BoomBoom Gacha Event

During the Boomboom Gacha event, players need to do different tasks daily to get points and earn a lucky draw for valuable rewards.

List of Daily Tasks:

  • Daily Login (5 Points / Time)
  • 1 Point War Victory (5 Points / time)
  • 1 Bounty Mission (10 points / time)
  • Consume 100 Stamina (15 points / time).

Every time player earns 100 points, they are able to get 1 Lucky Draw, which gives a special reward from the given list:

boomboom gacha event

Inspired by the gacha machine in Gyrate Arcade, the Union installed one in the training department’s central plaza. Espers can earn a certain number of Gacha Points by completing missions. Collect enough points to play gacha and get lucky prizes!

BoomBoom Gacha Points

  • During the event, Boomboom will refresh missions daily. Complete missions to earn points, and remember that multi-stage missions are not refreshed.
  • Points earned from daily missions are capped at 70 points per day.
  • Earn 10/30/50/70/90 points from missions to get corresponding rewards.
  • Reach 100 points for a chance to play gacha and get lucky prizes. Rewards are refreshed once the biggest prizes are all claimed.
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