Dislyte Update v2.0.1 Patch Notes

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on January 25, 2022 7:00-10:00 AM (UTC+0) to update and improve the game. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive a 240 Nexus Crystal reward via in-game mail afterwards.

Note: The server may resume at an earlier or later time as necessary.
Remember: you will be unable to sign in during this time.

New Features

1. Rockin’ Puzzles Event

Event Time: January 25, 2022 (post-update) – February 8, 2022 00:00:00 (UTC+0)

Event Details:

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  • Complete daily tasks to unlock puzzle pieces. 100 Activeness is equal to 1 chance.
  • Each puzzle is made up of 9 pieces. Get rewards for each piece you unlock and additional prizes for connecting a row or column.

2. We’ve added a new Formation Recommendation feature to the Formation page for certain types of gameplay. This feature helps players automatically assemble a formation best-suited to the current gameplay based on the Espers owned by the player. Recommended Formations are for reference only.

3. We’ve added a new Relic Set Recommendation feature to the Equip Relic page, which recommends relic sets to equip Espers with.

4. We’ve added new tactics exams for Asenath (Nefertem), Jacob (Jormungand), Lin Xiao (White Tiger), and Triki (Loki).

5. We’ve added new achievements in the Ripple Dimension.

6. Legendary Espers who are Level 60 and fully resonated can now claim a corresponding namecard in Achievements. We’ve updated the namecards for Lewis (Ares), Raven (Odin), Narmer (Ra), Li Ling (Nezha), Triki (Loki), Hyde (Hades), Biondina (Poseidon), Gabrielle (Njord), Sally (Sif), and Unas (Shu). Esper-themed namecard frames for other Legendary Espers will be updated in later versions.

Adjustments and Optimizations

1. We’ve increased the amount of E-cash dropped in Practice Stages (Normal & Hard difficulty). As the chapter difficulty increases, the drop rate also increases, up to 100% max.

2. Course updates:

  • Growth Plan courses are supplemented with new missions. Complete them to claim mission rewards after the update.
  • All courses will now feature mission prompts on the Home page.
  • The logic for Courses has been optimized. From now on, you may be able to accumulate Course progress before it is unlocked.
  • Certain missions can now be completed via Repeat Battle.
  • We’ve adjusted the number of E-cash rewards available in missions.
  • We’ve added new mission progress tips to certain pages.

3. Expedition optimizations:

  • The difficulty level of unexplored destinations will now be updated in real time based on the player’s progress in the game each time the page is opened.
  • You can now use Stamina packs or purchase Stamina directly on the Expedition page.

4. Relic set adjustments:

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  • Adamantine Set adjustment: When a squad had multiple Adamantine effects, the number of shield buffs increased according to the number of effects. From now on, only 1 shield buff will be activated, but shield strength can still be stacked.
  • Sword Avatara Set effect’s chance of triggering a counterattack when hit has been reduced to 25%.
  • Astral Witchcraft Set effect now increases AP of teammates under control debuffs by 40%.

5. Point War-related optimizations:

  • Players will be rewarded with additional points after winning consecutive battles in the Point War.
  • We’ve optimized matching rules for the Point War, so that players are less likely to be matched with opponents from a higher tier.

6. From now on, when you enter a Cube Miracle battle, any runes that are in effect will be displayed and you can view equipped runes during battle.

7. From now on, you can see a player’s club info in their squad space. In addition, members from the same club have been added to Friend Recommendations.

8. From now on, multiple Divine Wave Omnipacks in your bag can be used in batches.

9. From now on, we’ve added a way to use Divine Wave Omnipacks in your bag directly on the Wave page.

10. Now you only need to use a Helper Esper 1 time to complete the Club task Shoulder-to-shoulder.

11. The appearance and abilities of Boss Miramon in the Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle have been adjusted. This does not affect the difficulty level of those dungeons.

12. We’ve optimized the AI for Raven (Odin), Unas (Shu), Sally (Sif), Gabrielle (Njord), Li Ling (Nezha), Lin Xiao (White Tiger), Anesidora (Pandora), Long Mian (Ao Bing), and Chloe (Medea) to perform better in auto battle.

13. Greater Channelers now cost 50,000 in the E-cash Shop.

14. In order to improve the chat experience and reduce the number of system messages, the World Chat channel will no longer push notifications about 5-star relics enhanced to Lvl 15.

15. We have improved the text quality of the main story.

Esper Balance Changes

1. In order to optimize damage overflow in certain extreme situations and provide players with a more balanced offensive and defensive experience, we have optimized the way damage is calculated. New optimizations include:

  • The damage cap in certain extreme states will be reduced.
  • We’ve adjusted how we calculate abilities that use defense or HP as coefficients, so that the total damage for such abilities is slightly reduced.

2. Biondina (Poseidon):

In order to optimize the stability of Biondina’s buff dispels, her passive skill will now be inflicted on targets with existing buffs first, and AoE damage for her third ability has been reduced to highlight her explosive damage against single targets. The specific adjustments are as follows.

Ability 2 changes:
Previously: Dispels 1 buff from a random enemy with a 100% chance of dispelling all other buffs at the start of each turn. This effect is guaranteed not to miss.
Now: Dispels 1 buff from a random enemy with a 100% chance of dispelling all other buffs at the start of each turn. Gives priority to targets with buffs. This effect is guaranteed not to miss.

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Ability 3 changes:
Previously: Deals damage to an enemy equal to 65% of ATK plus damage to all enemies equal to 40% of ATK. Attack ignores 100% DEF of unbuffed targets, which is reduced a certain amount for each buff a target has.
Now: Deals damage to an enemy equal to 65% of ATK plus damage to all enemies equal to 30% of ATK. Attack ignores 100% DEF of unbuffed targets, which is reduced a certain amount for each buff a target has.

Update Compensation

Since this update has a relatively larger impact on Narmer (Ra), Donar (Thor) and Biondina (Poseidon), players who own these three Espers and have upgraded their abilities will receive a corresponding ability recovery item [Legendary Rewind Certificate] which may be used within 15 days of receipt.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue requiring you to switch pages to receive Trainee Milestone rewards.
2. Fixed an issue in Sonic Miracle courses that displayed a red dot when there was no reward.
3. Fixed an inconsistency between the actual battle results and battle results displayed in Point War videos.
4. Fixed the description for Ren Si (Black Tortoise) Ability 1.
5. Fixed an issue wrongly displaying the countdown for the Club and Club Tasks.
6. Fixed an issue related to the Formation page in Expedition mode, which moved the entire column when dragging an Esper’s card.
7. Fixed a bug related to the Immensus Peak Set appearing in Cube Miracle chests.
8. Fixed an issue causing Raven (Odin) to have multiple DEF Down results when using Ability 3.
9. Fixed a description error of Loki’s 2nd Ability.

Preview of New Content

The new version will feature the much-anticipated Ritual Miracle 3rd Dungeon!
In addition, we’ll be releasing 2 new Espers and real-time PvP gameplay, so stay tuned!
PS: Due to a development issue, the release of our new Club gameplay has been delayed. We sincerely apologize for this and and will bring this exciting gameplay to you soon!

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