Warm-up Match Rules

Warm-up Match is the new interesting PvP event in Dislyte where you can fight against other players in real time, pick your suitable Espers to utilize your strategies while banning the enemy Esper for a 4v4 match.

Basic Warm-up Match Rules

  • When players play the Ranked Match for the first time, their initial Tier will be determined based on the current squad level.
  • Participation attempts are not limited. Players can pick 5 Espers for each match following the order 1-2-2, then ban 1 Esper in the opponent’s team. The match will deploy a 4v4 format.
  • As each victory grants Tier points, players’ Tiers in the Warm-Up Match will be increased. Meanwhile, each failure will deduct Tier points.
  • Players with different Tiers will be rewarded different amounts of Supply Coins upon victory. Supply Coins can be redeemed for items in the Tournament Shop.
  • Players can acquire up to 600 Supply Coins weekly. If the limit is reached, they can still get Tier points upon victory.
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