Dislyte Patch September 2021 Update Changelogs

Hey Espers! We’ll be shutting down the server to update the game in the near future in an attempt to improve your gaming experience. Read on for more details.

dislyte patch update

Patch Content

1. Daily Blindbox

We have added a new “Daily Blindbox” feature. Simply sign in to open a Blindbox containing an item reward. Sign in for a certain number of days and you can receive a bonus item reward.

2. Added a new fusing ability for Ascension Boosters

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We’ve added the ability to fuse Ascension Boosters: 5 basic waves can be fused into a fair wave of the same nature, and 5 fair waves can be fused into a strong wave of the same nature.

3. Personal Space

We’ve added a new personal space accessible by tapping on your avatar in the top left corner of the home screen. This space allows you to:
Showcase your favorite Esper squad members to other players.

Edit your signature, avatar, and change your namecard display format.

4. We’ve added a new feature for changing background music on the home screen.

We’ve added a new feature allowing you to change the current background music on the home screen. Simply tap Boomboom’s avatar from the Bounties screen to enter an area where you can change the current background music.

II. Optimizations

1. Probability changes for the Gold Record summoning pool: we’ve changed the Legendary “guarantee” from “each attempt following 100 unsuccessful summonings increases the chance of gaining a legendary Esper by 1%” to “1 Legendary Esper is guaranteed in the next summoning after 119 unsuccessful attempts”.

Any unsuccessful summoning for a Legendary Esper in the Gold Record Player prior to this update will still count towards the “guarantee”. Note that once a Legendary Esper is obtained, the “guarantee” will be reset as well.

2. We’ve improved the interactive display on the Resonance screen.

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3. We’ve improved the AI behind Chang Pu (Yao Ji) to help her cast her abilities in a more sensible order.

4. Close-ups are now less frequent when Espers are casting abilities.

5. We’ve improved the sorting algorithm for store item displays.

6. We’ve adjusted the size of “tips” text.

7. We’ve enhanced the screen shown when gaining an Esper and/or summoning.

8.We’ve adjusted the algorithm affecting the E-cash Shop refresh mechanism. Now you’re more likely to get items that tally with your current game progress after refreshing.

III. Balance Changes

1. Triki (Loki): Adjusted Triki’s second ability [Gambit(Passive)] from “reducing 30% of the enemy’s max HP” to “reducing 30% of enemy’s current HP”, and changed the status effect from Stun to Petrification.

2. Bardon (Baldr): Modified the DEF percentage-based damage ratio for his first ability [Lightshield] and third ability [Rise to Honor] into an ATK-based ratio.

3. Li Ao (Tao Tie): Modified the HP-based percentage damage ratio for his first ability [Ravenous One] and second ability [Binge] into an ATK-based ratio.

4. Lewis (Ares): Modified Lewis’ ascended abilities by removing the post-ascension effect from his second ability [Rage Avatar], and changing the cooldown bonus from his third ability [Fire Palm] from a pre-ascension into a post-ascension effect.

5. Raven (Odin): Changed the DEF Down debuff from her second ability [Sunset] into a Buff Blocker and raised the chance for her third ability [Sleipnir] to inflict DEF Down.

IV. Instance Difficulty Adjustments

1. We’ve made 1-6, 3-6, and 5-8 of the Story easier.

2. We’ve made all of the Story XP stages easier.

3. We’ve made the Ritual Miracle 4-6 easier.

V. Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a mistake in Li Ling (Nezha)’s ability description.

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2. Fixed an issue with Coco (Medea)’s second ability [Stage of Fantasy] allowing it to keep extending buffs almost endlessly.

3. Fixed a problem with Lin Xiao (White Tiger)’s third ability [Light of the Tiger] not stacking the right number of buffs.

4. Fixed an issue where Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang)’s second ability [Life] could cause the game to crash upon reviving a target.

5. Fixed an issue where bosses could occasionally appear with negative HP.

6. Fixed an issue where Triki (Loki)’s passive could track the wrong target.

7. Fixed an issue causing Chalmers (Idun) to counterattack himself when equipped with the Sword Avatara Set.

8. Fixed an issue where Triki (Loki)’s basic attack would transfer all his debuffs to the target.

9. Fixed an issue where the shared damage through Q (Eros)’ Link would not wake sleeping targets.

10. Fixed an issue where the game’s algorithm was not able to handle reductions in HP correctly when a target was affected by multiple stacks of a HP ceiling-reducing debuff.

11. Fixed an issue with counterattacks themselves triggering other counterattacks.

12. Fixed an issue preventing Apep’s passive from working properly in certain situations.

13. Fixed an issue where undertaking a counterattack could count as one of the turns on the duration of a buff.

14. Fixed an inconsistency between the turn length stated in Jormungand’s ability description and the actual effect.

15. Brought damage inflicted by the enemy Tao Tie in Story 11-3 back onto a more reasonable level.

16. Fixed a mistake in the description of Lin Xiao (White Tiger)’s first ability [Tiger Fist] at Lvl 5.

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17. Fixed a display error assigned to targets revived by Nya (Heket).

18. Fixed a problem around refreshing Friend Assist limits.

19. Fixed a problem where gaining new Relics could cause the game to freeze on the Battle Results screen once a player could not obtain any more Relics.

20. Fixed a problem with the Apollo’s Bow Set’s icon display in Courses.

21. Fixed a player name display error when showing Point War battle histories.

22. Fixed an inconsistency between the “Weeklies” refresh time shown in the player guide and the actual schedule.

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