Dislyte Update v1.5 Patch Notes

We will be taking Dislyte offline for a short time on November 30, 2021, 7:00-12:00 AM (UTC+0) to update and improve the game.

Please note that you will need to download the latest update from the Google Play Store to continue playing. Lvl 5+ players at the time of the update will receive a 400 Organa reward via in-game mail afterwards.

You will be unable to sign in during this period, so please be aware that it is coming and may force you to log out unexpectedly.

New Features

  1. We’ve added a new Hard Mode difficulty to the Story. You’ll be able to unlock Hard Mode once you’ve cleared Story 12-8. Hard Mode features 12 chapters offering significant Gold Record loot. Also, all Hard Mode stages (including Practice Stages) provide more Esper XP.
  2. Added Level 81-90 to the Spatial Tower
  3. We have released a new M-Pass system. Completing daily and weekly Quests will now earn M-Coins, which can be redeemed within certain events for significant rewards. You can also pay to upgrade your M-Pass for additional rewards.
    Event period: current update – 2022/1/11 23:59 (UTC+0) (42 days total).
  4. We’ve added a new Star Promotion Gift granting qualified players access to alluring rewards over multiple days following this update. First-time rewards are offered when an Esper (Divina excluded) becomes the first in their Elemental Class to be promoted to 5 or 6 Star. Repeated rewards are offered if another Esper (Divina excluded) of the same Elemental Class is promoted to 6 Star.
  5. We’ve added an Infinite Miracle course in “Courses”, the completion of which will yield a reward.
  6. We’ve added 13 new soundtracks to our background music selection, which can swap between by tapping on Boomboom’s avatar on the left screen.
  7. We’ve added sessions on 4 new Espers—Celine (Siren), Falken (Horus), Sander (Set), and Narmer (Ra)—in the Tactics Exam system.
  8. We’ve added a new “Manage Relics” system allowing players to create preferred preset Relic builds to swap between different relics/sets much more easily (currently limited to 30 builds).
  9. We’ve added a new AP display mode in combat that clearly highlights each character’s current order of action on the AP bar. Open up the Settings menu within battle and then use Switch AP to change the AP display mode.
  10. We’ve added some new walkthroughs on how to use certain in-game features, including how to use Helper Espers in battle, how to switch the background music, and how Relics’ Secondary Attributes work.
  11. We’ve added the ability to switch languages within the game. You can now adjust the in-game language to Chinese from Settings.

Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. Relic changes:
    ◇We’ve added a new “easy select” feature in the Relic Market interface, allowing you to select all Relics of a particular Star Rating or particular attributes with one tap of the screen for sale.
    ◇You can now sell Relics on the Battle Results screen.
    ◇The number of attempts needed for a guaranteed enhancement is now shown directly on the screen during the enhancement process.
    ◇We’ve generally increased Relics’ starting level and upgraded ACC and RESIST values as Secondary Attributes. That is, we have changed these values for 1- to 6-Star Relics from 1%/2%/2%/3%/3%4% to 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%/6%.
  2. We’ve decided to remove the ability to deploy or level up Divina obtained following this update in order to simplify the Esper promotion system and reduce the time-intensiveness involved. However, you can still deploy any Divina obtained prior to this update.
    We have also decided to increase the drop rate of 2- and 3-Star Divina in the Ritual and Sonic Miracles, and we also expect that we will probably be further increasing the likelihood of obtaining higher-Star Divina in later updates.
    (See the comment section below)
  3. We’ve decreased the redemption cost of Spirimon in the Shops as follows:
    ◇We’ve reduced the cost of Legendary Spirimon in the Tournament Shop from 1200 to 1000.
    ◇We’ve reduced the redemption cost of Epic Spirimon in the Cube Shop from 800 to 600 and increased the quantity per rotation from 4 to 5. The discounted Epic Spirimon now costs 300 instead of 480 with a maximum limit of 1 per rotation.
  4. We’ve decided to change a few key gaming terms to be more readable and fit better with players’ general expectations:
    ◇Organa > Nexus Crystal
    ◇Blackwater > Graywater (place name)
    ◇Wrath of Jupiter > War Machine (Relic)
    ◇Neptunian Waves> Ocean Waves (Relic)
    ◇Neptune’s Wrath > Fury of the Waters (Biondina [Poseidon] ability)
    ◇Life Steal > Life Leech (Revitalizing Sands ability)
    ◇Marked > Deadly Sear (Leon [Vali] ability)
    ◇Mark > Sear (Buff name)
  5. Adjustments to the Ritual Miracle:
    ◇The Ritual Miracle will now drop Silver Records, Gold Records, and Nexus Crystals (that is, Organa).
    ◇We’ve decided to increase the rare Set drop rate for the Kronos and Apep bosses (Wind Walker Set and Apollo’s Bow Set for Kronos, and Ocean Waves Set and Fiery Incandescence Set for Apep) in the Ritual Miracle to reduce the time players need to spend trying to locate these items. We’ve also increased the Stamina cost of clearing the Ritual Miracle for Difficulty Lvl 1-10 from 6/6/6/7/7/7/8/8/8/9 to 6/6/7/7/8/8/9/9/10/12.
    ◇We’ve increased the SPD stats of Kronos boss minions and strengthened the abilities of Apep boss minions. Apep’s HP and DEF have also been slightly reduced.
  6. Adjustments to the Sonic Miracle:
    ◇The Sonic Miracle will now drop Gold Records and Nexus Crystals (that is, Organa), but we have reduced the chance of Silver Record drops.
  7. Story changes:
    ◇We’ve increased the chance of Gold Record and Silver Record loot in Story stages (including Practice Stages) on Normal.
    ◇We’ve increased the chance of Lesser Channeler and Greater Channeler loot (1st clearing) in Story stages on Normal. Normal Practice Stages will also drop Lesser and Greater Channelers following the update.
    ◇We’ve decreased the chance of Stamina drops in Story stages on Normal.
  8. Improvements to the Friends system:
    ◇We’ve improved the prompts shown when batch handling friend requests.
    ◇We’ve improved the loading time required to open up the Friends interface.
  9. Display improvements:
    ◇The Battle Results screen will now display the amount of remaining Stamina available.
    ◇You can now see all the post-Ascension abilities of Espers from the Codex.
    ◇We’ve improved the display of the status bar on the left and right sides of the screen.
    ◇We’ve improved the look and animation of certain Espers, including Hall (Hodur), Heng Yue (Chang’e), and the Light Elf.
  10. We’ve swapped the placement of the 20 Activeness reward (1 time-limited Stamina Pack) and 80 Activeness reward (20k E-cash) from daily Quests.
  11. We’ve added a new back button to certain interfaces. Pressing this back button will take you to the previous interface rather than simply the home screen.
  12. We’ve removed the time limits of Stamina Supply Packs available for purchase in Plaza.
  13. The Double XP item available for purchase in the Plaza must now be used from the Bag to take effect.
  14. Adjusted certain Courses’ content and rewards; adjusted the reward for the mission “Complete Course – Growth Plan II” in the Path to Mastery event; adjusted the Lvl 15 reward in the Trainee Milestones event.
  15. The deployment screen will now show Espers who have reached their max level under their current Star Rating in addition to Lvl 60 6-Star Espers.
  16. We’ve optimized the display sequence for opponents in Point War with exactly the same number of points.
  17. We’ve improved the Careers content for the Esper Heng Yue (Chang’e). We’ve changed the story content for chapter 1-4.

Esper Changes

  1. We’ve increased the cooldown on Unky Chai’s (Yue Lao) second ability, Ties That Bind (Passive), to 2 turns.
  2. We’ve made some adjustments to the power of Biondina’s (Poseidon) third ability, Neptune’s Wrath, to ignore target DEF. Namely, “ignores 100% of target DEF” would previously only take effect if the target was completely unbuffed, whereas now this ability ignores a percentage of target DEF the fewer buffs possessed (up to 100% if the target possesses no buffs whatsoever).
  3. We’ve changed the Projecta Bewitcher’s second ability from “dispels debuffs on allies” to “dispels 1 debuff from all allies”. The cooldown on the Projecta Chainer’s second ability has been increased from 3 to 5 turns.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the Lifesteal prompt would be shown multiple times for Espers to deal multiple waves of damage.
  2. Fixed an erroneous prompt calling for more Ascension materials when sufficient Wave items are already present.
  3. Fixed a bug keeping the new character tag on in the Atlas.
  4. Fixed a bug where Inferno materials would be provided from disassembling Wind materials.

Preview of New Content:

Our next update will feature the long-awaited addition of Level 91-100 in the Spatial Tower as well as a special Legendary Esper Donar (Thor) for those able to clear the 100th level.
We are also excited to present the Temporal Tower and Ripple Dimension, as well as some cool new Espers. Stay tuned!

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