XP Farming Guide

If you are new to the game and looking for the best strategy for farming XP in Dislyte, let’s jump on this quick guide!

Knowing when and how to farm levels for your Espers allows you to successfully plan ahead of time, and grind in Dislyte a lot faster. Below is our best tips for farming EXP.

Quick Dislyte XP Farming Guide

All players gain Double EXP for the first month, so it is recommended to focus on leveling up during this time.

You must farm the latest practice stage (UP) you can reach (which is designed for XP farming). The further you go, the more EXP you get.

xp farming stage in Dislyte

For example, farming at Purgatory 12-8 gives 5061 EXP per Esper, 11 is 4964 EXP, and 10 is 4872 EXP.

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XP for maxed-level Esper will be redistributed to the rest of the teammates equally.

However, the part of shared EXP is fixed. The more max Espers on your team, the less total EXP you gain.

Maxed Espers on teamTotal EXP Gain
1(5061 + 632) x 4 = 22772
2(5061 + 1687) x 3 = 20224
3(5061 + 3795) x 2 = 17712
4(5061 + 10122) = 15183

Carry 1 maxed Esper can gain the most EXP, but if you’re considering the time cost, bring 2 maxed Espers it the most efficient way.

By our test, clear time was halved after using 2 DPS instead of one (Purgatory 12), decreasing from 3:16 to 1:21 average time.

Best Espers for XP Farming

The best DPS for XP farming are: Li Ling Nezha Li Ling, Lin Xiao White Tiger Lin Xiao, Mona Artemis Mona, Tang Xuan Sun Wukong Tang Xuan, Jiang Man Meng Po Jiang Man, Hyde Hades Hyde

Recommended Relics:

  • Hammer of Thor + Fiery Incandescence = Clear Faster
  • Hades + Sword Avatara = Better Survival

When leveling Starimon / Fodders, turn the following option on. It will auto-swap maxed fodders, makes life easier.

Farming XP Multi Battle Settings
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