal is cast, enemies are randomly attacked 5 times, and Bai has a chance of stealing their buffs. These random attacks prioritize new targets, and deal decreasing damage to already hit targets.

→How to obtain: Can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Due to recent changes in creative direction and the feedback received from players, we will be revealing a re-release of Sun Wukong in the next update. As part of the redesign, the hero’s appearance and gender have been changed, as well as its Careers. We hope everyone enjoys the new design.

2. Now you are guaranteed at least 1 Epic Esper when making 20 draws from the Gold Record card pool. This guarantee will be in effect after the update.

3. Improved the drop rate of 5-Star and 6-Star Relics on Difficulty 6-10 in the Ritual Miracle.

4. Improved the growth rate of ATK, DEF, and HP Main Attributes as well as improved the growth rate of ATK and DEF Secondary Attributes.

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5. Ascension now grants a greater stats boost.

new ascension stat boost

6. Cube Miracle-related adjustments and optimizations:

  • Added new reward chests. Players can acquire a chest for every floor completed, which contains Cube Crystals (new item), Epic Spirimon, E-cash, Nexus Crystals, and Relics. Cube Crystals can be exchanged for valuable items in the Cube Shop.
  • Removed the 50 Nexus Crystal reward from the Cube Shop (adjusted to a reward chest), and added a new limited 6-Star War Machine Set and 6-Star Adamantine Set, which can be acquired with Cube Crystals.
  • Upon acquiring a Rune, it will be automatically equipped if the player’s Runewheel Slot isn’t full.
  • Now the Runewheel features 6 slots on each floor.
  • Added new Runes, while removing the following ones: Rune of Recovery, Rune of Onslaught, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Courage, Rune of Fantasia, and Rune of Aim.

In addition, the Rune of Nightmare and Rune of Hallucination have been adjusted.

7. Improvements to Point War:

  • Offensive and defensive battle reports are now provided separately for easier viewing.
  • Battle reports now feature a battle replay function for viewing the battle sequence.
  • Failed attacks will now be rewarded with a small number of points.
  • Added a defensive performance evaluation feature, which provides a 1-5 Star evaluation to players in each tier throughout the season. This evaluation can be viewed on the Battle Report page and Defense page.
  • Added a The Light Above Set to the Tournament Shop, which can be acquired with Supply Vouchers.

8. Course adjustments and optimizations:

  • Added a new Recon Plan course.
  • The Growth Plan has been totally redesigned. After the update, players may encounter adjustments to missions and rewards. For players who already finished the course, the Growth Plan will be reopened so they can complete the new missions.
  • The Growth Plan and Recon Plan courses have new missions and reward tips on the main page, making it easier for players to view them.
  • Completion rewards for courses will now be adjusted based on the last mission in each course.
  • After completing the Course, Recon Plan, you can unlock the Epic Flow-attuned Esper, Mona, and the Rare Wind-attuned Esper, Brynn.

9. Story changes:

  • The difficulty has been reduced in Story (Normal Mode) Chapter 8–12, and Story (Hard).
  • Adjusted the Story (Hard) Chapter Rewards.
  • XP gained from clearing the Practice Stage has been increased by 25%.

10. The effect of some Sets has been adjusted:

  • Increased Master Grove Set HP bonus from 20% to 25%.
  • Increased Stoneveins Set DEF bonus from 20% to 25%.
  • Reduced Adamantine Set shield strength from 20% to 15% of max HP.

11. Difficulty has been greatly reduced in the Spatial Tower after Level 50.

12. The 7-Day Login Rewards event will disappear after the update. Players participating in the event who haven’t received their rewards will receive any outstanding rewards via mail. Rewards will be issued within 3 working days after the update.

13. The 80 Activeness Stamina Pack reward in daily quests will be adjusted to E-cash.

14. Items in the Online Union Shops will now be listed in descending order based on their grade.

15. We’ve adjusted the grade and color of Silver Records and the icon for Double XP items.

16. The Cube Miracle, Spatial Tower, and Quick Promote options are now available after completing Story 2-8, 3-8, and 6-8 respectively.

17. Some mission content has been changed in the Path to Mastery event (rewards have remained unchanged).

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Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where some players’ achievement in An Advancing Squad cannot be completed normally, and reward claim issues.

2. Fixed a text issue in the Courses system (Use an Immunity and clear Kronos on Difficulty Lvl 5).

3. Fixed an issue where the ability descriptions sometimes disappeared during battle.

4. Fixed an issue where some players couldn’t get the reward after completing the mission in the Cube Miracle.

5. Fixed an issue where Poseidon’s Ability 3, after being upgraded to a specific level, only dealt damage to one enemy.

Preview of New Content

The much-anticipated guild system is almost ready to be launched. Get ready to complete guild missions with your fellow guild members for some handsome rewards!
The login event will also be fully optimized. Stay tuned!

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