Sidestories: Origami Love Event

Inside the Shadow Decree, Ophelia and Bonnie receive an investigation mission. They come to the stronghold in Hazlitt and find many suspicious signs.

Let’s complete the Sidestories: Origami Love Event to receive a lot of rewards, including Nexus Crystal, Record Fragments, Gold, and a lot more!

Event lasts for 13 days.

Quick Tips:

  • Max out the Surge of Inspiration as soon as possible to gain passive rewards over time.
  • Spent Energy to get inspiration point Inspiration Points, which is the event currency (required for different activities).

How to obtain Inspiration Points?

  • Log in daily to get 3x inspiration point Inspiration Points.
  • Obtain 1x inspiration point Inspiration Point for every 60 Stamina consumed.


  • Sidestories collect different Espers’ stories. Open Sidestories to replay events Espers have experienced.
  • Each event requires Inspiration Points to unlock. During the event, log in daily to get 3 Inspiration Points, and spend 60 Stamina in other instances to get 1 Inspiration Point.
  • Completing relevant events grants generous rewards. Event Types: Essays, Story Battles, Golden House, Mystery Trader, and Surge of Inspiration.
  • You must complete the prerequisite events to proceed to the next events. Essay • Essays record the relevant Espers’ experiences.
  • After watching a story, you can replay it in Story Review, but you will not be rewarded again.

Story Battle

  • Story Battles show you the battles Espers have encountered. • You can proceed to the next event upon victory. In addition, the option to challenge a higher Difficulty level of the current battle stage will unlock. Golden House • Golden House contains handsome rewards. Spend Inspiration Points to get rewards. Mystery Trader • Mystery Trader provides 3 chances to reset Relic Secondary Attributes, but only a Relic with 4 Secondary Attributes can be reset.

Surge of Inspiration

  • Surge of Inspiration produces Gold and Nexus Crystals continuously. Once unlocked, you can spend Inspiration Points to upgrade it to produce more Gold and Nexus Crystals per hour.
  • You should max this out as soon as possible.
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