Dislyte Update v2.0.0 Patch Notes

Full changelog of the upcoming Dislyte Update v2-0-0 update!

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on January 11, 2022 7:00-10:00 AM (UTC+0) to update and improve the game. Please note that you will need to download the latest update from the GooglePlay Store to continue playing and the update could be delayed or pushed forward unexpectedly. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive a 240 Nexus Crystal reward via in-game mail afterwards.

Remember: you will be unable to sign in during this time.

New Features

1. We’ve added a new Expedition feature and corresponding Achievement entries (unlocked after 6-8 of the main story). You can find it in Trials.

  • Go on Expeditions to earn Relics, Ascension Boosters, and other such mission rewards at a wide range of exciting destinations.
  • You’ll get 3 Expedition attempts daily, each consuming Stamina. Rewards will be issued upon the return of your Expedition team.
  • Expedition attempts and destinations reset daily at 00:00 (UTC+0).
  • Certain, more suitable Espers will grant even more mission rewards.

2. We’ve added a Beginner Special Summonings event.

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  • This update will morph the Gold Record summoning pool into a Beginner Special pool, in which the first 10 summoning attempts will guarantee a Legendary Esper among Li Ling (Nezha)/Gabrielle (Njord)/Biondina (Poseidon).
  • Espers registered before this update will also be entitled to this Beginner bonus. After summoning one of the above Espers, Beginner Special pool will become a Gold Record regular pool, and current players’ Gold Record pre-update pity will be effective again.

3. We’ve added a new Inferno-attuned Epic Esper Djoser (Atum), Flow-attuned Legendary Esper Tiye (Nut), and Inferno-attuned Legendary Esper Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother), all of whom will be available from the Gold Record pool following this update.

We’ve added a new Flow-attuned Rare Esper Jeanne (Gerd), who can be found from the Gold Record pool, Silver Record pool, and Ripple Dimension.

4. We’ve added a new Rookie Resources Finder’s Guide, which you can find by tapping on the “compass” icon to the right of your avatar from the main screen. The guide goes over how to get each resource type in detail.

5. Added stories to chapter 12.

6. We’ve added Tactics Exams for Biondina (Poseidon), Gabrielle (Njord), Donar (Thor), Ren Si (Black Tortoise), Fabrice (Freyr), and Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang).

7. Season 1 of the M-Pass event will be officially ending on January 12, 2022 00:00:00 (UTC+0), so please be sure to collect M-Coins and claim any unclaimed rewards! This event will be returning for season 2 on January 12 00:01:00 (UTC+0) with even better rewards.

8. Added a $0.99 Union Welcome Gift, including an Epic Support Esper Eira (Freya), a Supreme Channeler, 3 Gold Records and a 40%-off Voucher for the Monthly Card. After purchase, the Gold Records will be delivered in 3 days.

New Espers

1. Jin Yuyao – “Queen Mother” (5-Star Inferno-attuned Esper). Jin Yuyao is a powerful Support Esper.

  • Jin Yuyao’s first ability, Blood Talisman, deals damage to an enemy based on her ATK with a chance of inflicting Stun.
    Post-Ascension: Boosts AP if the target has a debuff.
  • Jin Yuyao’s passive, Abode of Immortals, provides Immunity to all disables plus an AP boost in the event of an ally taking a debuff.
  • Jin Yuyao’s third ability, Mount Kunlun’s Rage, transfers all debuffs on her team to an enemy target and then deals damage to that target based on her Max HP.

→How to obtain: Can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

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2. Tiye – “Nut” (5-Star Flow-attuned Esper) Tiye is a skillful Disabler Esper.

  • Tiye’s first ability, Nightbringer, attacks a target with a chance of stealing target AP.
  • Tiye’s second ability, Starstruck, attacks all enemies with a chance of inflicting Stun. Post-Ascension, this ability will also inflict an SPD Down debuff.
  • “Devouring Void”, Tiye’s third ability, damages all enemies while redistributing targets’ AP equally among her team members.

→Source: Can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

3. Djoser – “Atum” (4-Star Inferno-attuned Esper) Djoser is a Defensive Esper who is also good at dealing damage.

  • Djoser’s first ability, “Brutalizer”, damages a target based on his ATK and DEF, and has a chance to inflict DEF Down on the target.
  • Djoser’s second ability, “Eternal Strength”, stacks 1 Bull Rage per hit taken, which increases DEF and can be stacked up to 10 times.
    Post-Ascension, Bull Rage will also provide a RESIST bonus.
  • Djoser’s third ability, “Burning Roar”, expends all Bull Rages, damages an enemy based on Djoser’s ATK and DEF, inflicts Taunt, and then restores a certain amount of Max HP per Bull Rage expended.

→Source: Can be drawn from the Gold Record card pool.

4. Jeanne – “Gerd” (3-Star Flow-attuned Esper) Jeanne has powerful single-target disable abilities.

  • Jeanne’s first ability, Punk, attacks an enemy 3 times with a chance to inflict Stun.
  • Jeanne’s passive ability, Cool Rhythms, attacks 3 random enemy targets with a chance to inflict Stun.
    Post-Ascension, this ability will also absorb AP from each target.
  • Jeanne’s third ability, Beat Burst, damages a target with a two-pronged attack that scales based on Tiye’s ATK and HP whilst dispelling all target buffs and inflicting Stun for 1 turn.

→ Source: now available from the Gold Record pool, Silver Record pool and Ripple Dimension following this update.

Adjustments and Optimizations

1. The back button on Android phones will now work the same as the back button on the in-game user interface.

2. The Ripple Dimension:

  • We’ve increased the number of Explorers who can access epic Ripple Dimensions from 20 to 30 and the number of Esper Ripples available per Exploration from 5 to 8 following this update.
  • We’ve improved the notification system when a new Ripple Dimension is discovered by friends and fellow guild members, which will now show up on your channel as a notification message.

3. Course updates:

  • We’ve made some improvements to the Star Promotion course. As a result, this update will reset your course process. You can now complete the course again and therefore earn more course rewards.
  • We’ve added an Advance difficulty module for the Ritual Miracle and Infinite Miracle courses. Espers who have already completed the courses on the basic difficulty can now keep going for more course rewards.
  • We’ve added some new mission content for the Growth Plan course, allowing Espers who have completed this module to keep going for more rewards.
  • We’ve reduced the difficulty of some of the mission components in the Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle courses.
  • We’ve made some adjustments to some Course mission rewards.

4. We’ve made some changes to the Infinite Miracle – Spatial Tower stage clearance rewards. Espers who have already claimed the corresponding rewards can now claim any new reward content from their mail after this update.

5. Now Quests grant a lot more E-Cash than before!

6. We’ve made it easier to claim Quests rewards: you can now collect all the rewards with a single tap.

7. We’ve made levels 8-10 of the Ritual Miracle somewhat easier.

8. We’ve adjusted when certain features are unlocked:
Infinite Miracle – Spatial Tower: now unlocked after clearing 4-8 of the main story instead of 3-8; Bounties: now unlocked after clearing 3-8 of the main story instead of 3-5.

9. We’ve improved the visuals associated with the activation of Set bonuses during combat.

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10. We’ve improved some of the in-game aesthetics, particularly some of the Esper portraits and the Trials interface.

Bug Fixes

1. We’ve fixed a problem where an error report showed up upon advancing a Divina with other Divina.
2. Fixed a text problem with Poseidon’s first ability.
3. Fixed a display problem with Thor’s CD after his passive ability took effect.
4. Fixed a problem preventing Rune of Flyingplume from taking effect.
5. Fixed a display problem with the limit of Club members.
6. Fixed a UI display problem with the Club introduction.
7. Fixed a problem removing the Filter button after an Esper Resonance.

Preview of New Content:

Get ready for new events and optimizations on next update. Also we’re going to deliver some brand-new Club-based gameplay!

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