Dislyte Update v3.0.3 Patch Notes

In order to update and improve Dislyte, we will be taking the game offline for a short time on 2022-07-12 07:00-9:00 (UTC+0). After the update, Lvl 5+ players will receive a 200 Nexus Crystal reward via in-game mail.
Please note that the server may resume at an earlier or later time as necessary.
Players will receive 100 Nexus Crystals as compensation for every hour of delay.
Pay attention to the time as you will be unable to sign in during this time.

▌New Espers

zora amunet

1. Zora (Amunet) 【5-Star Flow-attuned Esper】

Zora is a Fighter Esper who excels at AoE attacks.
◇ Zora’s first ability Keen Edge deals damage to all enemies subject to the caster’s ATK, steals HP based on the damage dealt, and inflicts Diseased. The fewer the targets, the higher the damage.
◇ Zora’s second ability Dark Descent attacks 1 target multiple times. Deals damage based on ATK, increases damage upon a Crit and gains SPD Up. Has a chance of casting Keen Edge based on the caster’s HP.
Ascension: Attacks 1 target multiple times. Deals damage based on ATK, increases damage upon a Crit and gains SPD Up. Has a chance of casting Keen Edge based on the caster’s HP. Has a chance of dispelling buffs from the target.
◇ Zora’s third ability Galactic Rush deals damage to all enemies based on the caster’s ATK and inflicts Buff Blocker on them. Has a chance of casting Keen Edge based on the caster’s HP.
→ Source: After this update, the Echo will unlock a Chance Up Event, increasing your chance of acquiring Zora.

xiao in azure dragon

2. Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon) 【4-Star Flow-attuned Esper】

Xiao Yin is a single-target Fighter Esper who has stealth abilities.
◇ Xiao Yin’s first ability Shadow Sword deals damage to 1 enemy based on ATK. Deals bonus damage equal to a certain percentage of ATK upon a Crit.
◇ Xiao Yin’s second ability Dragon Gasp attacks 1 target multiple times, each attack deals damage based on the caster’s ATK. Xiao Yin enters Stealth Mode after the attack. While the caster is in Stealth Mode, damage is increased by a percentage. Gains AP Up when Stealth Mode ends.
Ascension: Attacks 1 target multiple times, each attack deals damage based on the caster’s ATK. Enters Stealth Mode after the attack. While the caster is in Stealth Mode, damage is increased by a percentage. Gains AP Up when Stealth Mode ends. Enters Stealth Mode at the start of combat.
Stealth Mode: Can’t be targeted directly, but will take AoE damage.
◇ Xiao Yin’s third ability Blossom Sword attacks 1 target multiple times, each dealing damage based on the caster’s ATK. Each debuff on the target increases damage by a percentage, up to a certain limit. Gains Stealth Mode upon killing the target.
→ Source: Can be obtained from the Echo after this update.

aurelius ullr

3. Aurelius (Ullr) 【4-Star Flow-attuned Esper】

Aurelius is a Fighter Esper, capable of Freezing enemies and dealing extra damage to Frozen enemies.
◇ Aurelius’ first ability Icicle Darts deals damage to 1 target based on ATK. There is a chance of inflicting SPD Down on the target.
◇ Aurelius’ second ability Icebreak Fury attacks 1 target multiple times. If the target is Frozen, the last hit un-Freezes them and deals extra damage based on ATK.
Ascension: Attacks 1 target multiple times. If the target is Frozen, the last hit un-Freezes them and deals extra damage based on ATK, ignoring enemy DEF.
◇ Aurelius’ third ability Frost Glory attacks all enemies multiple times based on ATK. The first hit inflicts Freeze, and the second hit deals extra damage to Frozen enemies based on ATK.
→ Source: This Esper can currently only be acquired in the Event Shop while the Bloody Hunt is running. They will be added to the Echo after the event has closed for a period of time.

▌New Features

1. Added Desolate Lands (unlocks for Squad Lvl 50+ players)
◇ Players can enter the Desolate Lands from the Trials panel.
◇ Shadowgale, Shadowstream, and Shadowfire are solo challenges. Each player can select up to 6 Espers for each challenge. Every attempt costs stamina.
◇ After the stage is complete, players will be rated based on the total amount of damage dealt to the Boss during the Boss’ turn. Players can get rewards depending on their ratings. Reward details are available in the game.
◇The Stamina cost of participating in the Desolate Lands will be halved for a certain period after it’s opened.

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2. Added Relic Boost system (unlocks for Squad Lvl 50+ players)
◇ Boost Stones can be obtained in the Desolate Lands.
◇ Use Boost Stones to boost Relics of any level.
◇ The Boost Stone in use must be compatible with the Relic set and attribute.
◇ A boosted Relic randomly increases the Secondary Attribute by a certain amount.
◇ When boosting a Relic’s Secondary Attribute, the attribute cannot be stacked and will only be replaced if the new value is higher.

3. Bloody Hunt (unlocks for Squad Lvl 20+ players):
– Event Time: 2022-07-12 (post-update) – 2022-08-02 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ Follow Zora and Xiao Yin on their quest into the Mystic Mountains.
◇ Event Maps, a Commission Platform, Power Boosts and other features will be available during the event. Attend the event to obtain Merit Badges used to exchange for Flow-attuned, Epic Esper Aurelius (Ullr), Flow Records, Gold Records, and even more awesome rewards!
◇ The event map consists of three chapters: The Simmering Crisis, The Enigma, and The Last Stand. The final chapter will become available later in the event. You can experience event stories, challenge event stages, and obtain Merit Badges during the event.
◇ You can get AFK rewards from the Commission Platform to earn Merit Badges.
◇ During some event stages, you can use the Amplifier to greatly improve your squad’s power. You can get Boost Crystals, which enhance node powers, from the Commission Platform’s AFK Rewards and Event Stages.
◇ After 7-26 00:00 (UTC+0), chapter entrances, Power Boosts, and the Commission Platform will be closed. You can still redeem rewards in the Event Shops.

4. Zora (Amunet) Chance UP Event
– Event Time: 2022-07-12 (post-update) – 2022-07-30 00:00:00 (UTC+0)
– Event Details:
◇ During the event, the chance of summoning Zora from Echo spins is increased.
◇ The chance of getting Legendary Esper Zora is increased to 10%.
◇ If you haven’t obtained the specified Esper after 449 summons, the 450th summon is guaranteed to produce the specified Legendary Esper. Once the Esper is obtained, the guaranteed 120 spins leading to a Legendary Esper will be reset.
◇ The Chance Up Bonus for summoning Zora expires after acquiring Zora.
◇ During the event, you can claim rewards after spinning enough times in Echo.
◇ During this event, after 119 unsuccessful summonings, 1 Legendary Esper is guaranteed in the next summoning.

5. Added Esper Community (complete Story 2-8 to unlock)
◇ Players can enter the Esper Community from Atlas.
◇ Different groups of Espers have their unique Bond Tales. Acquire all Espers that share a Bond to unlock their Bond Tale and get rewards including Nexus Crystal and Epic Abilimon.

Esper Community

6. Added Tactics Exams for Ollie (Osiris), Nicole (Nephthys), Laura (Neith) and Meredith (Scylla).

7. Added 3 Heart Disks to the DJ Contest.

8. Added Side-story Bounty Missions and Diaries for Zora (Amunet), Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon), and Aurelius (Ullr).

b After 2022-08-01 00:00:00 (UTC+0), Temporal Disturbances will occur on Floor 50 of the Temporal Tower, generating new mechanism-related terms.

10. Added Esper-themed Namecards for Levels, Ascensions and Resonances maxed Zora (Amunet).

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▌Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Esper Gallery optimizations:
◇ Once a new Esper has been acquired, they will be tagged as New in the Gallery screen.
◇ When entering the Esper Gallery, players will be redirected to new Espers.

2. Relic Enhancement Screen Optimizations:
◇ Optimized the switch between the left and right screens, added a preview of the changes in secondary attributes after an enhancement, and optimized display for +15 enhancements.

3. Course Optimizations:
◇ Added Desolate Lands.
◇ Optimized Star Promotion to better match players’ experience.
◇ Added new missions to Growth Plan II to reflect the adjustments to Story Stages difficulty.

4. Quests Optimizations:
Added event-related quests.

5. Optimized Espers’ abilities and battle descriptions. (Actual effects remain unchanged.)

6. Story optimizations:
Some Story Chapter stages in Easy, Hard and Purgatory modes have become easier.

7. Cube Miracle-related Optimizations:
◇ Reduced the speed of certain enemies from the higher levels of the Cube Miracle.
◇ Selected Espers will not reappear in Esper projection.

8. Adjustments to the Ritual Miracle and the Sonic Miracle:
◇ Stage Difficulty: Some stages have been adjusted for a smoother gaming experience.
◇ In the Sonic Miracle, the types of Relic sets dropped on low floors and the drop rate of different sets on high floors have been adjusted to help players collect entire sets during different phases more efficiently.

Drop rates on high floors:
Kronos: Astral Witchcraft Set’s drop rate has been lowered, while Wind Walker Set’s drop rate has been raised.
Apep: Abiding Panacea Set’s drop rate has been lowered, while Ocean Waves’s drop rate has been raised.
Fafnir: Snow Dowager Set’s drop rate has been lowered, while Hammer of Thor’s drop rate has been raised.
◇ The probability of getting Main Attributes (SPD, CRIT, C. DMG) for Relics has been greatly increased.

9. Adjustments to the Esper Arena:
After both sides lock their formations, each side can ban one enemy Esper. Two sides will each use four Espers in the battle.

10. Optimized the display for Ahmed (Geb)’s third ability World Stage. The floating text “Dispel” will only appear after the target’s Disease is successfully dispelled.

11. Stage Display Improvements:
Removed difficulty alert from cleared stages.

12. Adjustments to the M-Pass:
M-Pass upgrade cost has been reduced from 100 Nexus Crystals per level to 50 Nexus Crystals per level. Players who have already purchased levels with Nexus Crystals for the latest M-Pass will receive compensation for the difference in consumption of Nexus Crystals within 3 working days after the update.

▌New Gift Packs

1. Added the skin pack Eira Fever for Eira (Freya) in Plaza. During the event, it will be sold at a discounted price from 2022-07-12 (post-update) to 2022-08-02 00:00:00 (UTC+0). (For Lvl 16+ players)
There is no way to get the skin immediately after the event. It will be available for purchase at its original price in the Plaza after a period of time.
You can change Mona’s appearance in the Esper panel after purchasing the skin.

2. Added a series of Bloody Hunt packs. Details will be available in the Plaza when the event goes live.

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