Who Should I 6-Star Next?

If you have a lot of Espers to work on and don’t know which you should get to 6-star and level 60 next, here are our quick recommendation.

Upgrade Priority – Who to 6-star next in Dislyte?

  1. Primary DPS: These are units can can fit in as many comps and can run as many different content as possible. Examples: Tang Xuan Sun Wukong Tang Xuan, Li Ling Nezha Li Ling, and Mona Artemis Mona)
  2. Primary Controller: They contribute “some” damage but their primary job is to CC, speed up, slow down, or all of the above. Examples: Sander Set Sander
  3. Secondary DPS/Specialists: These are your units that have a very specialized role and dont fit into many team comps or run many different content optimically. Examples: Jacob Jormungand Jacob and Hyde Hades Hyde.
  4. Healer: These guys keep your team alive, so keep them healthy enough to keep your team alive. Examples: Sally Sif Sally, Chang Pu Yao Ji Chang Pu, Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua
  5. Supports: These units don’t contribute raw damage numbers, but can contribute in other ways such as ATK UP, and CRIT Rate UP, or AP UP. Since they don’t contribute raw damage numbers as long as they can survive the content that is enough for them, thus making it a low priority to “waste” resources onto early on. Examples: Dhalia Calypso Dhalia, Unky Chai avatar Unky Chai, Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua, Gabrielle Njord Gabriel)
who to upgrade to 6 star next in Dislyte


Whenever it comes to upgrading your Espers, or leveling up your heroes, follow these simple rules: DPS > Controller > Support.

However, when it comes to upgrading skills, follow this priority: Support >Controller >DPS. For more details, take a look at our Skill Upgrade Priority Guide.

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