Royal Flush Event

Royal Flush is an interesting event in Dislyte where players need to get the event keys by farming bosses and campaign enemies, and get random rewards from different tiles.

Royal Flush Event Rules

  • During the event, players can spend Magic Keys to reveal magic cards and be rewarded. Unlock enough magic cards within a set to acquire the set rewards and unlock the next tier of card sets.
  • You can switch among unlocked card sets.
  • After exploring Miracle, players can acquire keys, used to reveal magic cards, at Arcana’s based on their number of explorations.
  • A maximum of 5 Magic Keys can be obtained daily. Magic Keys won’t be granted once all sets are, unlocked, and unused Keys will be converted into currency when the event ends.


Arcana, the Phantom Thief, has amazing magic cards which consist of a Knight Set, a Queen Set, and a King Set. He also hides presents behind these cards. Anyone who meets the given requirements can reveal magic cards and get Arcana’s presents.

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