Championship Event

The Championship grants Echo Ripples for the new Esper, Sobek (Daylon). Players can acquire this Esper from Echo with 40 Ripples!

Sobek Ripples can be acquired from Personal Point Rewards and Group Ranking Rewards in the Championship event.

Dislyte Championship Event

Championship Event

The Championship contains 3 different sub-events, each lasting 5 days.

At the end of a sub-event, the Group Leaderboard and World Leaderboard will be locked. Listed players can enter the sub-event screen to claim their ranking rewards.

  • Relic Championship: Challenge Story Stages, Ritual Miracle, and Theme Events during the event to obtain Relics for points. Accumulate points to win awesome rewards. The event lasts 5 days. Points are calculated based on acquired Relics’ Star Ratings and Gradings. Higher Star Ratings and Gradings grant more points!
  • Relic+ Championship: Enhance Relics during the event to obtain points. Accumulate points to win awesome rewards. The event lasts 5 days. Points are calculated based on enhanced Relics’ Star Ratings and Levels. Higher Star Ratings and Levels grant more points!
  • Points Championship: During the event, players can beat other players in the Point War to accumulate points for a grand prize. The event lasts 5 days. Challenging players of an equal or higher Tier grants more points than that of a lower Tier, but a failed challenge won’t grant any points at all.
Dislyte Championship Event 2

Ranking and Rewards

  • In each sub-event, no more than 100 players are assigned to a group, to be ranked based on their points. Top players will receive a bonus reward.
  • Meanwhile, all players will get ranked together in the World Leaderboard based on their points. Top players will also receive a bonus reward.
  • With the same points, players who got the points quickest will rank higher.
  • With O points, even if the player is highly ranked, they won’t receive any ranking rewards.
  • When players achieve a personal point milestone, they can claim a milestone reward.
Dislyte Championship Event 3

Purchase Ripples

  • After all 3 sub-events end, if players don’t have enough Ripples to get 1 new Esper from Echo, they can purchase the Esper Ripples with Diamonds!
  • The number of Ripples purchased will be equal to the number of Sobek (Daylon) Ripples still required for the player to own 40.
  • At the end of the event, players who forget to claim rewards will receive mail with unclaimed rewards attached. Please claim them in time.
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