Gabrielle (Njord)

summary Gabrielle is a Support Esper with the added ability to mass buff and debuff each team. Rush confers a brief immunity and DEF Up to the entire team while striking all enemies and inflicting ATK Down. Broadside similarly inflicts a mass DEF Down on all enemies. Ratings Recommended sets Recommended relic stats Resonance Divine … Read more

Sally (Sif)

summary Sally is a healer Esper with stronger dispels and the ability to reduce enemy damage.Ode To Joy reduces all damage against her team and grants healing and a dispel to each ally before the start of their turn. Universal dispels all debuffs currently affecting Sally’s team, equalizes teammates’ current HP, and provides everyone with … Read more

Mona (Artemis)

summary Mona is a strong DPS, particularly against larger groups where she has a reasonable chance of landing criticals.A critical hit with Mona’s Lunar Hail will deal significant damage against all enemies. Similarly, Hunter’s Mark damages the enemy team with the added bonus of restoring Mona’s Health and AP. Ratings Recommended sets Recommended relic stats … Read more

Jiang Man (Meng Po)

summary Jiang Man is a strong nuker against groups with Netherbloom, which create large chains of damage. Jiang Man’s Waters of Lethe hits all enemies and imposes Netherbloom, a sufficient number of which will explode and inflict damage against multiple enemies and a brief silence. Ratings Recommended sets Recommended relic stats Resonance Divine Gate 1 Waters … Read more

Celine (Siren)

summary Celine specializes in controlled debuffs, particularly with her Sleep and AP reduction skills. Celine is also effective at removing the buffs.Slumber reduces a single target’s AP and inflicts Sleep.Debuffed allies can gain a dispel with Celine’s Sound of Nature. Ratings Recommended sets Recommended relic stats Resonance Divine Gate 1 Slumber – Overload Slumber: Final Damage … Read more

Kara (Serket)

summary Kara’s poisoning abilities make her something of a “slow burn” DPS Esper.All of Kara’s attacks inflict Poison on targets for several turns. These Poison debuffs can stack into further, devastating variants with each successive hit. Ratings Recommended sets Recommended relic stats Recommended Resonance ATK Divine Gate 1 Doomstroke – Overload Doomstroke: Final Damage +10%. Divine … Read more

Eira (Freya)

summary Eira is a support Esper endowed with AP-based control abilities.A strike with Eira’s Seabreeze Sonata will damage the entire enemy team while inflicting an SPD down and AP reduction debuff. Divine Love dispels debuffs on an ally and grants a powerful protective enchantment, Brisingamen’s Watch. Any act by a teammate automatically grants the Brisingamen’s … Read more

Falken (Horus)

summary Falken is a retaliatory DPS Esper who uses Eye of Horus marks to launch plentiful counterattacks.Falken’s passive, Eye of Vengeance, marks all attacked targets with the “Eye of Horus”. Marked enemies will suffer a retaliatory strike and heal Falken following any attack against one of Falken’s allies.Falken’s Falconer ability can be used to strike … Read more

Lu Yi (Dayi)

summary Lu Yi is a DPS nuker whose multistage attacks can be especially deadly to enemies under certain circumstances.Lu Yi’s attacks ignore a certain amount of target DEF rating in proportion to the number of debuffs affecting the target. Skyshot deals multiple waves of damage against a random number of enemies with a bonus chance … Read more

Friends System

Friends play a very huge part in Dislyte. It’s not only about sending and receiving hearts to purchase items from the Friendship Shop, but you can also hire your friend’s Esper and use them in different modes of the game, whenever you need help. Dislyte Friends System Overview Friends You can add up to 50 … Read more

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