Ollie’s The Lone Star Event & Farm Oasis Crest / Ancient COin

Hi everyone, here are some details regarding the upcoming Ollie’s The Lone Star Event, Ollie (Osiris) Limited Banner, and how to farm Oasis Crest & Ancient Coin from Eradicate Miramon to exchange for event rewards, including the new Esper Meredith – Scylla.

The Lone Star Event

Event Time: 2022-5-31 (post-update) – 2022-6-14 00:00:00 (UTC+0)

Note: After 2022-6-14 00:00:00 (UTC+0), the entrance to the event map will be closed, but you will still be able to claim rewards via the event shops and event tasks interface.

Event Details:

During the event, the event map will be opened. Complete the storyline and stages from the map to redeem great rewards in the event shops!

  • To The Oasis section is available from the beginning. Complete the tasks and farm the “Eradicate Miramon” stages to obtain Oasis Crest Oasis Crest and ancient coin Ancient Coin – the event items for exchanging items.
  • Players need up to 12,000 Oasis Crest and 7,000 ancient coin to obtain all of the best rewards from the event shop.
  • The Base will be available after 7 days, on June 7th.

Eradicate Miramon Teams for Farming Oasis Crest & Ancient Coin

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Ollie avatarMona ArtemisLi Ling NezhaBerenice BastetYe Suhua Shao Siming

Ollie avatarGabrielle NjordLin Xiao White TigerYe Suhua Shao SimingSally Sif

Ollie avatarGabrielle NjordTang Yun Six Eared MacaqueYe Suhua Shao SimingChang Pu Yao Ji

Ollie avatarChang Pu Yao JiMona ArtemisBerenice BastetYe Suhua Shao Siming

Mona Artemis Mona:
You don’t need to have her crazy built. Even level 50 is okay but the more DPS, the faster you clear the map. Counter or Crit 2-piece set is fine and if you don’t have them, use HP set with some decent DPS stats. Hades work great as well.
You can use Lucas Apollo Lucas instead of Mona if you have him.

Li Ling Nezha Li Ling:
Probably the main DPS of the gang. Try to get him to level 60. You can use Hades to help him survive easier. Counter or Crit 2-piece sets are fine. If you don’t have them, use HP sets with some decent DPS stats.
You can use Tang Xuan Sun Wukong Wu Kong instead, no problem at all.

Berenice Bastet Berenice:
This is the most gear dependent Espers in this comp. She needs a lot of HP and SPD. Use SPD set and HP set to make the most of her. All of these relics can be obtained from Kronos. Try to get SPD relic on MUI II, if not, use HP%.
Clara Hera Clara is a great alternative if you have her.

Ye Suhua Shao Siming Ye Suhua:
You just want her to survive to buff DEF Up and ATK Up so that your team can last longer and deal more damage.
Make her fast enough so she can take the turn before the enemies.
Bardon Baldr Bardon and Gabrielle Njord Gab are the great substitutions if you have them.

The strategy above is just something that most players will have, everyone gets Mona and everyone gets either LI Ling or Wu
Kong. Berenice is very easy to pull, and Ye Suhua can be farmed, so overall most if not all players should be able to run this
comp in the farming difficulty 6 stages. I was able to do it with a lvl 50 Mona.

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The low investment comp is the same thing but with only 1 DPS and it can be either Li Ling, Mona or Wu Kong. The third
support is Chang Pu and you can get that just as easily as Berenice so shouldnt be too much of an issue to run this.

What to purchase in event Shop?

  1. Meredith avatar Meredith – Scylla
  2. shimmer record Shimmer Record
  3. gold record Gold Record
  4. gold Gold
  5. Epic Starimon
  6. Stamina Supply Pack

Event Map:

The event map is divided into two parts: “To The Oasis”; and “The Chase”, of which “The Chase” will open on 2022-6-7 00:00:00 (UTC+0).

In the event map, progress through the event storyline and challenge the event stages to get “Oasis Crests” and “Ancient Coins”, which can be exchanged for great rewards in the event shops.

(“Oasis Crests” can be obtained in “To The Oasis” map stages, and “Ancient Coins” can be obtained in “The Chase” map stages.)

Ollies Clues

Ollie’s Clues:

After clearing the storyline in the event map, you can get clues.

Use those clues to unlock the corresponding clue content in the “Ollie’s Clues” interface.

Lone Star Event Task

Event Tasks:

During the event, you can claim rewards after completing the corresponding tasks.

Among them, the dailies in the stage tasks will be refreshed every day at 00:00 (UTC+0) and can be completed repeatedly.

Event Shops:

Opening hours: 2022-5-31 (post-update) – 2022-6-21 00:00:00 (UTC+0).

The shops are divided into “Oasis Crest Shop” and ‘Ancient Coin Shop”, of which “Ancient Coin Shop” will open on 2022-6-7 00:00:00 (UTC+0).

You can exchange event items for great rewards in the corresponding shop, among which the Wind-attuned Epic Esper Meredith (Scylla) can only be obtained in the event shops (after the event ends, she will eventually enter the Gold Record pool after a certain period of time).

Ollie Osiris Time Limited Drop Rate Up Event

Ollie (Osiris) Time-Limited Drop Rate Up Event

Event Time: 2022-05-31 (post-update) – 2022-6-13 00:00:00 (UTC+0)

As he is the star Esper of this event, the probability of getting Ollie (Osiris) from the Gold Record pool will be greatly increased during the event via the following mechanism:

Probability of getting Ollie (Osiris) among all Legendary Espers will be doubled.

The bonus probability of summoning Ollie expires after acquiring Ollie.

download pc version

During the event, you can claim Gold Records and Legendary Abilimon after drawing enough times from the Gold Record.

The following rule still applies to this event: 1 Legendary Esper is guaranteed in the next summoning after 119 unsuccessful attempts.

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Hi, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s impossible to win “ch6: danger” from the lone star’s event


Same for me. It doesn’t seem like you can add relics to the fighters, or do anything else to make them better. I’m guessing there’s just a way of choosing what they use as moves that are very specific in the way they need to be done, like a pattern.


focus on disabling and poisoning.

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