Union Academy Guide & Tips

Union Academy is a series of quests for players above level 16, containing a lot of interesting quests and valuable rewards.

Players have to complete the quests using specific skills, from given Espers, to win the battle.

Playing this helps you understand the game a lot easier: How skills work, but to synergy abilities effectively, and more!

Union Academy Guide

Below is our quick guide regarding some difficult tasks that you might need help!

Basic Course

Basic Course Exam

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  1. Brynn A2
  2. Q A2
  3. Drew A2
  4. Lu Yi A3
  5. Brynn A3
  6. Q A3
  7. Drew A3

Advanced Course

Advanced Course Exam:

  1. Eira A2 on Mona
  2. Bonnie A3
  3. Ye Suhua A2 on Mona
  4. Mona A3

Elite Course

Elite Course Exam: Use Raven A2 first, then use Tang Xuan Ultimate, then use Chang Pu and Raven Ultimate.

  1. Raven A2
  2. Tang Xuan A3
  3. Chang Pu A3
  4. Raven A3
  5. Chang Pu A1

Special Course

AP Down and SPD Up:

  1. Senna A3
  2. Senna A2
  3. Sander A2
  4. Sander A3
  5. Li Ling A3
  6. Li Ling A2

Master Course Exam:

  1. Fabrice A3 on Sander
  2. Sander A3 on Kronos
  3. Mona A3
  4. Li Ling A3
  5. Fabrice A2 on Li Ling
  6. Li Ling A2
  7. Sander A2

Expert Course

Exam I

  1. Ye Suhua A3
  2. Stewart A3 on Jeanne
  3. Lewis A2 + A3 on Lin Xiao
  4. Stewart A2 on Jeanne
  5. Lewis A1 on Leon
  6. Lewis A2 A3 on Jeanne

Exam II

  1. Biodina A3
  2. Sander A3 on Long Mian
  3. Xie Chuyi A3 on Long Mian
  4. Raven A3
  5. Biondia A1 on Raven
  6. Sander A2 on Raven
  7. Xie Chuyi A2
  8. Raven A2
  9. Biondina A1 on Nicole

Exam III

  1. Raven A3
  2. Fabrice A2 on Raven
  3. Raven A2
  4. Unky Chai A3
  5. Tang Xuan A3
  6. Raven A1 on Mona
  7. Fabrice A3 on Tang Xuan
  8. Tang Xuan A1 on Lucas
  9. Raven A2
  10. Fabrice A1 on Lucas
  11. Fabrice A2 on Tang Xuan
  12. Tang Xuan A1 on Lucas
  13. Fabrice A1 on Lucas
  14. Tang Xuan A2 on Meredith


Don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any trouble finishing the Union Academy!

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notEnd (301)

where is guide on esper feud?


yoo wheres master Exam II :’


expert course exam II?


Exam 3 doesn’t work.


im still having trouble with master exam iii. im wondering if maybe your turn order was just based on luck because tang xuan always dies for me before step 14


I’ve found Exam III of Expert too difficult, even with your guide. You have to kill Lucas before he steals all of your AP, and Meredith or Ye Suhua will very often heal their allies to full health/give them invincibility. You just can’t kill them fast enough with your guide, from my experiences.


Expert 3!!! Nothing is working


Thanks for the guide!
in Expert Course Exam 2 you have bio A2 – I think you meant A1 as se does not have an A2


Thank you for that! Just needed that little tweak to make it on the last one. =)

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