Esper Feud Event

Esper Feud Event is a series of different interesting tasks. Complete them to obtain a lot of reward and customize 2 Flawless relics for free!

Live Broadcast

  • Live Broadcast contains 3 areas which unlock as time passes, and each area contains 3 stages.
  • There are 3 difficulties in each stage: Normal, Hard, and Purgatory. Completing one difficulty unlocks the next. Each stage adopts different battle rules. As the difficulty increases, new rules will be added.
  • Completing a difficulty grants Feud Smartcard xl , Relic Radixes, and other rewards. Each stage will grant up to 3 Feud Smartcards.

Relic Customization

  • You can customize 2 Flawless 6-Star Relics in this event!
  • You can select the set type, position, and main attribute of a Relic, and use Relic Radixes to refresh its secondary attributes.
  • Relic Radixes can be acquired from Live Broadcast and purchased with Nexus Crystals. Free Relic Radixes will be consumed first.
  • If there are unused Relic Radixes (purchased with Nexus Crystals) when the event ends, Nexus Crystals of their equivalent value will be refunded via mail.

Feud Glory

  • Once a certain number of Feud Smartcards are collected, players can claim rewards in Feud Glory.

Feud Sign-in

  • Sign in to the Esper Feud event daily to claim rewards!
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Do we receive the relic immediately or after the event?

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