Dislyte Update v3.0.1 Patch Notes

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on May 31, 2022 07:00-9:00 (UTC+0) to update and improve the game. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive a 200 Nexus Crystal reward via in-game mail afterwards.

Note: The server may resume at an earlier or later time as necessary.
Remember: You will be unable to sign in during this time.

New Espers

ollie osiris dislyte

1. Ollie – “Osiris” (5-Star Flow-attuned Esper)

Ollie is a fighter Esper with support abilities, capable of preventing allies from dying.
◇ Ollie’s first ability, Hookstrike, deals damage to an enemy with a chance of inflicting Silence.
◇ When an allied Esper takes a fatal hit, Ollie’s passive ability, Salvific Judgements, grants Salvific Judgements to prevent them from dying, as well as Invincibility and Recovery, and inflicts Law of Duat on the attacker.
◇ Ollie’s third ability, Law of Duat, deals damage to an enemy with additional damage based on the target’s Max HP, inflicting DEF Down and Taunt to them.
Ascension: Deals damage to an enemy with additional damage based on the target’s Max HP. Inflicts DEF Down and Taunt to them while granting the caster Invincibility.
→ Source: The Gold Record Player will unlock a Probability Up event after this update, increasing your chance to acquire Ollie.

laura neith dislyte

2. Laura – “Neith” (4-Star Shimmer-attuned Esper)
Laura is a support Esper who grants a shield to all allies and counterattacks the attacker when her shield is destroyed or dispelled.
◇ Laura’s first ability, Shield Attack, deals damage to an enemy based on her ATK and max HP with a chance of inflicting Silence.
◇ After each allied Esper takes action, Laura’s passive ability, Shield Guardian, grants the ally Shield which absorbs damage based on Neith’s max HP.
Ascension: When an allied Esper’s Shield is destroyed or dispelled by an enemy, Neith has a chance to counterattack.
◇ Laura’s third ability, Iron Wall, grants Shield and CRIT RESIST to all allied Espers. If the target already has a Shield, increases Shield strength.
→Source: Can be drawn from the Gold Record Player.

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nicole nephthys

3. Nicole – “Nephthys” (4-Star Shimmer-attuned Esper)
Nicole is a support Esper who can revive and take damage for allies while granting them DEF Up, Invincibility, and other buffs.
◇ Nicole’s first ability, Spiral Strike, deals damage to an enemy based on her max HP with a chance of inflicting Sear.
◇ Nicole’s second ability, Dead Man’s Protection, grants Soul Guard to an allied Esper.
Ascension: When Soul Guard revives an allied Esper, Nicole immediately grants them Standoff and Recovery.
Soul Guard: Part of the damage taken by the carrier will be redistributed to the caster. The carrier, when dies, revives immediately and restores a certain amount of HP based on their max HP. This buff expires on the caster’s death.
◇ Nicole’s third ability, Spinning Wrap, deals damage to all enemies based on her max HP, granting DEF Up and Invincibility to all allied Espers and Soul Guard to the ally with the lowest HP.
→Source: Can be drawn from the Gold Record Player.

Meredith Scylla Dislyte

4. Meredith – “Scylla” (4-Star Wind-attuned Esper)
Meredith possesses powerful lifesteal and support abilities.
◇ Meredith’s first ability, Sonic Venom, attacks an enemy with a chance of inflicting Poison.
◇ Meredith’s second ability, Sonic Shield, restores a certain amount of HP and grants DEF Up and CRIT RESIST to an allied Esper.
◇ Meredith’s third ability, Hand of Scylla, reduces the max HP of an enemy by a certain percentage and restores HP to all allied Espers equal to a portion of damage dealt.
Ascension: If an allied Esper’s HP is above a certain ratio, grants SPD Up.
→ Source: This Esper can currently only be acquired in the Event Shop while The Lone Star is running. They will be added to the Gold Record Player after the event has closed for a period of time.


New Features

1. We’ve added a new mode, Club Holobattle:

◇ This mode unlocks at Squad Lvl 30 and can be accessed via the bottom left of the Club panel.
◇ Participate in the Holobattle to raise the Club’s ranking. Club members will acquire Club Points and other rewards based on their Club’s, and their personal, rankings.

– Defensive Formations:
◇ Formation Set Time: Sunday at 01:00:00 – Monday at 00:59:59 (UTC+0)
◇ Club members can add their Espers to defensive formations and should deploy two defensive formations in each challenge, each containing up to 3 Espers. Once formations are set, their Holobattle sign-ups are complete.
◇ During the sign-up stage, Club members can edit Espers in their defensive formations. But once the battle stage starts, they can no longer edit the formations.
◇ Defensive formations from the last Holobattle will be used by default if Club members don’t edit the formations on time.

– Sign-Up Rules:
◇ Sign-Up Time: Sunday at 01:30:00 – Monday at 00:59:59 (UTC+0)
◇ Club members can individually sign up for the Holobattle by setting up their defensive formations.
When the sign-up stage ends, if 10 or more members participate, the Club successfully signs up and starts the wait for matchmaking. If the number of participants is below 10, the Club will drop out of this week’s event.
◇ Once the Club successfully signs up, all its participants will join three Holobattle matches. The Club can no longer change its participants during the battle stage.

– Matching Rules:
◇ Clubs will be matched with suitable opponents on Monday at 01:00:00 (UTC +0). Each match lasts 48 hours.
◇ A total of 3 matches take place each week, and the Club Score can fluctuate depending on match results.

– Attacking Rules:
◇ Each match will grant participants 3 Holobattle Certificates. Participants can spend a Holobattle Certificate to attack any enemy Holopoint and win Holo Cup Scores for their Clubs. The sooner they destroy a Holopoint, the more Holo Cup Scores they earn.
◇ Fallen Espers in attacking formations can’t be used again in this match.
◇ A player can’t attack the same enemy repeatedly.

– Victory Rules:
◇ The attacking Club wins a match upon reaching a certain Holo Cup Score threshold within 48 hours.
◇ The attacking Club loses a match if a certain Holo Cup Score threshold is not reached within 48 hours, and the enemy Club wins.

– Reward Rules:
◇ When the Club wins a match, its participants will obtain rewards based on their Holo Cup Score rankings for this match. Please note that only those who have earned points through attacking will be rewarded. If the Club loses a match, no rewards for this match will be issued.
◇ Once all 3 matches are over, weekly results will be calculated, and participants will obtain their Club ranking rewards.

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2. The Lone Star (unlocks for Lvl 20+ players):

– Event Time: May 31, 2022 (post-update) – June 14, 2022 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
Note: After 00:00 on June 14th, the event map will be unavailable. You can still go to the Event Shops and Event Tasks panel to claim rewards.

– Event Details:
Event maps will unlock during the event. Complete stories and stages on the maps to redeem Wind-attuned Epic Esper Meredith (Scylla) and other rewards in the Event Shops!

– Event Maps:
◇ There are 2 event maps: To The Oasis and The Chase. The latter one will be available starting June 7th at 00:00
◇ The story and event stages on the event maps will grant you Oasis Crests and Ancient Coins. You can use them to redeem rewards in the Event Shops.
(You can obtain Oasis Crests from the stages in To The Oasis and Ancient Coins from the stages in The Chase.)
Ollie’s Clues
◇ You can get Clue Items by clearing Story Stages on the event maps.
◇ Use a Clue Item to unlock a clue in Ollie’s Clues.

– Event Tasks:
◇ You can claim rewards by completing tasks during the event.
◇ Among the tasks, Daily Tasks will be reset daily at 00:00 (UTC+0) for you to complete each day.

– Event Shops
◇ Duration: May 31, 2022 (post-update) – June 21, 2022 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
◇ There are 2 Event Shops: Oasis Crest Shop and Ancient Coin Shop. The latter shop will open on June 7th at 00:00 (UTC+0).
◇ You can use event tokens to redeem a limited-edition namecard, Legendary Abilimons, Gold Records, and other gorgeous rewards in the Event Shop. The Wind-attuned Epic Esper, Meredith (Scylla), can only be acquired from the Event Shops. She will be added to the Gold Record Player after the event has closed for a period of time.

3. Ollie – “Osiris” Probability Up:
– Event Time: May 31, 2022 (post-update) – June 13, 2022 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ During the event, the probability of summoning Ollie from Gold Record Player is increased.
◇ The chance of getting Legendary Esper Ollie is doubled during the event.
◇ The bonus probability of summoning Ollie expires after acquiring Ollie.
◇ During the event, you can claim Gold Records and Legendary Abilimon after drawing enough times from the Gold Record.
◇The following rule still applies to this event: 1 Legendary Esper is guaranteed in the next summoning after 119 unsuccessful attempts.

4. Added the Event Story Review feature. Tap Atlas – Story Review – Event Story on the left screen to enter.
◇ During the event, clear a Story Stage to unlock its Story Review.
◇ After the event ends, you can use specific items to unlock stories that hadn’t been unlocked during the event time.

5. Added 4 Heart Disks to the DJ Contest.

6. Bounties:
◇ Added Union Missions related to the DJ Contest.
◇ Added Solos for Ollie (Osiris) and Laura (Neith).

7. Added a Namecard for Ollie (Osiris):
◇ Obtain Staff of Immortality Namecard from The Lone Star event.
◇ Obtain Judgment of the Dead Namecard when you max out Ollie’s (Osiris) resonances.

Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Standoff buff change:
When in the Standoff state, an Esper becomes immune to AP Down.

2. Online Union Shops Item changes:
◇ Elite Experimon price reduced from 300 Club Points to 100 Club Points.
◇ New items available for Lvl 1 Clubs: Lvl 30 Rare Starimon x1 and Gold Record x1.
   New items available for Lvl 3 Clubs: Inferno Record Fragment x5, Wind Record Fragment x5, and Flow Record Fragment x5.
   Lvl 5 Club item changed from Lvl 30 Rare Starimon x1 to Lvl 1 Epic Starimon x1.
   Lvl 7 Club item changed from Lvl 1 Epic Starimon x1 to Shimmer Record Fragment x5.
   Lvl 7 Club item changed from Gold Record to Lvl 1 Legendary Starimon x1.

3. Relic Market changes:
◇ Optimized the sorting system of Relics on the selling screen.
◇ Relic prices have had the following changes:
1-Star Relics: 300 Gold → 1,000 Gold
2-Star Relics: 500 Gold → 1500 Gold
3-Star Relics: 1000 Gold → 2000 Gold
4-Star Relics: 2000 Gold → 3000 Gold
5-Star Relics: 3500 Gold → 4000 Gold

4. Optimized the stories for Chapter 2 to Chapter 12.

5. Story changes:
◇ Reduced Boss Fafnir’s base HP in the Ritual Miracle Level 8/9/10 (from 5 stacks to 4).
◇ Single-hit DMG dealt on Ritual Miracle BOSS Fafnir will not exceed 35% of Max HP.
◇ Tweaked some non-Boss Miramon’s abilities in the Ritual and Sonic Miracles to improve players’ experiences.
◇ Slightly increased Miramon levels in Easy Mode Story Ch.8 to Ch.12.
◇ Slightly increased the difficulty of Hard Mode Story Ch.4 to Ch.11.
◇ Tweaked Boss abilities in Spatial Tower F100 and Temporal Tower F50:
Phobetor Follower (Left)
Ability 1:
Old: Attacks an enemy and boosts Phobetor’s AP, while giving a chance of inflicting Stun on the target for 1 turn if Life Shield is active.
New: Attacks an enemy and boosts Phobetor’s AP. If Life Shield is active, gains a chance of inflicting Stun on the target for 1 turn. If not, gains a chance to counterattack when attacked.

download pc version

Phobetor Follower (Right)
Ability 1:
Old: Attacks all enemies with a chance of inflicting ATK Down for 2 turns. Reduces the target’s max HP based on the amount of damage inflicted if Life Shield is active.
New: Attacks all enemies with a chance of inflicting SPD Down for 2 turns. If Life Shield is active, reduces targets’ max HP based on the damage dealt. If not, gains a chance to counterattack when attacked.

◇ Slightly lowered the probability of dropping Advanced Experimon in Practice Stages and increased Gold yield for this stage.
◇ Adjusted chapter rewards for Chapter 6 dungeon on Hard and Purgatory difficulty from a 5-Star Starimon to 2 Gold Records.

6. Following the update, the number of people who can explore Ye Suhua’s (Shao Siming’s) Ripple Dimension instance will have increased from 20 to 30.

7. Optimized the Player Reviews function in the Esper panel:
◇ Player Reviews now display the post date.
◇ Players can delete their own reviews in the Player Reviews panel.

8. Optimized the low-tier matchmaking in The Point War to improve players’ experiences.

9. Supreme Channeler x1 in the Daily Gift has been changed to Elite Experimon x1.

10. Optimized item icons for the Rookie Divine Wave Opt-Pack, 4-Star Divine Wave Opt-Pack, and 5-Star Divine Wave Opt-Pack.

11. Optimized Esper Resonance panel. Popularity is checked by default.

12. After the update, new players that still have a 30-day buff can’t see Esper XP Boosters – 8h and Esper XP Boosters – 24h in Plaza – Resources. The two items appear once the new player buff expires. (The buff status can be checked via the arrow icon to the right of the avatar in the top left of the Home Screen.)

13. After the update, promotion rewards obtained the first time any Esper is promoted to 5 Stars on the 4th day have been adjusted from 1 Epic Starimon to 150 Nexus Crystals.

▌Esper Balance Changes

Unas Shu

1. Unas (Shu)
Captain Ability changes:
Old: N/A
New: Increases ally SPD in Holobattle by 35%.

Pritzker Mimir

2. Pritzker (Mimir)
Captain Ability changes:
Old: N/A
New: Increases ally SPD in Holobattle by 25%.

Jiang Man Meng Po

3. Jiang Man (Meng Po)
Captain Ability changes:
Old: N/A
New: Increases ally ATK in Holobattle by 30%.

Taylor Hercules

4. Taylor (Hercules)
Captain Ability changes:
Old: N/A
New: Increases ally HP in Holobattle by 30%.

▌New Gift Packs

1. Added the skin pack Mona – Moon Goddess for Mona (Artemis) in Plaza. During the event, it will be sold at a discounted price, from 2022-05-31 (post-update) to 2022-06-21, 00:00:00 (UTC+0). (Account Lvl 16 required.)

download pc version

Note: There is no immediate way to get the skin after the event. It will be available for purchase at its original price in the Plaza after a period of time.
You can change Mona’s appearance in the Esper panel after purchasing the skin.

new mona skin

2. Added a series of The Lone Star event warm-up packs that can be purchased from 2022-05-24 00:00:00 – 2022-05-30 23:59:59 (UTC+0). (Account Lvl 16 required.)

3. Added a series of Record Boxes that can be purchased from 2022-05-31 (post-update) to 2022-06-13, 00:00:00 (UTC+0). (Account Lvl 16 required.)

4. Added a series of The Lone Star packs that can be purchased from 2022-05-31 (post-update) to 2022-06-14, 00:00:00 (UTC+0). (Account Lvl 16 required.)

5. Added a series of daily packs that can be purchased from 2022-05-31 (post-update) to 2022-06-14, 00:00:00 (UTC+0). (Account Lvl 16 required.)

Note: All of the above-mentioned gift packs can be purchased from the Mall after the update.

6. Changed contents of Lvl 15/25 packs.

7. The restrictions on Main Attribute have been removed from the Kronos Set Opt-Pack, Apep Set Opt-Pack, and Fafnir Set Opt-Pack.

▌Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the problem that after Jacob (Jormungand) puts the [Fangs] status on his teammates, any [Poison] that would be inflicted through taking damage cannot be resisted.

2. Fixed the problem that when both parties die in the Maze because of the Rune of Blades, the interface freezes.

3. Fixed the problem of model transparency when Lynn (Hathor) is the enemy.

4. Fixed the problem of no text appearing when resisting a status effect.

5. Fixed the problem of the short pause that occurred in animation playing when performing a single summon.

6. Fixed the problem of the Guide triggering when entering the Mission screen.

7. Fixed the problem of there being a chance of freezing upon completion of a Relic Enhancement.

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8. Fixed the problem of Elemental Wave Booster incorrectly displaying Star Rating.

▌Preview of New Content

New Espers, events, and a brand new feature, Divine Sequencer, will be released in future updates! Stay tuned!

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35% speed on Unas ._.

Not 25% like Tiye,


Only in holobattle, new mode for club like coc clan war i think


Does the pity carry over to the event banner?



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