Friends System

Friends play a very huge part in Dislyte. It’s not only about sending and receiving hearts to purchase items from the Friendship Shop, but you can also hire your friend’s Esper and use them in different modes of the game, whenever you need help.

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Dislyte Friends System Overview


  • You can add up to 50 Friend Squads.
  • You can gift friendship point Friendship Points to up to 50 Friend Squads per day.
  • You can claim Friendship Points gifted to you from up to 20 Friends Squads per day, and will receive 10 points each time.
  • Redeem Friendship Points for resources at the Friendship Shop.

Friend Assist

  • You can set up Helper Espers to help out friends’ squads in battle.
  • You can claim a daily 100 Friendship Points reward by setting up Helper Espers.
  • You can use your friends’ Helper Espers up to 50 times a day.
  • Weekly Friend Assist rankings are constantly updated, so consider pitching in with some of your powerful Espers to get on it!

friendship shop dislyte

Friendship Shop

  • Buy everyday necessities with friendship point Friendship Points in the Friendship Shop.
  • The Friendship Shop is restocked every Monday (not manually).
  • At the moment, the 3-star Divina is the best purchase here.
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